Online Blackjack 2024

Your Special Online Blackjack File to Perfectly Master the Game

Online Blackjack is now one of the most popular games. Here you will have the opportunity to learn from A to Z and will also be delighted to learn that many versions of online blackjack are available at the best online casinos. You can also test them for free on our site, in our section dedicated to all variants.

fun and fascinating, online blackjack sits at the top of the list of online casino games most popular with players around the world. Over the years, this timeless game has been immortalized in a number of books, films, and music videos that have helped to boost its popularity.

Truth be told, online blackjack is the most frequently played casino game after slot machines and roulette. If you are interested in online blackjack, we invite you to consult this guide to familiarize yourself with the basic rules of this game, the strategies that govern it, and the tips related to sound management of your budget.

If you like the game, you will be delighted to learn that this game of chance can bring you impressive winnings!

Online Blackjack

Has online blackjack caught your interest? If you nodded your head in agreement, you would be well advised to consult our exhaustive list of the best online casinos which offer online blackjack among their available games.

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Online Blackjack

Why play online blackjack?

  • Blackjack is one of the most popular games in land-based casinos and online casinos;
  • Unlike other casino games, it is possible to use an approach strategy to increase your chances of winning;
  • The rules of blackjack are very simple to learn;
  • Using the right strategy, you can reduce the house advantage to almost 0%. You will have to follow it to the letter to get the expected results.

Learn the rules step by step with our blackjack experts

Before embarking on real money online blackjack or surveying the land-based casinos in your area, you will need to master all the rules of the game at your fingertips. Our experts have therefore written a clear and well-organized training course for you so that you can learn all the subtleties of online blackjack at your own pace.

You’ll quickly know what decisions to make during your games, and you’ll be able to start collecting cash in no time. Once the rules have been read and learned, you can put them into practice on our play area in a fun mode, then move on to the aftermath of hostilities by consulting our strategies.

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Tested and approved strategies are revealed to you

You read it right, many players succumb to online blackjack. They want to have fun but also, let’s not face it, make money. It is therefore essential that we teach you the best techniques to make money with blackjack. 

We will therefore absolutely need your full attention to allow you to soak up and retain the various tips disclosed here as much as possible, and then apply them effectively.

Among all this anthology of techniques, you will know among other things how to position yourself best around an online blackjack table, how to apply a blackjack martingale like a pro, and you will also discover many other strategies.

To help you, you will also find on our interface a lot of complementary material presenting you to different media related to online blackjack. You will learn for example everything from Ken Uston in our space dedicated to blackjack celebrities, enrich your general culture by consulting our section 100% blackjack film, know all the blackjack books on this subject … You will even be able to consult the world records of blackjack winnings in order to inspire you.

Discover all the vocabulary used on blackjack spaces

When you enter a casino, whether online or land-based, it may be that if you are a little bit lost, especially during your games like online blackjack for example. It will be necessary to redouble efforts to assimilate the vocabulary words useful for the progress of your part.

A few readings will suffice to remember the most important words and their meaning.

Where to play - From online blackjack games to land-based casinos: find the space to your liking

Of course, you are fans of online casinos, so for you, it seems logical to play online but did you know that there are lots of places where you can play blackjack. Our goal with this section is to open up the world of this game and make you discover other places that you might never have visited without us.

In land-based casinos: an old-fashioned option?

The first place we always think of when it comes to playing blackjack is, of course, the casino. Our experience leads us to affirm that if it was indeed before the only place in which to indulge in games of chance, today land casinos whatever they are represent only 60% of the market blackjack around the world.

Although this figure remains considerable, it continues to decrease in favor of online game operators. You will quickly understand why by making your first visit to this kind of establishment on the internet…

In online casinos: a wildly successful version

What is indeed becoming more common and much more popular in recent years is obviously playing in an online casino. It must be said that the benefits are much more obvious than for a party in a terrestrial environment. 

To prove it to you, we have put together a whole section so that you know everything about online blackjack, in virtual casinos, as we also call them. You will, therefore, find a point on this subject in the rest of this article.

On your mobile: applications with incomparable advantages

Whether in the Apple Store or even Android, there is no shortage of applications for online blackjack, they are even more and more numerous and this is in our opinion a good thing. This indeed shows that the game evolves, that it affects more and more players. We will show you on our site the three best applications to play on your smartphone or on your tablet, and thus boost the quality of your gaming experience.

In tournaments around the world: a game mode for pros

Travel on the theme of the game is more and more trendy nowadays, an important company: Asia Casino Tours is besides market leader in Asia. So for those of you who would like to travel while exercising your passion of blackjack, we tell you a little more about the most fan countries on the three continents that we know well that are America, Asia, and Europe.

The advantages - Why opt for an online blackjack casino?

More and more gambling enthusiasts are turning to the online version of their favorite entertainment every year. This phenomenon is explained by the many advantages brought by virtual casinos, which are revolutionizing the landscape of gambling. We present to you some of these elements that will, we are sure, capsize your heart!

Different variants to never get bored

The game of blackjack is centuries old and has successfully exported around the planet, and over the course of its travels, many variations have appeared. We now have more than a dozen different online blackjack variants like Single Deck blackjack or Switch blackjack, which we are sure most of you still don’t tell you about. Rest assured, our blackjack experts have decided to present them to you in detail so that, when you feel like it, you can taste their pleasure too.

You will have the pleasure of launching yourself into the world of online blackjack with the possibility of varying the pleasures. You will obviously learn the rules of these different versions, but you will also be oriented towards the variants offering a house advantage in your favor, in order to entertain you at online blackjack casino in the best conditions.

Play live blackjack and relive the emotions of the land-based casino

In an online casino, you now have the opportunity to be able to play in live spaces. The online blackjack live knows indeed a huge hit with online users.

The principle is simple. Casino entertainment publishers offer online blackjack games led by a real dealer. The latter is filmed from a recording studio and distributes the cards throughout your games, thus making your sessions more lively. Halfway between the virtual casino and its terrestrial version, it is a perfect form of play for casino enthusiasts wishing to play in real conditions, while staying at home!

Connect on mobile and play wherever and whenever you want

Why does an online blackjack player now prefer virtual gaming? Because this form of entertainment makes your life easier. No more waiting on Friday evening for your next blackjack session. No more preparation sessions before departure. No more endless car trips to the casino closest to you …

Now you can play online blackjack where you want it, when you want it, by adapting your favorite games to mobile versions with unrivaled fluidity. On the bus, at work, at the doctor … You won’t even have to wait to go home to start lucrative and fun games!

How to play Online Blackjack

Rules and strategies - Boost your knowledge of online blackjack & win more

As is the case with almost all online casino games, we firmly believe that the player must learn some notions before even starting the game. It is in this perspective that we have developed a special section that will allow you to learn more about the rules of the game so that you can handle online blackjack cards well, but also take part quickly in a game real mode and thus earn money.

And if relaxation is your primary objective, we are convinced that generating money will not bother you … Learning strategies will, therefore, be a compulsory step and will be an integral part of this new section, even if some of the information disclosed is not extremely easy to integrate.

Whether you choose to play in a land-based casino or in an online casino, the basic rule of blackjack is to beat the dealer. To get there, it is imperative that you do not ‘bust’.

If you are just starting out, we strongly suggest that you skip the online blackjack rules review to start playing it with peace of mind.

Before the dealer begins to deal with the cards, each player must place an initial bet. This done, the dealer deals two cards to each player as well as to himself. One of the dealer’s two cards will be visible (open card). The second, the closed card will remain invisible to players.

During this phase of the game, you will be able to look at your cards and determine your total score. As soon as you have calculated it, it is up to you to decide whether to draw an additional card, to stay on your game, to double, or to make a split (separation).

The main objective remains to beat the dealer and total a score that is equal to or as close to the number 21 as possible.

  • An ace is worth 1 or 11 points (s).
  • The figures (kings, ladies, and valets) are worth 10 points.
  • Cards from 2 to 10 correspond to their face value.

For example, a jack, a 2, and a 9 are worth 21 points (winning combination). An 8, a 5, and a 9 are worth 22 points (losing combination).

Player Actions in Online Blackjack

If you receive an ace and a card worth 10 points, you are in the presence of a natural blackjack, in which case you win the round (except in the event of a tie with the dealer). In most variants, natural blackjack is paid according to a payout ratio of 3 to 2. For example, if you bet € 20, you will win 30 more. Naturally, we should not expect such a scenario during each round. Here are the different actions available to you during a game of classic blackjack:


Online Blackjack Online Blackjack

STAND– By announcing “Stand”, you declare that you do not wish to draw an additional card. In doing so, you are in the presence of your final hand. The players on your left always have the opportunity to improve their respective hands.


Online Blackjack Online Blackjack

HIT – By announcing “Hit”, you wish to draw an additional card, which will complement your existing hand. If your hand is less than 21 points, you can again request an additional card or decide to stay on your game.



Online Blackjack Online Blackjack

DOUBLE – By making this decision, you double your bet on a particular hand. Be careful not to make this decision improperly. If you double your bet, you will only get ONE additional card. Then, you will no longer be able to double or draw cards.


Online Blackjack Online Blackjack

SPLIT – You can only make this decision if you have received two cards of identical value at the start of the game. By announcing “Split”, you will split your hand and play on two separate hands. You will agree to place a second bet (identical to the first) on the second hand thus created.


Online Blackjack Online BlackjackSURRENDER – Some casinos give you the option to give up your hand. If you think your hand is not worth defending, it is sometimes a good idea to give up. By doing so, you will give up half of your initial bet. This action is generally not recommended by professional players on the pretext that the dealer can bust at any time.


Online Blackjack Online Blackjack INSURANCE -If the dealer’s visible card is an ace and you fear that the latter is in possession of a natural blackjack, it is possible to take out blackjack insurance. Doing so will cost you half your initial bet. If the croupier has the natural blackjack that you suspect, you pocket a payout ratio of 2/1.

Dealer's actions and end of the game in online blackjack

After performing your game actions (and provided that you have not passed the fateful 21-point bar), it is the dealer’s turn to enter the scene. Ht makes his own calculations and, even if you don’t need to learn them in absolute terms, we nevertheless saw fit to show them to you. First, he turns over his second card which, until then, had remained face down. The dealer’s subsequent actions are conditioned by the value of his hand:

  • If he has a hand with a value less than or equal to 16 points, the dealer must draw an additional card;
  • If the dealer has a hand whose value is greater than or equal to 17 points, he must remain on his game and not draw any additional cards.

 In the event that the dealer busts (that is to say that he has crossed the bar of 21 points), the players who did not bust themselves win the game. If a player holds a hand whose value is identical to that of the dealer, it is a tie, in which case his initial bet will be returned. If the player has a more powerful hand than the croupier, he wins the round and obtains a payout of 1 to 1 (which is as much as the amount of his initial bet).

Online blackjack strategy

Every day, millions of players around the world bet colossal amounts on the online blackjack tables. If you hope to win the timpani, two crucial parameters will be taken into account, namely the luck and the strategy that you will adopt during the game.

Although you have no possibility of influencing fate favorably, you nevertheless have full control of your approach strategy. If you don’t know what to do with your hand, start by knowing the difference between a hard hand and a soft (or flexible) hand and keep our cheat sheet on online blackjack tactics close at hand!

Depending on whether you have a soft hand or a hard hand, you can refine your strategy accordingly and draw an additional card, stay on your game, double or split.

A hard hand is characterized by the absence of ace (or by the presence of an ace whose nominal value is only one point) where a soft hand is defined by the presence of an ace whose value has been increased to 11 points. In the example above, the soft hand will have a value of 20 points.

Cheatsheet for online blackjack

Whether you are an experienced player or a great beginner wishing to take your first steps in the exciting and enthralling world of online blackjack, we take the liberty of giving you a summary table of the best strategy to adopt when facing a particular combination of cards.

Both simples to understand and easy to put into practice, the mathematical rules set out in the table below will allow you, if you follow them to the letter, to reduce the house’s profit margin from 5% to 0.5%! If you are looking for a more tactical approach, please see our section on the online blackjack strategy

Online Blackjack Betting Strategy

In addition to a conventional strategy, it is also possible to use a betting strategy. There are a number of betting strategies that can be adapted to this essential game in the casino world, notably the martingale strategy, the Fibonacci system, and even the Paroli system.

We strongly recommend that you set your sights on a system of positive progression rather than the reverse. The latter consists of increasing your bets during a winning phase. If you would like to know more, we suggest that you read our section on betting strategies in which the experts at have addressed this crucial issue.

In addition, online blackjack is a game where the strategy you adopt occupies such a decisive place that it makes it an ideal game for online tournaments, which see their popularity increasing in virtual casinos.

Play online blackjack for real money!

Whether you choose to play online blackjack without leaving the comfort of your couch or from a land-based casino, there is at least one thing you can be sure of: you will have a great time of entertainment! What are you still waiting for? Take advantage of the bonuses that our site gives you and get ready to see your portfolio grow!

If Dame Fortune makes you enjoy her good graces, you will certainly not have to regret your gaming experience!

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