Online Sic Bo 2024

Professional Online sic bo players give you all the tips

The sic bo is for some a real headache, for others it represents an unalterable passion. In order to ensure that you too adore this still little-known entertainment, we have decided to create a Special sic bo file giving you the possibility of optimizing your chances of winning!

Also known as “Tai Sai” (大 細), “Dai Siu” (大小) or even “hi-lo”, Sic Bo (骰 寶), which literally means “Pair of dice”, is a game of chance of Chinese origin which is played with three six-sided dice.

It is a game particularly popular with the Far East. In Macau, the gambling capital of the world, it even ranks at the top of the most popular casino games. No special skills are required to play Sic Bo. All you have to do is place your stake in the table section that corresponds to the bet you wish to place. The croupier then proceeds to shuffle the dice and if the end result is in line with the bet you have placed, you win winnings according to the payout ratios associated with the bet made. It is an extremely easy game to understand and master. Following are the constitutive rules!

Online Sic Bo

What should I know about Online Sic Bo?

  • The Sic Bo table is dotted with combinations of dice that players can place their bets on. Each type of bet is clearly associated with payout reports;
  • Players must bet on the result of shuffling three dice;
  • Unlike craps, the dice are not rolled manually. The dice are stirred using an electronic vibrating plate;
  • An electronic table displays the results of the previous rounds. The displayed data should be taken with a grain of salt as each dice mix is ​​completely independent of the previous one;
  • The Sic Bo table is supervised by two dealers, who ensure the smooth running of the various rounds.

1. The rules of Online Sic Bo - Learn all the secrets of sic-bo and play knowingly

The principle of sic bo is in itself very simple: three dice are drawn and you will have to anticipate the results obtained.

The rules of sic bo, however, can seem complicated because, looking at the stack, players may be in awe of the variety of bets offered on these games. Between the bets on the results of a particular die, of two dice, on the totals, on a double, on a triple… The possibilities are endless.

No worries though, once you understand how the stack is structured and what ratio is applied to the payout of your winnings, you will find the operation as easy as pie. In our article specifically dedicated to online Sic Bo, you will access all the details of the bets!

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2. Strategies - Become the online sic bo casino champion in no time and hit the jackpot

In order to avoid running to your loss during your games, we offer you access to online sic bo strategies that will pay you big. Here is an overview of the basic techniques that will be taken into account to boost your chances of generating earnings.

2.1 Maximize your chances of winning at online sic bo by picking the right bets

You need to start by choosing carefully which bets you will place. In general, even though the rules are set, you still have a 50 percent chance of winning. It is therefore better to provide totals corresponding to figure 4-10 or even 11-18. Betting at the right time is already anticipating your own victory.

2.2 Correctly assess the house advantage in Online Sic Bo

With a house edge of between 2.78% and 18.98%, you will need to consider this element if you want your stake to earn you a lot in total. Be careful, the most important is the sum of the 3 dice, and bets on the triple will be avoided.

Even so, the house advantage encourages you to know how to take risks, or at least assess the risk. If you want to “hit the jackpot” you have to bet on the bets taking more risk. Please note that not all versions offer you the same chances of winning.

The sic bo as it is practiced in Macau is the least interesting compared to that of Atlantic City. The variant played “Australian” remains the one offering the best house advantage.

3. Our advice - Start now on an online sic bo game in the best conditions

Some players tend to go headlong into their games of online sic bo and ignore the basics that could prevent them from wasting money unnecessarily. So we have compiled here some simple tips for getting started in a healthy online casino!

3.1 Manage your money efficiently

This question is recurrent. To be able to stay in the game, you will need to learn how to manage your money. We have tips to help you manage your bankroll at an online sic bo casino.

Normally you have to present a certain amount to the bank and only get up from the game table when you have achieved your goal. For example, if you win half more than your forecast, you can leave the table in peace, but admit that it is still an ideal situation which is rather difficult to achieve. For more efficiency at an online sic bo casino, only play with half your money, and choose where you are going to bet. It is important to be consistent in the way you bet.

3.2 Be consistent

In online sic bo it is essential that you are consistent in your bets, whether or not you have a specific tactic that you want to apply. Statistically, you will never come across numbers 2, 3, or 4 more than twice for example. No need to bet on doubles or triples, therefore.

Also, do not wager excessive amounts on the online sic bo game, as you do not have the ability to control the dice draw. For a beginner, the best option will be a low bet, which can make you win large amounts while betting on numbers placed from 4 to 10. Another solution to win big, although the bet is only effective over the long haul term, is to use the strong bet. You will need to bet on the numbers placed between 11 and 14.

4. The essentials - To identify the perfect sic bo online casino, count on our reviews

Want to find the rare pearl of online casinos, which will make you experience great moments of thrills worthy of the establishments of Monte Carlo, to stay only in Europe? Whether you are in France, Switzerland, Canada, or Belgium, we have the virtual gambling operator made for you in our reviews.

When the time comes for you to choose your platform from the many casinos on the market, keep in mind that you will need to ensure that you get a generous bonus. Obviously, the online sic bo fan player will have to ensure that this entertainment is offered on the interface in question. Indeed, this game still being little practiced, it is not necessarily available in all virtual establishments. Read each review carefully in order to make an informed choice!

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How to play Sic Bo in five steps?

I. Define your budget!

Although Sic Bo is a game that shines for its simplicity, it involves placing real money bets. Also, always make sure to play wisely and set a gaming budget that you will not exceed (especially if you intend to place bet types with lower odds of occurrence). The money that you are going to put into play should be an integral part of the budget that you are used to spending on your recreational activities. In addition, as soon as your gambling capital is exhausted, never make the mistake of using complementary funds. Never lose more than the budget you originally planned!

II. Buy your tokens!

To buy chips (in Macau casinos), just place the money you want to invest on the table so that the dealer will exchange it for chips. You should never hand over your money to the dealer when purchasing chips. To avoid any ambiguity, you will need to place your tickets on the table (in public view). Likewise, a croupier will never give you chips in person. He will place them in front of you. You will have to collect them and place your bets in stride.

III. Place your bets!

Place your tokens on the table sections that match the combinations that you think will appear during the next dice shuffle. Always make sure to bet an amount that you can afford to lose (in case the bet you place turns out to be a loser). Each combination has its own probabilities of occurrence. To this end, players would be well advised to take an interest in it to find out exactly what risks they are exposing themselves to by making a particular bet. You can also analyze the payout ratios for each type of bet to assess the probability of occurrence of each outcome. The higher the payout ratios, the more difficult the type of bet that is associated with it.

IV. Wait for the result of the dice!

The vibrating plate is activated by the croupier. Remember that Sic Bo is played with the help of three dice trapped in a glass bell. When the players have finished placing their bets, the dealer presses a button on the table to activate the shuffling of the dice.

V. Collect your winnings!

The croupiers capture the losing bets and pay the players who correctly predicted the outcome of the dice. Indeed, if the latter display a combination for which you have committed a bet, you will receive remuneration according to the repayment reports of the type of bet engaged. Make sure to collect your winnings before the start of the next round. Otherwise, you risk placing a bet that you did not intend to make. If your bet loses, the house wins your bet. Can then start a new round.

What are the different types of Sic Bo bets?

The player will be able to place several types of bet: a unique number, a combination of two dice, any triple, miss, and pass… Each type of bet is illustrated on the Sic Bo table. All are associated with their respective repayment reports. We will now go through them all (starting with the sections at the top of the table).

> Lack / Pass

Bets on “miss” or “pass” can be placed in the sections located in the upper left and right corners of the Sic Bo table. If you place a bet on “Miss”, you think that the sum of the dice will be between 4 and 10. Similarly, if you place a bet on “Pass”, you think that the sum of the dice will be between 11 and 17. These types of bet will lose if the dice add up to 3 (for “Miss”) or 18 (for “Pass”), these respective combinations being by definition “triples”. The payout ratios associated with this type of bet are 1 to 1. You have 105 chances out of 216 of winning this type of bet, or a probability of 48.61%.

> Double

If you place a bet on a double, you predict that two specific numbers will appear on the three dice. For example, if you place a “Double” bet on number 2, your bet would win if the dice result was 2, 2, and 1 (or 2, 2, and 3 and so on). Also note that a “Triple” would be paid as a “Double” if the dice display three identical numbers. The payout ratios associated with this type of bet are 10 to 1 (11 to 1 in some casinos). Your odds of winning this bet are 16 in 216, or 7.41% probability.

> Any triple

If you place a bet on “Any Triple”, you will win it if the same number appears on all three dice together. The actual odds of winning this type of bet are only 6 in 216, which is a probability of 2.78%. However, it is associated with a hefty payout ratio of 30 to 1.

> Triple

A specific triple is only winning if and only if all three dice show the number your bet is on. The odds associated with this type of bet are only one in 216. However, it is associated with an insane 180 to 1 payout ratio. Unfortunately, although it is tempting to place a bet on a specific triple. because of the colossal gains it generates, your chances of winning are only 0.46% …

> Total

The total bet is probably the easiest at the Sic Bo table. As its name suggests, it consists of forecasting the total sum of the three dice. The available totals range from 4 to 17, 3, and 18 being considered triples. The payout ratios of each bet over the total vary depending on the probability of occurrence of the said bet. They are clearly displayed on the different table sections of the corresponding bet. For example, the probability of hitting a 4 or a 17 is 1.39% (the payout ratio of this bet is 60 to 1). Another example: the probability of hitting a 10 or an 11 is 12.5% ​​(the payout ratio for this bet is only 6 to 1).

> Combination

By placing a bet on a combination, you will predict two of the three numbers that will appear on the three dice, namely 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 1-5, 1-6, 2-3, 2-4 , 2-5, 2-6, 3-4, 3-5, 3-6, 4-5, 4-6 or 5-6. For example, a bet on the combination 4-6 would win if the final result was 2, 4 and 6. In the example mentioned, the third die can display any number as long as the other two are necessarily 4 and 6 Associated with payout ratios of 5 or 6 to 1, this type of bet has a probability of occurrence of 13.89%.

> Unique number

When placing this type of bet, you will have to predict which number will appear at least once on the three dice during the next shuffle. The odds of your number rolling on a die are 75 out of 216, or 34.72% probability. The associated payout ratio is 1 to 1. The odds of your number coming out on two dice are 15 out of 216, or 6.94%. In this case, the associated payout ratio would increase to 2 to 1. The odds of your number coming out on all three dice are 1 in 216 or a probability of 0.46%. In this case, the associated payout ratio would be 3 to 1.

Summary table of Sic Bo bet types

Bet ReportsChances (out of 216)Probabilities
Lack – Pass 1 against 110548.61%
4 – 1760 to 131.39%
5 – 1630 to 162.78%
6 – 1517 to 1104.63%
7 – 1412 against 1156.94%
8 – 138 against 1219.72%
9 – 126 against 12511.57%
10 – 116 against 12712.5%
Triple180 to 110.46%
Any triple30 to 162.78%
Double10 to 1167.41%
Combination (domino)5 against 13013.89%
Unique number1, 2 or 3 against 175, 15 or 142.13%

What is the house advantage at Sic Bo?

The house edge refers to the mathematical advantage that the casino has over the player for the duration of the game. Think of it as the casino’s profit margin over the gaming sessions of different players. At online Sic Bo, the house advantage varies widely. Indeed, the latter can oscillate between 2.78% (it is the house advantage of the bet on “Miss” or “Pass”) and 47.22% (it is the house advantage of a bet. out of a total of 5 or 16, provided it is associated with a payout ratio of 18 to 1), which is quite high compared to other casino games.

If the house advantage did not exist, the winnings would be compensated according to the probabilities of occurrence of each type of bet. For example, the odds of occurrence of a bet on a specific triple are only one in 216. Yet this type of bet displays a payout ratio of 180 to 1. It is precisely this difference between odds of occurrence and payout ratios that casinos make their profit margin.

Can I improve my chances of winning at Sic Bo?

  Sic Bo is a game that gives pride of place to absolute chance. It is categorically impossible to predict with certainty the outcome of the following dice shuffling. Even if you place your bets on the types of bets that offer the best odds of occurrence, there is no guarantee of a sure win. Each dice shuffle is a purely random event, the end result of which is completely independent of the previous one (or the next). An electronic table displays the results of the previous rounds, but it will not help you in any way to predict the result of the next round. To think otherwise would make you the victim of the gamer fallacy theory.

Your odds of winning are mathematically dependent on the probabilities of occurrence of each type of bet. But do not panic! You don’t have to be a math genius to entertain yourself. Just read our table carefully, which groups together the payout ratios and the odds for each type of bet to find out which dice combinations are more likely to come out. Also, never try to recoup the losses you have suffered against all odds. In doing so, you would take the risk of losing more money in the adventure …

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