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Online Casino Australia 2024

All you need to know to play online casino Australia, games, reviews and news for 2024

Australians are known for their gambling the world over. According to statistics, Australians spent around $ 208 billion on gambling in the year 2016-17. This amount multiplied to reach a total of nearly $ 242 billion in the following years. Currently, the number of Australians playing casino games in 2024 is projected to total 2.3 million people. This huge turnout accounts for 80% of Australia’s total adult population, which is the highest percentage of any country.

The history of gambling in Australia dates back to when it was originally inhabited by migrants. As Australia’s population grew and its culture emerged, gambling became one of the most popular sports for its people. Today, according to the current statistics shown above, Australia is considered to be one of the largest markets for casino games, whether played online or offline.

Given that Australia is one of the largest gaming markets in the world, it would be warranted to shed light on more details about its gaming industry. That is exactly the purpose of this informative article: to give Readers get an insight into the finer details of the online casino Australia industry, which you need to know.

Online Casino Australia

Regulation of the online casino Australia industry

Australia’s gambling industry includes online sports betting, online casino Australia games, offline betting, and gambling. The statistics mentioned above cover the entire gaming industry. In 2011, the rate of online casino games increased from 1% to 8%, and until today this rate has increased to an alarming rate.

Given their love of gambling, the gambling habits of Australians have been regulated by their government from the start. Currently, the online casino Australia industry is regulated by the Commonwealth as a whole. Certain parties are regulated by states and territories, including the Australian Capital Territory Gaming and Racing Commission, the Independent Gaming Authority of South Australia, and the Alcohol, Gaming and Racing Bureau of New South Wales. In addition to these institutes, the Northern Territory Licensing Commission and the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation are also included in this list.

The rise of online casino Australia

The 1900s saw the rise of online casinos in Australia, which led the Australian government to consider ways to tax online gambling sites in order to generate revenue. Initially, the Australian Commonwealth Parliament attempted to limit the interaction of online sites with Australian gamers by passing a 2001 Gaming Act.

However, this strategy failed as Australians’ love of online gambling continued to grow and international casinos that played online found their way into their homes. For example, in 2017, the Australian government made changes to the 2001 Gaming Act allowing the creation of online gaming sites after a new license. The changes also included granting more options for the player to opt-out of online casino Australia games whenever they want and ways to ban gambling addiction.

Over time, online casino Australia games have become very popular in the country. Online casinos in Australia offer online pokies, poker, video poker, and all kinds of casino games that can be played from anywhere with ease.

Best Online Casino Australia Sites

Online casino Australia’s gaming market has become saturated, but players need to know which online casinos to trust and which not to trust with their money. A list of the best Australia online casinos has been compiled below. This list is based on attributes such as offers and bonuses, user-friendly and accessible customer support, a range of games on offer, entertainment, compatibility with all kinds of devices and software, and security of money transactions.

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Every online casino Australia offers live dealer games, poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps, keno, bingo, pai gow poker, let it ride, and 3 card poker. On top of that, all of these websites are easily accessible on mobiles and desktops/laptops.

Another reason why these 3 sites stand out from the rest of the online casino Australia sites is that they have a minimum deposit threshold and they allow players to play with a small deposit of only $ 10.

Since online casino Australia real money is involved, secure monetary transactions are one of the major concerns. The websites listed above offer safe money transactions and easy withdrawal options. Their financial matters are handled in partnership with companies such as Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Bitcoin, and Neteller, all supporting their casino deposit methods, giving players the confidence to enter the world of interactive gaming without hesitation.

Online casino Australia is the best national ratio of players in the world

Based on these figures and considering the total population of 23 million Australians, the country is therefore positioned as the one with the highest per capita spending ratio on gambling in the world, according to Bloomberg. And this ratio is far from being the result of an imbalanced distribution, as it is estimated that 80% of Australians play gambling in one way or another. Another record rate for the country, which, according to 2014 figures, would derive more than 1.2% of its country from gambling revenues. By comparison, the United States only gets 0.8%.

Blacklisted online casinos Australia to watch

Just as a list of the best interactive gaming sites has been compiled, so have some of the worst gaming sites also been enlisted here. These include Osiris Casino, Cashpot Casino, Casino1, CasinoDisco, Classy Slots, Euromoon Casino, ParkLane Casino.

These online casino Australia sites have been blacklisted due to their rate of scams and unfair rules for playing casino games. Their payout rate is far from close to the norm and these are all scams. These websites do not offer any real-time support to newbie players and lure them into their trap by tricking people into posting bogus reviews about them.

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Online casino Australia Growth driven by online pokies

A little analysis of the flattering statistics of the online casino Australia industry reveals the great attraction of local players for “pokies”, the local nickname for slot machines. Driving the growth of the sector in recent years, these games have experienced a real craze, topping the post other great classics also very popular locally such as sports betting, lottery and bingo.

Moreover, despite the still relatively strict regulation of online games, this sub-sector is the best performing in recent years, with annual growth of around 15%, and covering nearly 7% of the sector’s total revenues. And here again, it is the pokies, in their virtual version, which carve out the lion’s share. According to various statistics and figures released by USA Today.

New South Wales, the Nevada of online casino Australia

In this context of over-interest in gambling, some states seem to benefit more than others. This is particularly the case for New South Wales, which today houses the largest number of pokies in the world after Nevada. And this is probably only the beginning, this state of the Australian east coast being engaged in a policy very favorable to the growth of the sector on its territory.  

Game makers are rubbing their hands

For casino game publishers, this strong growth is a real boon. This is, even more, the case for those based locally, like Aristocrat Leisure, a publisher based in Sydney. The latter saw its revenues grow by more than 60 in the online casino Australia industry and New Zealand casinos on behalf of 2016, reaching $ 213 million. This still represents 20% of the company’s total revenues. This is still relatively far from the 60% offered by the American market, but the very strong growth observed in recent years on the Oceanic markets is more than indicative of their strong potential. Another company benefiting from this strong growth, IGT is, for its part, based in the United States.

The Online Pokie Remains the Most Played Gambling Game in online casino Australia

Mobile Online Casino Australia - Counting blackjack cards - Casino Games to Choose

If there is one country where gambling is a real institution, it is Australia. In this corner of the globe, 80% of the population regularly indulge in this kind of hobby. In 2015, pokies accounted for 50% of gaming revenue.

It’s a fact. One-armed bandits are a source of income for Australia. Of the $ 17.4 million in sales achieved in 2015, nearly 50% was generated by pokies. As a result of this entertainment, the online casino Australia market grew by around 6%.

In the country, pokies are therefore essential entertainment. Moreover, two years ago, there was a pokie for 108 inhabitants. These devices are ubiquitous in public places, casinos, and restaurants. On the internet, playing pokies is limited for players. According to The Guardian, however, this economic model is growing rapidly. The online gambling market is growing by 15% each year and represents 7% of the entire online casino Austria industry.

Nonetheless, Australia remains one of the top gambling countries. Indeed, nearly 80% of the population plays regularly. This represents several million people given that there are 23 million inhabitants in the country. But which publishers benefit from this market?

IGT is the main publisher providing pokies to online casino Australia. This company distributes thousands of Pokies in Australia. Its most popular software are Wheel of Fortune, Family Guy, and Ghostbuster. The other provider that generates income from Australians is Aristocrat. The latter saw a 60% increase in its turnover on Australian soil in 2016. The developer is famous in particular for its slots inspired by television series like Big Bang Theory or Walking Dead.

The impact of online casino Australia

While the online casino Australia industry is booming, on the one hand, it is negatively affecting the lives of the public. Despite all efforts by the Australian government to avoid gambling addiction, Australian adults fall into the uninterrupted cycle of interactive play which consequently impacts their social lives.

From mood swings and stress to anger and irritability, it all sets in slowly and gradually in the life of an adult Australian gamer. In order to help people cope with their gambling addiction and restore relationships with their families, the Australian government has published web addresses such as-

☑️ https://www.gamblinghelponline.org.au/,

☑️ https://problemgambling.sa.gov.au/

These websites contain resources and offer support for people seeking help for gambling addiction. These websites and this helpline are also available to family members or friends of the player in case they wish. report player problems.

An overview of the online casino Australia industry and its statistics reveals the fact that Australians not only have access to local gambling sites but also to international best online casinos. While the Australian government is doing its best to regulate the gambling industry and save its people from gambling addiction, the truth is that online gambling is having a negative impact on the minds and behaviors of young Australians.

According to statistics, Australians lose almost $ 25 billion every year on their bets, which is a huge sum. While the best gambling sites listed here are the best in terms of fair treatment of people and support, there is still a long way to go to reduce the craze for online gambling.

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