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Lost Relics

Return to Player: 96.3%

Volatility: Medium-high volatility

Lost Relics Review

If safari hats, mythical legends, glittering gold and stones, and epic adventures are your “cup of tea”, you will love Lost Relics. This slot from NetEnt offers a fantastic adventure in slot format and with a little luck, you manage to unearth big treasures.

In the lead role of Lost Relics is a woman with a great thirst for adventure. The story is that she went in search of precious Indiana Jones-style artifacts. Now she needs your help to enter the temple and dig up the goodies. If you help him, you can be richly rewarded! Read all about NetEnt’s Lost Relics here. In addition, you will find a free demo game below!


We always give you the chance to audition for free slot machines. Reading about a game is one thing, trying it out for real is another! The demo version loaded above is exactly like the one you find at NetEnt Casinos. Of course, you cannot play with real money. You are limited to playing with play money. Take lost relics for a risk-free ride to see what you think of them.


It was NetEnt who started the whole trend with free spins and they still hold the banner high. If you have accounts at a top online casino, you can probably get free spins on Lost Relics from time to time. Most often you have to pay them one way or another, but sometimes you can expect free spins on the game.

Bonus money, regardless of how it entered your account, can be spent on lost relics. We’d actually like to hit a smash for the lost relics games with bonuses. The game mechanics and variance are such that you get the best of both worlds – namely regular wins and a chance for big wins.


If you think of typical places for archaeological adventures, what places do you rise to for your inner vision? Temples of the Aztecs and Incas? Egypt? Ancient Rome? Mysterious Himalayan temples? NetEnt, in its Lost Relics series, has combined these locations (and more) to create a theme that truly oozes Indiana Jones-type adventures.

The game screen is really nice. Positions are displayed on a 5×5 grid and each symbol is richly detailed. However, the background is, if possible, even more detailed. To the left of the symbols, you will find the adventurer’s “base camp” with a real fire, a tent, and more. To the right of the symbols, you will see a mysterious mechanism, as well as part of the interior of a temple.

If you manage to reach the free spins round, the background changes characters completely and you then play ‘inside’ the temple itself. To add some mystery and adventure to the game, NetEnt has also composed high-quality background music.

What are symbols? There are eight paying symbols. Four can be considered high payout symbols while the other four are low payout symbols. High payout symbols are a special collection of artifacts.

The category includes a jewel with a ruby, a gold bracelet, a dagger, and a gladiator helmet. Low payout symbols are spades, hearts, clubs, and diamonds. However, it must be said that the payout difference between the symbols is not huge.


Lost Relics is based on the popular cluster game mechanics. For example, if you’ve played Emojiplanet and Aloha before you know it. If this is new to you, we can say that it is unique because it does not focus on pay lines. The principle is rather that “clusters” of identical icons create a victory.

In Lost Relics, the screen consists of 25 positions (5 x 5 positions). For you to win a prize, at least six icons of the same type must land next to each other.

You play your spins for between 2 and 4000 SEK per spin. Yes, you read that right. You can put four thousand dollars on the line per spin! With that, Lost Relics is actually NetEnt’s highest betting slot possible. You can play with automatic spins and with quick spins.


A game with the theme of adventure and archeology should of course have a whole range of special features, not least because the theme itself provides the inspiration for special features. When playing Lost Relics, you can discover sticky wilds, scatters, free spins, and treasure chests with secret content.


The cluster payment function itself we have already described above. What we haven’t described is that from time to time the feature may give you additional bonuses. Sometimes after registering a “cluster win”, you can see the rocks under the crushed symbols. The result is a bonus in the form of winning coins, wild cards, or a scatter.

Coin wins count against your stake and you can win 3 to 30 times your stake. Additional Jokers are placed in random locations to provide an additional (and greater) chance of winning. Extra scatters can help you reach the free spins round. The maximum number of bonuses per cluster you earn is five.


The Free Spins bonus is quite a revolutionary story. It is based on a certain progression and the more rounds you play, the greater the rewards can be.

To access the free spins, you need to collect three scatter symbols. It doesn’t matter whether they appear on the screen (columns 1, 3, and 5), via the country cluster bonus, or via a combination. Three scatters give you ten free spins.

In free spins mode, you play with the same stake as before. There’s no multiplier to use, but there are a few other good treats.

When your free spins spin, the symbols are placed on a stone floor. When you land a hit in a cluster, all “stones” under the symbols will be crushed. What’s underneath? Treasure Chests! A fully uncovered treasure chest will automatically open and give you rewards in the form of sticky wilds, extra free spins, and/or coin wins.

There are three different treasure chests. In the beginning, you only have the chance to discover the small and medium ones. After opening two chests, you also have a chance to hit large ones.

The principle is that the larger the chest, the greater the potential reward in the form of spins, wilds, and/or cash winnings.


I really like Lost Relics. We don’t see many downsides at all. A small drawback, however, is that the return on investment (RTP) is not so generous. An RTP of 96.30% is definitely not bad, but it could definitely be a tenth higher.

We can compare the Lost Relics RTP with the Aloha and Shangri-La respectively. Aloha has a 96.40% ROI while Shangri-La pays back 96.59% over time.

You can use the 25 positions covered by the Ruby Jewel or the Gold Bracelet, you get 6,000 coins. For example, if you have a value of 1 Euro, you have 6000 Euros (at BET level 1). This particular move is probably hard to pull off, but it’s a bigger number of sticky wilds on the spins free spin, and it’s not impossible to get your hands on all 20 symbols of the same type.


Lost Relics is an excellent slot machine. It delivers quality in all parts, and there’s no denying that NetEnt has put an effort into creating the game. The combination of the country cluster feature and the innovative free spins round is delightful, and overall we are very happy with the game.

A slightly smaller focus on the free spins bonus along with a slightly higher RTP would have given the game an even higher rating.


Released September 2018
Theme Adventure and treasure hunt
Wheel 5
Particularity Sticky wilds, scatters, coin wins, free spins
betting lines Inga (country cluster)
Answer 2-4000 crowns
Max profit 6000 pieces
jackpot None
Theoretical payment 96.30%
software provider NetEnt


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