Mega Joker Free Slot

Mega Joker Slot

Return to Player: 99%

Volatility: High volatility

Mega Joker is a slot machine developed by Netent whose rate of return to players depends on the skills of the users. I reveal here how it works as well as the great strategies to play this slot machine. Read this review carefully to put the odds on your side before playing!


In order to prevent you from falling into a scam, I have made a small ranking of the 3 best operators on which it is possible to play games with real money on the Mega Joker machine without the slightest risk. Each operator has been tested and approved by my team, and we are sure that we can recover our winnings if we are successful in the games! You can also take advantage of certain advantages reserved exclusively for members of our community, negotiated by me.


The theme of the Mega Joker slot is based on symbols that could be described as classic because they are undoubtedly the most common on slot machines. We thus find fruits, bells, or even the symbol 7.

However, we can note the presence of a “clown” symbol which grants random wins when you make a combination with it, which is rather rare and deserves to be highlighted.

In terms of the sound environment, the slot machine has a relatively classic style as is the case with all slots that choose to use this range of symbols, which we find a bit of a shame because it makes the game a little too monotonous for our taste.


Good news, I managed to negotiate for you an offer of 500 free spins on Cresus Casino in order to play the Mega Joker slot machine. This is a temporary bonus that may not last over time, so I invite you to take advantage of it as quickly as possible by immediately going to the casino site to register.


The operation of the slot machine is a bit special. Players start on the 3 bottom reels (box 10 in our table) and can later decide to keep these winnings or play them on the top reels to hope to make additional winnings.

All combinations are made with 3 symbols because the machine has only 3 reels and 5 different paylines. Each combination has a fixed payout, except for the “clown” symbols which offer random wins with the possibility of landing a progressive jackpot.

3 symbols Box 10 Box 20 and 100 Box 40 and 200
Clown Between 10 and 200X 100X / 10X-200X 200X / 10X-200X
Treasure 200X
7 80X 200X
Bell 20X 60X 120X
Watermelon 8X 50X 100X
Grape 20X 50X
Lemon 2X 20X 40X
Orange 10X 20X
Cherry 2X 10X 20X


The Mega Joker slot does not have Wilds or free spins. However, players can decide to replay the winnings on the lower reels on the upper part of the slot machine. By playing this way, the sums that can be pocketed are greater, but it is also possible to lose any winnings generated during the previous round.

It is possible to obtain the progressive jackpot by playing on the 100 box (one chance) or on the 200 box (three chances). When players have more than 2000 credits on the top reels, they must pocket their winnings and play again on the bottom part of the machine. Try playing for real money at a top online casino like Zaza Casino.


I think the Mega Joker slot machine differs very strongly from other slots in its design. It is quite rare to be able to play on a machine that has two pairs of independent reels and whose rate of return to players depends on the skills of the users and not just pure chance.

I think this machine should appeal to all people who like pure and hard strategy because it is possible to really get out of the game if you optimize your way of playing. The advertised maximum return rate is 99%, which is a record of what I have seen during my adventures in online casinos.


If it is not necessarily possible to obtain free spins directly on Mega Joker, you can nevertheless obtain them on other machines. Then, it is quite possible to use the winnings won on the other slots to play games on Mega Joker.

To take advantage of these free spins, simply register at one of the online casinos recommended in this article. Indeed, I managed to negotiate deals with certain operators in order to offer exclusive bonuses reserved for members of the Captain Caz community. Quickly discover your many advantages!

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