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Live Blackjack for everyone: Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in the world, to the point where many casinos offer it in a live format. If you are looking for an unforgettable gaming experience, we recommend that you read this article carefully.

Once this formality has been completed, go ahead and select the live blackjack casino that will have caught your attention the most to win magnificent winnings!

Live Blackjack

Online Blackjack VS. Live blackjack

If you are an avid gamer, it is highly likely that you have already tried your luck at an online blackjack table. If so, you have certainly noticed that playing online blackjack is a bit like playing a video game. The gaming experience is radically different from what you would have experienced in a physical casino.

This is due to the fact that the sound effects, graphics, and the dealer himself are represented in a purely virtual form. Live blackjack attempts to replicate the exhilarating experience you would have had in Sin City, Macao, or Monte-Carlo. Even if the game is still played online, this variant of blackjack will allow you to view a real dealer in instant streaming.

Unlike an ordinary online game, you will not be playing against a pre-programmed computerized dealer. You will be able to see a real dealer in the flesh mixing and distributing the cards on your screen.

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What are the characteristics of live blackjack?

  • It transcribes the atmosphere which recalls that of physical casinos;
  • It is played using a real professional dealer;
  • You will be playing your favorite variant of blackjack in instant streaming;
  • It will allow you to interact with the live dealer via the chat and a game of webcams.

Why play live blackjack?

Both fun and fascinating, blackjack sits at the top of the list of casino games most popular with players around the world. Over the years, this timeless game has been immortalized in a number of blackjack books, blackjack movies, and music videos that have helped to boost its popularity.

To tell the truth, blackjack is a  game whose popularity is comparable to slot machines and online roulette. Although this table game delights countless players, online blackjack can put them off in the long run. Nowadays, there is an expediently found alternative to dispel monotony: live blackjack. Discover the many advantages below.

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How does live blackjack work?

Live blackjack is a faithful reproduction of the version of blackjack found in physical casinos. Choose your variant and get ready to be transported to the world of the casino! Once the game is loaded, the dealer will wait for you to take your place. For the duration of the game, you will be able to view the dealer by live broadcast.

You will see him draw cards from the shoe and then distribute them to all the players. As soon as you have placed your initial bet on the table, you will have to decide whether to stay on your game or to draw an additional card. If Dame Fortune is on your side, you will have the opportunity to win a nice sum of money.

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What are the advantages of live blackjack?

  • It allows you to play a version of blackjack in a live format without leaving the comfort of your home;
  • It allows you to interact with a real dealer as well as with other players;
  • It strives to replicate the gaming experience you would have had in a physical casino;
  • It allows you to benefit from a house advantage established at 0.5% (provided that you apply an optimal strategy);
  • If you are playing live blackjack against other players, you should be aware that 97% of them (according to unofficial statistics) are not playing optimally.

Choose the variant that suits you best!

If you have decided to set your sights on this timeless casino game, know that you will find countless variations. Some software publishers (notably NetEnt, Microgaming and Playtech) have even developed their own variant of the game. One of the elements that you will have to take into account when selecting your variant of live blackjack is the minimum and maximum bet limits.

Also, be sure to choose a version fully suited to your personal financial situation. If you are a high-roller and want to play in the big leagues, we obviously recommend that you try the high limit variants that abound on the Web. On the other hand, if your budget is quite limited, we advise you rather show moderation and to have eyes only for the tables whose minimum limits are within your reach.

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How to play live blackjack?

If you haven’t played live blackjack in your life, you may wonder if its rules are the same as the version of blackjack that is played in physical casinos. It is indeed the case! While you are sure to uncover countless variations of this timeless casino game, rules are one of the few things that unite them. Live blackjack is played using one or more decks of 52 cards.

The object of the game is to beat the hand of the dealer by owning a hand whose value is as close as possible to 21 points. The way to play blackjack in a physical casino is exactly the same as the way to play blackjack in a live casino. If you haven’t already visited our online blackjack page, let us remind you of the basic rules.

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What are the rules of live blackjack?

1. Place your ante!

To start playing live blackjack, you must first place an ante. The ante is the initial bet that you must make at the start of the game. If you play against other opponents, your ante must be identical to theirs. The amount of money you spent on building your bankroll will have a major impact on the size of the bets you place.

We will always recommend that you start with weighted bets, even if the ball obviously stays in your court. If you have managed to make a substantial profit, you may want to increase the size of your bets as you go along.

2.  Let the dealer distribute the cards!

As soon as you have placed your bet, the croupier will take care of distributing the cards he has drawn from the shoe. In online blackjack, the dealer is just a numerical entity and the game is controlled by a random number generator.

3   Stay on your game, draw a card, split your hand, or double your bet!

Your cards, all face-up, will be placed in front of you throughout the course of the game. You will, therefore, be able to view your hand at any time. The dealer will also give you the score that your hand totals. A window will appear with the inscriptions ‘Stay’, ‘Pull’, ‘Separate’, and ‘Double’. The dealer will invite you to choose which action to favor. You will have to choose the appropriate action by clicking on one of the icons.

4  The dealer determines the winner(s) of the round!

As soon as the players have all decided to camp on their positions (and therefore stay in their respective game), you will know if you have won the round or not. For more information on how to play blackjack, we suggest you consult our page dedicated to blackjack rules.

Home advantage of live blackjack

All live casinos will offer you to play against a real live dealer rather than a virtual dealer governed by a random number generator. The profit margin of the house fluctuates between 0.5 and 5%. It all depends on the number of card games brought into play. However, if you play live blackjack using an optimal strategy, you will have the possibility of reducing it to 0.5%. Read our article on blackjack strategy to learn how to play optimally

Play live blackjack for real money!

Blackjack, by the strategies it involves, is one of the few casino games that does not give pride of place to the most absolute chance. You can also put into practice certain strategic tricks. Do not hesitate a second and do not miss the opportunity to play live! Choose one of our live casinos and get ready to win the timpani!

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