Archangels Salvation -Free Slot Machine

Archangels: Salvation

Return to Player: 96.08%

Volatility: Medium volatility

The Archangels: Salvation is a magically beautiful slot machine with dynamic graphics that we have hardly seen before. The theme of the game is the eternal battle between good and evil. Here, good is symbolized by an angel and evil by a diabolical figure. It is clear that it is possible to add a religious aspect to the whole, but at the same time, the basic concept of Good/Evil of course has nothing to do only with religion.

I Archangels, launched in April 2018, created NetEnt a number of features for the game developer never used before. For example, the game has 100 fixed paylines. Additionally, Archangels have stacked symbols that can span entire reels. Among the features are wild cards that can be scattered across the screen and free spins.

By the time you read this, our demo version of the game is probably already loaded. If you don’t see a game screen above, try reloading the page. Our demo version is the same as the ‘real’ one, with the only slight difference that you cannot win real money. For tips on which sites have Archangels Salvation in the lineup, see below!


For freespin hunters, Archangels Salvation has a bit of a problem. This is because the minimum possible bet is 4 EUR. you don’t have to pay for online casinos to be kicked out, no deposit bonus, but if you pay (by deposit or turnover), you can certainly enjoy a number of spins from time to time.

You can play Archangels Salvation with bonuses at all NetEnt casinos. The reason for this is mainly that the RTP of the game is not excessively high.


Angels and demons, light and darkness, heaven and hell – all religions and more esoteric views of life revolve around this duality. In Archangels Salvation, NetEnt chose to focus on the figures of angels/heaven and devil/hell. The game screen is split in two purely graphically. On the left is a beautiful and noble angel while on the right you will find a significantly more acidic devil. Both characters are animated in 3D and it must be said that the animations are really delightful. Plus, there are tons of other dynamic effects in the graphics, so the game really feels alive!

The wheels themselves have been “sandwiched” between the two figures. This is something we are a bit sorry about. It gets a bit complex, especially if you’re playing in landscape mode on mobile. On the reels, which are six in number and all twelve positions high, there are various different symbols with a greater or lesser connection to the theme. Two of the symbols are considered high payout symbols. They are the angel and the devil. Then there are four medium win symbols, two of which are blue and two of which are red. Low win symbols follow the same pattern in terms of color and the design is that of straights in a deck of cards.

The music and sound effects in Archangels are of course of the more dramatic kind. The background music would clearly fit in, for example, Lord of the Rings and the sound effects are both plentiful and loud. There’s really nothing wrong with the mood of the game!


Archangels Salvation, as I said, has a very strange game screen. It’s not just that the reels themselves take up very little space on the game screen. More remarkable is that there are six reels and they all occupy twelve positions. This number of positions means that NetEnt was able to add 100 paylines. You win with at least three consecutive wins and with a bit of luck with stacked symbols you can spin many paylines in individual spins.

The 100 lines are fixed, but you pay no more than 40 credits for them. When adjusting your bet, click on the coin value and bet level. The coin values ​​are 0.10, 0.20, 0.50, 1, 2, and 5 EUR. You have a budget limit, you must pay 4 minimum. 2000 EUR is the maximum bet. Of course, there are plenty of auto circuits and auto fluids to use.


When we first learned that NetEnt was depositing for a 100 payline slot, we thought the developers would probably back down with bonus features. That didn’t really happen when the game landed on both old and new casinos, but at the same time, it’s wrong to say that the game doesn’t have a lot of candy to offer.


The wild symbol in Archangels Salvation always comes in a block measuring 2 x 2 positions. It is, first of all, a common replacement symbol. However, this wildcard block also has an additional feature.

The two lines at the top and bottom of the game screen, respectively, are called the hotspot zone. They are framed by blue and red rays, respectively, so you can’t miss them. If a wild block lands in a hotspot area, a special feature will be activated.

Sky Feature
In the event that the wild symbol appears in full in the top hotspot bar, four stacks of wild symbols are sent to the screen. If it appears partially, the result will be two bars instead.
Hell function
If the wild symbol lands at the bottom of the screen instead, it activates the scatter wilds on the screen. You get 16 scattered wilds if the entire wild symbol lands in the hotspot area. If only half of the wild symbol falls into the area, the result is eight wilds scattered.
Both functions can be reactivated, and this happens quite often. Just one extra joker in any of the hotspot fields is enough for you to get extra jokers on the screen.

NetEnt has put free spins symbols on all reels. The symbol is a bit special because it always covers two positions. It doesn’t have to appear ‘full’ to act as a scatter.

Three scatters = 10 FS
Four scatters = 15 FS
Five scatters = 20 FS
Six scatters = 25 FS

In every free spins feature there should be someone or specials, right? In free spins mode in Archangels Salvation, NetEnt has skimped on the candy a bit, but there is still a small special. They aim to expand the hotspot areas to each row. It is also clear that the wild symbol appears much more often in the free spins bonus than in the base game.


The salvation of the Archangels unfortunately has a lower gender RTP. In fact, the game is one of the most stingy men released in the “modern” era. Archangel’s RTP is 96.08%, which is a low number.

It can be said that the volatility of the Archangels is of the superior kind. We do not have an exact figure, for example in percentage, but it is clear that the game does not directly bring profit on every spin. The maximum win is 15,000 coins and it is the full screen with the Angel or the Devil, with or without the help of jokers, which gives this win.


Archangels Salvation is a furious slot machine where the basic theme is reflected in everything. If you like dramatic games that feel a bit like adventure, we think you can have fun and exciting gaming experiences with Archangels.

The bonuses are interesting and above all unique. However, we wouldn’t have been sad if NetEnt had implemented another special offer. There is a lot of focus on wild symbols and if you enter a period where they ‘refuse’ to appear, the game can get a bit boring. Of course, we are not entirely satisfied with the refund either. It’s been a long time since NetEnt released a title with an RTP of just over 96%.


Released September 2018
Theme heaven and hell
Wheel 6
Particularity Wilds, stacked symbols, free spins
betting lines 100 fixed
Answer 4-2000 crowns
Max profit 15,000 pieces
jackpot None
Theoretical payment 96.08%
software provider NetEnt


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