Reverse withdrawal

Reverse withdrawal: the ideal solution for undecided gamers

A reverse withdrawal is a method used by online casinos that allow players to deposit money by giving them the option to cancel a withdrawal request from their online account instead of (re) depositing the money. on the casino account. In view of promoting this deposit method, most of the casinos that offer it do so free of charge and immediately. However, this option is only available while the transfer request is “in progress”.

When a player places a withdrawal order, there are often queues and the process takes some time. In order to avoid these queues as well as the time of the process, the casinos are happy to offer you the option of reverse withdrawal.

In practice, while the withdrawal request is pending, the player can neither play with this money nor dispose of it in his bank account, this is what pushes players to choose the option “reverse withdrawal because at least with that – here the money can be used immediately to play at the casino.

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How does the reverse withdrawal work at an online casino and when can I use it?

The reverse withdrawal is based on a simple idea when a player withdraws money from his online account, the casino does not immediately debit the account, the transferred amount is placed on hold, during this time the player can change his mind. and (re) deposit the amount into their online account.

In practice, the player must go to the cashier section and choose the “reverse withdrawal” option. Once done, the player is offered a list of pending amounts that may be transferred. All you have to do is select the amount (s) you wish to credit back.

Many casinos are known to have introduced this option in order to encourage players to deposit money back into their gambling account.

Microgaming casinos leave the options window open for a period ranging from 12 to 48 hours, RTG (real-time gaming) casinos are a little faster (12 to 36 hours) where casino software providers like Playtech tend to take 96 h. The longer the options window remains open, the greater the temptation to use it. Cryptologic casinos generally do not have this option and the transfer of funds is immediate.

Many casinos have recognized that this practice is incompatible with their ethics in order to promote fair gaming. With this in mind, many casinos will reduce the availability of this option to 1 hour or make it disappear.

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The advantages and disadvantages of using reverse withdrawal while playing at an online casino

Many people think that the reverse withdrawal option is being used by casinos as a lure to entice inattentive players to deposit more money with them. This option is particularly dangerous for compulsive gamblers. Despite everything, this option remains very popular because the deposit is instantaneous.

Reverse Withdrawal FAQ

While the withdrawal is pending, however, it has become common practice for casinos to offer players the choice of ‘reversing their withdrawal…’ that is, un-cashing out their chips, so that the funds can be again be wagered. That turning of a withdrawal into a re-deposit is what’s called “reverse withdrawal.
Alongside the changes for many online gambling rules the British Gambling Commission has also introduced a permanent ban on reverse withdrawals for all online gambling – this function previously allowed consumers to re-gamble money they had previously requested to withdraw.

Every time you deposit or withdraw from a gambling site, the site incurs costs for processing the transaction. Across all the transactions a site has to process on a daily basis, these costs add up to a significant sum. If a player has requested a withdrawal and then decides he wants to play some more, it makes perfect sense to allow him to reverse withdrawal as it reduces the costs involved for the site.

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