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Online Bingo

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Bingo is a lottery game that is recognized for its socializing virtues as it has the art of forging real links between players. In order to increase your chances of winning, it is in any case necessary to learn everything about online bingo! So we have concocted below concentrate on everything you need to know.

The online bingo is a fun game that will delight all generations. Unanimously appreciated by children, adults, and the elderly, bingo comes in many forms. It is also essential as an educational tool intended to inculcate the bases of algebra and arithmetic to young children. The rules are surprisingly simple. In addition, you will be able to play it without leaving the comfort of your armchair.

Online Bingo

Best US Online Casinos 2024 will cover all the topics you need to know. Whether it’s strategic advice, specific vocabulary, tips for managing your capital, or promotional offers related to online bingo, everything will be scrutinized! We have subjected each of the online casinos on our official list to objective and unbiased review.

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1. The origins: let's lay the foundations of online bingo casino by retracing the history of this lottery game

If today we find online bingo casino games all over the world, it has not always been so. This lottery game seems to have its origins in the 16th century with the Italian lottery called Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia. The game soon spread to neighboring countries such as France and Germany before being exported to the United States during the 19th century where it was nicknamed ‘Beano’.

At the time, the numbers were marked with a bean (hence its name). The game was played using numbered wooden tokens that were drawn from a large box.  The rules then were not that different from those applied to games today.

A toy salesman named Ed Lowe fell in love with this popular game and decided to start his own bingo company. Lowe took the opportunity to increase the number of winning combinations of a bingo card.

To do this, he collaborated with a professor of mathematics at Columbia University, Carl Leffer, whom he paid to design 6,000 new winning combinations. Lowe’s investment and Leffer’s contribution are at the origin of the conceptualization of this game, now acclaimed by millions of people around the world.

Indeed, not a single day goes by in the United States without a bingo game taking place since not far from $ 90 million is played every week on the North American continent alone.

Bingo is a popular game played during church holidays, or to raise funds for charities and not only in the United States since in Germany the game of Bingo has its television programs. It is also a great game for lovers of gambling. The Foxwood Casino in Connecticut has a huge hall entirely dedicated to it.

Online bingo is practiced in all circumstances by several charities and parish associations because it is an excellent way to collect donations. Since the 1990s, online casinos have rehabilitated this game which is now accessible to punters on the web. Since its introduction on the internet, bingo has never ceased to be talked about.

Today, it even brings together a very large community of players, knowing that women only represent 20% of the international online gambling market.

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2. The Rules: Want to learn how to play online bingo? Find out how a game is played here

   The rules of bingo stand out for their childish simplicity. The most common bingo grid has 25 squares (5 x 5). It is associated with a 75 ball bingo. The bingo card is subdivided into 5 columns of numbers placed respectively under the letters of the word ‘BINGO’. 

In the middle of the grid, you will also find a free box that is usually in the shape of a star. In traditional bingo, it is a crier who announces the numbers that he has taken out of the abacus.

In an online casino, you will need to tick the numbers on your box as they come out or set the part so that the marking is done automatically. If you manage to form a horizontal, vertical, diagonal line or a particular pattern predetermined by the casino, you will win winnings!

To be successful in playing bingo online while withdrawing winnings, it is necessary to understand it well, and it is by knowing the basics and grasping the intricacies that you will be able to win big wins in this game. rule of bingo? It is quite simply a lottery game which consists of balls, which are numbered from 1 to a minimum of 80. They are carefully shuffled and then a few are drawn at random.

The object of the game is to precisely guess the balls whose numbers have been favored by Dame Chance.

As soon as a player completely fills his grid, he can then shout “Bingo! »And win his prize after verification. The icing on the cake is that bingo is a game where the odds of winning are based on chance, there are some brilliant strategies you can use to ensure that you win. We cover them a bit later in our guide, just read on to tame them.

3. The themes: the world of paid online bingo is yours. What surprises will you find online?

Of course, if you realize that bingo is your go-to game after your training, it’s important to know the right places to enjoy it, right? Rest assured, we won’t let you down and we make a point of giving you the best advice! Indeed, after several years on the various online bingo casino circuits, we have gradually become familiar with the best of the best in the field. Choosing a bingo grid will soon have no secrets for you!

Playing bingo is not just about completing a grid and winning jackpots, it is also about knowing the right casino bingo addresses, but also knowing your own tastes. The themes of bingo are numerous, and if the basic game remains the same, the visual remains very important in the world of online casinos.

Also, you can find paid online bingo on the submarine theme, or, on the contrary, aerial. We have also noticed that the theme of Asia is frequently discussed in online bingo.

Taking full advantage of bingo also means taking advantage of exclusive online gifts, for the benefit of your new passion. Also, you can take advantage of the welcome bonus offered by the site of your online casino (it is often a deposit bonus offered after your registration). If it includes free spins on slot machines, take this opportunity to fill your bankroll in order to play a game of flash bingo afterward thanks to the winnings!

4. Strategies: to get big wins on online bingo, refine your technique

Once you have learned the basics of casino bingo, you will need to move on to strategies applicable to online bingo games to know how to win at bingo. Contrary to prejudices, know that there really are bingo strategies that will allow you to put all the chances on your side, in order to reach the heights of glory by playing online bingo!

We will also give you some little tips to help you take good care of your bankroll when playing real money bingo titles, as well as a list of mistakes to avoid in order not to go bankrupt on gambling online bingo from online casinos.

5. The best sites to play: vary the pleasures, there is not just one online bingo site on the internet

Some players are exclusively looking for specific game spaces to play online bingo, whether they are on mobile or download via software. A single bingo site offers a lot of variations. 

However, other players prefer to play real money online bingo at online casinos because they offer a certain variety in the casino games offered. Not only can you play the best slot machine games, but also roulette, card games like blackjack – the number of games is sometimes overwhelming!

The online casino bingo rooms are more or less extensive and you can, for example, find free bingo (no deposit by PaysafeCard or Visa necessary, therefore). Playing for free bingo games allows you to be able to practice strategies or certain game features.

The jackpots will then be for you… when you play in real mode with hard dollars and cents stored in your player account! You will have a huge choice, so skim the offers and select your boxes.

6. The variants: before you get into real money online bingo, check out all the versions

Of course, we want you to benefit from our good addresses, whether they are online casinos, or mobile applications of all kinds, which work wonderfully, and which are profitable above all! And the good news is, our great deals give you the opportunity to learn more ways to have fun playing real money online bingo. This is the opportunity for you to familiarize yourself with the 4 biggest variants of the lottery game:

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Bingo FAQ: all you need to know about online bingo before playing

Online Bingo Strategy FAQ

How do I play bingo online?

Before jumping into a game of online bingo, you need to choose the right casino for you. What’s more, you’ll have to learn the rules of the game well so as not to lose money unnecessarily. We, therefore, invite you to read our article explaining the rules of bingo simply.

How to win at online bingo?

It is not easy to be certain of winning a game of online bingo, especially since luck is the main key to your victory. However, it will be possible to reduce the house advantage and adopt behaviors that will allow you to play in the best possible way. Check out our article on bingo strategies.

7. The little extras: Find out more about the world of bingo online

You will also be knowledgeable about the language specific to this famous bingo game, through a glossary and a FAQ. You will even be entitled to a bunch of online bingo survival kit items such as selecting your bingo ticket, the list of the most outgoing Bingo numbers, or even a focus on one Bingo application among all those that exist.

There, in this section, you will see that is completely loose, without losing sight of your quest for winnings on the many online bingo games.

From humorous videos to G culture additions, when it comes to this internet lottery game, you will find it all! But it’s not over, you will experience the fun of the game of bingo in Hollywood in a whole new light, in many successful films and documentaries!

Online Bingo bonuses

If you want to optimize your bingo profits and get the most out of your initial deposit, take advantage of the promotional offers that your online casino has to offer you in order to increase your bankroll (gambling capital). Many casinos will reward you with reload bonuses to reward the loyalty of their players. Why not take advantage of it? 

The online bingo strategy

It is impossible to predict which numbers will come out. The course of a bingo game is random. Plus, you won’t have to train endlessly to become a bingo pro. However, you are free to take advantage of certain tips intended to maximize your chances of victory.

For example, the more bingo cards you buy, the higher your chances of getting a winning combination. You can also play during off-peak hours to limit competition. If you are playing online, we strongly recommend that you use the chat function to stay informed of any prizes.

Check out our article on the online bingo strategy to learn about the different ways you can potentially increase your chances of winning.

The winning combinations in online bingo

There are several ways to win at online bingo. The most common winning combinations are horizontal, vertical, diagonal lines, or even the full house (all boxes of the grid must be checked). There are also more elaborate patterns, including the 4 corners, the sign, an arrow, a cross, a letter of the alphabet …

It almost seems that online bingo sites are competing in their imagination for the prize. creativity. In addition, a player may well win two different prizes by managing to achieve two winning combinations. There are even special bingo cards where the grids are interdependent. 

Online Bingo jackpots

In addition to regular wins, online games offer different types of jackpots, including progressive jackpots. These can quickly reach a pretty penny. It is not uncommon to see prices of 10,000 € going like hotcakes. Some jackpots are sometimes even better provided. Make sure your online casino offers you the opportunity to be in the running for a progressive jackpot!

Online Bingo Video Tutorial

Online Bingo Tutorial
Play Video

Online bingo chat rooms

It’s the chat rooms that make bingo so special. The players applaud and congratulate each other. All this helps to create an atmosphere that is both friendly and convivial. It’s hard to miss out on such a compelling social dimension!

The chat will also allow you to take advantage of certain exclusive prices. In addition, your numbers may be checked automatically if you activate the functionality. This will allow you to chat with other bingo aficionados while the game is going on. 

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