NetEnt Cosmic Fortune Slot

Cosmic Fortune

Return to Player: 96.9%

Volatility: Low volatility

NetEnt Cosmic Fortune Slot

Released in 2014, Cosmic Fortune Slot is much more than a simple slot machine, Netent wanted to immerse the player in a spatial and magical atmosphere. And they pulled out the budget to create a one-of-a-kind machine. From the introduction, an army of small 8-bit robots à la Space Invaders attack a city and buildings, a human takes over with the help of his spaceship and destroys all the robots down to the last one.

The invigorating cinematic comes to an end and here we are in the infamous Cosmic Fortune slot being lulled by a beautiful melody that lets us soar in the stars. With each new Spin, the reels turn and we hear each little ball knocking between them, once again Netent wants to show us that it does not neglect the small details to offer a very realistic experience to the player.

Apart from the 3D graphic aspect, the Cosmic Fortune slot machine offers a multitude of options, a very elaborate auto-play is available, you can program it as you see fit by choosing when to stop it if such and such an action has occurred. When you win a Spin, the avalanche mode is activated which allows you to continue playing on the winning lines without repaying. By having 3 identical S symbols, you will obtain Free Falls, the W symbol is a Wild replacing any other symbol.

At the end of the Free Falls, a first bonus is activated, it can sometimes activate a second one and you will have access to the pachinko bonus game which is a mix of slot machine and pinball machine. During the bonus game, 50 balls fall randomly to win free spins or winnings.

5 jackpots can be won during the bonus game, there are 2 fixed jackpots (MINI and RAPID) and 3 progressive jackpots (MEGA, MAJOR, and MIDI). The minimum bet for each spin is 0.30 cents by selecting Level 1 and the Coin Value at 0.02 cents. The maximum bet is 75 euros by selecting Level 10 and the Coin Value at 0.50 cents.

Discover now in demo mode the free Cosmic Fortune slot machine and do not hesitate to give your opinion on this slot machine!

Summary of the Cosmic Fortune Slot game

Cosmic Fortune is an online slot machine developed by the NetEnt companyThis machine has 5 reels and 15 paylines.

Face an invasion of aliens!

Cosmic Fortune Slot  Theme:

Cosmic Fortune invites us to embody the savior of humanity. Indeed, thanks to an animated introduction, we learn that the Earth is attacked by alien ships.

The symbols present on the reels reveal to us the nature of this threat but also the means implemented to avoid the worst. Thus, we find there a monster with sharp teeth, an amazing robot, a spaceship, a missile, a man with a pilot’s helmet, or even lightning.

The editor NetEnt offers us here a complete musical theme. Indeed, between the parts, soft and airy music accompanies the player. As the reels spin, futuristic sound effects sound. If a paying combination occurs on the screen, a winning melody is triggered and an animation allows the symbols to shine brightly.

How to play the Cosmic Fortune slot?

Based on Space Invaders, the Cosmic Fortune slot machine is a title that revisits the theme of the alien invasion. Its hero is a character with very sympathetic blue afro hair. The evil robots that invade the area then just have to stand up to face this character.

The realization of this title is more like the animated film called Wall-E than the arcade game it refers to. It is a variant that seems to be specifically successful, with particularly neat 3D decorations and a high-quality sound environment. This is an online slot machine that was created by NetEnt. It has 5 reels and 15 paylines. She offers an original theme by embodying the savior of human beings.

Through a very lively introduction, we can learn that alien ships are attacking the earth. The symbols on the reels reveal the nature of this ultimatum and also the means implemented to avoid inconvenience. Thus, we find a monstrous creature with sharp teeth, a surprising robot, a spaceship,

With Cosmic Fortune Slot, the publisher offers its players a rather interesting musical theme. Thus, between each game, you can enjoy airy and soft music. When the reels are activated, futuristic background sounds to accompany the player. And if a winning combination appears on the screen, an exciting sound is triggered and an animation will allow the icons to glow.

Cosmic Fortune Slot Features

As for the features, this three-dimensional slot machine allows the player to set his bet. Thus, he will have two parameters to configure his bet in good conditions. It can determine the value of the tokens by a range of amounts between 0.02 and 0.50 euros. On top of that, he can also rely on the 15 paylines to bet up to 10 coins on each. The sum of the bet can thus be varied from 0.30 to 75 euros per spin.

When three Scatters appear on the screen, the player can win up to 10 free spins. And he can also participate in a bonus session to win additional winnings. Cosmic Fortune Slot is an interactive title that deserves some attention. It is based on impeccable quality graphics and allows you to win huge gains, especially through its original features.

The Cosmic Fortune Slot three-dimensional slot machine has 5 reels and 15 paylines. The player has 2 parameters at his disposal in order to best configure his bet. Thus, it is possible to determine the value of the tokens thanks to a range of sums ranging from €0.02 to €0.50. In addition, the player can take advantage of 15 paylines to deposit up to 10 chips on each of them. The amount of the bet can thus quickly vary between €0.30 and €75 per spin.

As soon as 3 scatters appear on the screen, the player wins 10 free spins. At the end of these, it is possible to participate in a bonus game allowing you to win additional credits or to access a mini-game dedicated to obtaining one of the 5 available jackpots.

Our opinion of Cosmic Fortune Slot:

The NetEnt company invites us to take part in an adventure worthy of a science fiction film. The many features and the graphic aspect of this slot machine will amuse players for several hours.

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