Bonus Hunt 2024


The Internet is SUBMERGED with online casinos, every day new operators arrive and saturate an already very crowded market. The competition is intense. To attract new players, operators compete for bonuses. These very SEDUCTIVE bonuses attract a new type of player: bonus hunters. They practice the Bonus Hunt or Bonus Hunt.

Bonus Hunt

What is a bonus hunt and how to start it?

Basically, the bonus hunt has nothing to do with the idiots who stream on twitch!

 Bonus Hunt is a buzzword that describes the activity of a player who aims to take advantage of promotional offers granted by online casinos. The bonus hunter tracks bonuses without ever violating casino rules and conditions. The goal is to convert a bonus into real money and make a profit at the end of the wager. The player must set up a number of stratagems.

Bonuses are everywhere, but are not really easy to transform, hence the birth of Bonus Hunting or Bonus Hunting in English. Some smart people actually have a high-level sport and profit from it in the nose and the beard of the casinos.

In the not-so-distant past, hunting was easy and juicy. Tired of being flushed out by some Robin Hoods, casinos have started to toughen the rules to limit abuse. Today, the hunt is getting tougher. The golden age of the 2000-10s is behind us. Fortunately, there are still a few possibilities.

If you are wondering if there are still valid strategies for making money in online casinos today, stay tuned to this page. You will understand the intricacies of the technique, the dos, and don’ts of maximizing your wins and limiting your losses.

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The Little Story of The Bonus Hunt

Before being popularized, the bonus hunting activity was reserved for a handful of insiders, often English-speaking, organized through obscure forums with incomprehensible language.

The transformation of bonuses into profit was easily achievable, as the wagering requirements were light. Also, the bonuses were more generous and there were far fewer insurmountable rules. is an Anglo-Saxon forum that has been a reference since 1998 in the small world of Bonus Hunter. 79,194 forum posts were created for over a million posts on the topic. The members ended up reaching a level of expertise and technicality unimaginable for a layman. The anti-fraud departments of the casinos also monitor the forum on the corner of the eye in underwater mode.

Making money from bonuses was effortless. The casinos did not even seek to combat the practice because it was so marginal. It must be said that the casinos also won a lot of money at the time, the competition was less strong and people deposit without thinking too much. Each promotion attracts its share of abusers and profiteers, they represent only a tiny part of the players. And are therefore negligible quantity up to a point.

In the French-speaking world, the Bonus Hunt is confused with the “Bonus Race”. It is a different concept. The goal is above all to catch on the fly in a very short period of time a no deposit bonus of an often small amount. Casinos are in cahoots with forum administrators.

Still, at the same time, a hundred bonus codes were dropped. The amount is often around 5 €. The hidden goal is to subsequently trigger a deposit WITHOUT bonus at the casino.

The bonus hunt is much more complex and exciting. It can be played with thousands of dollars over long periods of time.


When the casinos started to lose way too much money, a couple of things changed to keep players from winning big sums of money TOO EASILY. The casinos did their little math and made sure that the bonuses could no longer be turned into cash TOO QUICKLY.

It is always possible to claim a bonus, complete the wager and finally withdraw it for real money in the hope of making a profit, however small. In the worst case, the hunter will be satisfied if he stays in equilibrium.

Everything will depend on the casino, the bonus, and ESPECIALLY the conditions. A good bonus can boost your odds and turn the table in your favor.

What is true at all times is that there is no way to influence a game of chance, there is not much you can do once the machine is open. Luck decides through a random number generator. It is impossible to trick or manipulate a slot machine into paying more.

If you are looking to gain an edge over the casino, you will not find it through the machine, but OUTSIDE the machine.

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  1. Hunt for the best casino bonus offers
  2. Play and respect the rules and conditions
  3. Turn bonus into cash to withdrawal

The Method To Win At Online Casinos with bonus hunt

The method consists in playing a bonus long enough to have the right to withdraw it and thus hope to make a profit.

EXAMPLE of Bonus Hunt:

You have a bonus: 100% up to € 100 with a wagering requirement of 5 times the bonus. You must therefore wager € 100 5 times or € 500 in total to withdraw your bonus. With a good machine that has a 98% payout rate (RTP), you lose an average of 2% per bet. EITHER € 10 loss on your € 500 wager.

You will therefore withdraw on average for this type of operation € 100 (bonus) – € 10 (loss) OR € 90 in profit. Of course, this is an average, it can be a little more or a little less, but we quickly understand the advantage of the situation.

Today, the wagering requirements are rarely at 10, it was for our example.

PARAMETER 1 ( The bonus )

The good hunter starts by choosing the right bonus. There are tons of bonuses but some small differences in conditions can have a huge impact and change everything upon arrival. A 400% bonus on your first deposit sounds ideal, but often this type of bonus comes with UNFREEASABLE CONDITIONS. Make sure the bonus is REMOVABLE.

The Bonus Hunt starts with reading the boring little lines of the rules.

The ideal bonus has a good balance between the amount offered and the wagering requirements. There is no magic rule, but ideally, a bonus between 100% and 200% of your deposit with a wager of less than 30 is acceptable. With more experience, you will be able to migrate to less optimal offers.

We have created a TRANSPARENT comparator ( HERE ) of casinos which clearly highlights the wager and the conditions. Go see!

PARAMETER 2 ( The capital )

Once the bonus is in the viewfinder, you must deposit the maximum possible to get the maximum amount of juice. Welcome casino bonuses are the juiciest and only come once. The reload bonuses that follow are always a step-down.

It is important that the capital is high in order to be able to absorb a bad wave and stay alive until the end of the wager. The ideal is to have a large capital and to play only small bets to dilute the risk.

You will be in mortal danger if you play big with little money. Play small but long.

PARAMETER 3 ( Volatility )

Once the bonus is triggered, you have to find a machine with low volatility. A low volatility machine wins very often, but small bets. Don’t pick a machine with the high volatility that will kick you all in before you’ve even had time to hit a (big) win.

So avoid jackpot machines. This is not the goal of the strategy. The idea is not to win big, but to win small lines very often. We’re here to give out a big bonus by finishing your wager.

If you have a bonus of € 500 with a wagering requirement of 25 times the bonus amount. You will need to wager a total of 25 x € 500 OR € 12,500 before you are eligible to withdraw the bonus. It’s super long! That’s why you don’t need a machine that will play Roller Coaster with your money.

You need a machine that descends smoothly, step by step, with a slight slope. The Bonus Hunt is a centimeter method, not a high roller. You will have to negotiate the pennies on each spin.

To speed up the cooking a little, you can play with the maximum number of lines possible, simply, it will be necessary to ensure that you have the minimum stake per line. The more line you have, the more you dilute the risk. It is better to play 10 lines at 1 € than a single line at 10 €. In the end, it’s the same bet amount, but the volatility has nothing to do with it.

You can also put some machines in autoplay mode and leave the reels spinning on their own.

PARAMETER 4 ( The redistribution rate: RTP )

Still in the choice of the machine, try to take a machine with a good redistribution rate (RTP). The less greedy the machine, the better.

Aim for 98% with lots of bonus play, free spins, and multipliers in order to keep you alive until the end. The best machines only cost $ 2 or $ 3 for every $ 100 wagered. The less good swallow up to 10 or 15 €. Do not be mistaken!

PARAMETER 5 ( The reliable casino )

Of course, you have to choose a reliable and reputable casino, but you already know that.

On the other hand, choose a casino that counts the wager from the first euro wagered. Some casinos have two scales, a real-money (deposit) balance, and a bonus balance. The real money balance is being played first. To play the bonus balance, the real money balance must first drop to zero. This is very DANGEROUS in our case. We, therefore, need a single balance that counts the wager from the first euro wagered.

Also take care to choose a casino that does not impose (too) difficult conditions, do not choose a bonus with a wager greater than 35. The bonus must be withdrawable at the end of the wager otherwise you can forget it. Finally, follow the rules, this is the most important. It is also the beauty of sport.

END ( New cycle)

Once you have completed your cycle, you can repeat the operation either with a reload bonus or move on to a new casino and enjoy a welcome bonus again. The welcome bonuses are by far the most generous. The casino wants to attract you to it and then build your loyalty.

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