How to Win at Bingo

How to win at bingo: You have to know your Bingo grid

Online bingo is one of the most popular gambling games in the world and the reasons for its success are easily explained. Indeed, it is a very fun and friendly social game that offers rules of the game that are easy to master. On the other hand, if it is very easy to get started in a game of bingo whether it is in the hall or at an online casino, it is important to analyze the grid on which we are about to play bingo if we want to learn how to win at bingo! Take advantage of our explanatory article to focus on the subject.

How to Win at Bingo

How to win at bingo: Depending on the variant you choose, carefully analyze the bingo card you select to win big

If there was an adage specific to bingo, it would be this: “Each variant and its game grid”! Indeed, many players ignore it, but bingo has lots of different game cards according to the different variants of bingo:

30-ball bingo:

Also called “Speed ​​Bingo” this variant is played on a 3×3 grid. There are therefore only 9 squares on the grid for a total of 30 boules played.

75-ball bingo:

The 75-ball bingo grid – also called American bingo – is made up of 5 columns and 5 rows. Each of the squares has a number except for the central square of the grid which is empty.

80-ball bingo:

the game card for 80-ball bingo is made up of 4 rows and the same number of columns. The first row includes the numbers from 1 to 20, the second the numbers from 21 to 40, the third the numbers from 41 to 59, and finally from 60 to 80 for the fourth and last row.

90-ball bingo:

The cardboard used for 90-ball bingo – or European bingo – games, measures 27 centimeters in length and 9 centimeters in width. The grid thus comprises nine columns for three rows. As a rule, each row normally has at least five numbered boxes. The game grid also has empty spaces.

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Is there an infallible method of how to win at bingo? We unravel the mystery here

Good question! Indeed, if the bingo grids are very different, they have rather similar probabilities of winning. Thus, we advise you to make your choice according to your desires. For example, 30 ball bingo will be perfect for players in a hurry because of its quick draw.

The specifics of 75 ball bingo will adapt easily to novices. 80-ball bingo will appeal to a larger panel since it is one of the most popular versions on the net and finally, 90-ball bingo will suit players who are used to playing in a room because of its prints much longer than those of the other variants.

How to Win at Bingo: Since we are talking about grid bingo, know that playing online is much more advantageous than on cardboard

If you are used to going to bingo parties organized by your municipality or by associations, you know that you are not going there to win but to have fun while participating in a jackpot or a good cause. However, if you buy a bingo ticket from a national lottery, for example, your goal is clearly to win. Really?

Know that to boost your winnings, the best solution will be to play on a virtual bingo card, among the many titles that you can find in a good online casino. The cost to purchase is already cheaper, but in addition, there are more opportunities to earn.

Not to mention that with the taxes imposed on the bingo grid of a national organization, you are losing money for a slim chance of winning it.

How to Win at Bingo: To practice selecting your grid, do not hesitate to play for free on a bingo board

In France, bingo works! More and more players are discovering these cash tables to fill in to win a nice jackpot. But if you don’t feel like spending your money to distract yourself, or if you want to test the waters before you jump into real money on a bingo board, we have the perfect solution for you.

At an online casino, you do not have to create an account to enjoy the entertainment of a bingo grid. Plus, you won’t even need to print it, playing on the internet makes things more convenient. We are obviously talking about free games! Playing for free shows you multiple styles of themes, variations, and potential payouts, so make the most of it.

How to Win at Bingo: On physical cards or online, what does your bingo ticket promise you in terms of prizes to be won?

A winning grid can earn a player various things. As with the lottery, the prizes change regularly. Those who are more curious will love to test each new game to find out what type of winning is behind it. Playing for free on a grid bingo teaches you to know it, but also to see the winnings distributed.

Depending on each new grid, the winnings can be in money, or for meeting contests, they can take the form of household appliances, trips, or smaller prizes. When you play online, reading the information of a grid lets you know what it offers in terms of winnings, then you play it to try to win the jackpot!

You will see that the grids can be in the form of words, although the simplest version is to complete its number card. Do not hesitate to follow the trend and dive back into this fashion of the moment that is bingo, and when it comes to your turn to win big, you can say thank you to our guide who brought this game up to date!

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Online Bingo Strategy FAQ

How to win at bingo?

How to win at bingo is the most important thing you need to know. To get there, there are bingo strategies and unstoppable tips:

  • Use different game boards: playing with several boards increases the number of combinations to be checked;
  •  Choose similar grids: because of the almost identical numbers, this technique increases the chances;
  • Play in “automatic” mode online: to let the system tick the selected boxes and avoid errors;
  • Avoid games with many players;
  • Try your luck from Monday to Thursday, this period is less busy on the bingo halls;
  • Give priority to games with bonus wins and / or bonus games.

How to win at bingo with Bonus: play your favorite game with a promotional offer

Bingo is THE game that offers itself a second youth thanks to virtual casinos. While it may have sometimes been seen as an old fashioned game by gamers, it is becoming a very popular game again. It is also the game that offers one of the highest jackpot odds. Luck now? You can play with a bonus. The number of bingo bonuses available in France is growing, although not all casinos offer one. These bingo bonuses are a good way to rediscover this simple and entertaining game.

The interest in the bingo bonus

Bingo offers you the advantage of being able to select several grids for each draw. This allows you to maximize your chances of winning by increasing the likelihood that each number that comes out will be on your grid. To be able to choose a maximum of tables and thus increase your chances of winning, opt for the bingo bonuses. They are offered by the casino and therefore are very valuable whether you are a beginner or not.

Bingo bonuses allow you to increase your capital, limit your risk taking by playing more and increase your capital without difficulty. To benefit from the bingo bonus, you must deposit real money into your casino account. Free bingo bonuses are very rare.

Bingo, start without risk and win easily

To withdraw the bingo bonus and the winnings associated with it, you will have to play a certain number of times the amount of your bonus. By playing a maximum number of grids, you will quickly have the possibility of recovering the money won. In addition, it is entertaining and risk-free since your bingo bonus offers you an extension of your capital. Just make a good bet and have fun with your bonus only. Keep the capital to take advantage of the other casino bonuses on other platforms.

Be careful to choose your bonus

There is no such thing as a free bingo bonus. You must make a deposit of the requested amount, which will allow you to recover the winnings of the bonus offered by the casino easily. As with all gambling, be sure to choose the right platform to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Take advantage of bingo bonuses to increase your chances of winning money. However, be careful, some sites have very complicated bingo bonus terms of use. It is up to you to check what the conditions of use of the bingo bonus of each casino specify. In addition, the bingo bonus offer is quite limited, bingo being only a game annexed to the main activities of a casino, even if the game is gaining in popularity. Always make sure to choose your bingo bonuses well, sometimes it is not worth registering to benefit from them because the conditions of use are too restrictive.

Rest assured, we have done the research and selection work for you. Our team offers you the best bingo bonuses, at trusted casinos.

How to hit the jackpot on an online bingo game: follow our advice

The jackpot !!! Can you imagine what you can do with it? Well, to hit the jackpot, it’s going to take a lot more than playing bingo. Indeed, on online gambling halls, the trick to benefiting from this frantic race for profits is to master all the cogs. To do this, nothing beats online games of free Bingo. Quite the contrary. These are the perfect opportunities to practice the game, improve your tactics, without spending a single penny. To enjoy it, simply activate the “demo” game mode.

Bingo bonuses are also offered online on online casinos in order to considerably increase the value of your bankroll. This is the case, for example, with cash offers without deposit which are credited to the player’s account upon registration. From the first payment, some online casinos do not hesitate to grant doubling deposit bonuses. These can be used to buy more cards or increase stakes.

How to win at bingo online: what are the advantages?

Thanks to technology, online gambling halls offer their customers an immersive experience on a par with that of land-based casinos. Whether in terms of graphics, sound and even the gains to be made, everything has been thought out to offer unique moments. Once logged into their account, users also have the chance to enjoy:

  • a free game mode to practice;
  •  different variations of bingo  ;
  • an automatic system which stamps the boxes of the numbers chosen;
  • the chat room to make new friends;
  • tips and suggestions from experienced players on the platform;
  • bets on various and varied combinations;
  • the many tournaments and competitions organized;
  • several bonuses, surprise tickets, and other offers;
  • a less strict winning system.

How to win at Bingo FAQ: answers to all your questions

✅ How do I play bingo online?

The rules for online bingo are the same as for indoor bingo. The way to play bingo is actually very simple. To study the rules of bingo, you can refer to our page on the rules of bingo, it’s easy to understand!

✅ Is the rule for in-hall bingo the same as for online bingo?

Yes quite. Nothing changes. This is why it is very easy to switch from one to the other as you wish. To learn more about the rules of the game of bingo, you can click here!

✅ How to win at bingo?

Bingo remains a game of chance. You will therefore have to trust your luck. Even so, we have listed some tips that might put luck in your favor.

✅ Can we play bingo at an online casino?

Of course, this is possible. Some virtual casinos make very attractive online bingo games available to players. To know the best online casinos to play bingo, consult our Top Best Online Casinos list updated regularly by our experts!

How to win at bingo: Things to know before you bingo

Origins of bingo: how did it appear in the west

Let’s finish this file with a point “Culture G”: the word “bingo” means “to reach its target  ”. It was then used during World War II by American fighter pilots as soon as they shot down an enemy plane. As entertainment, the existence of bingo dates back to the year 1530, in the heart of Italy. Known then under the name of Lo Giuco Del Lotto, it was appreciated by a large number of people. Like all games of chance, it will still be prohibited by the Church.

The game of bingo arrived in France around 1760. Being reserved for the nobility and the bourgeoisie, it was replaced at the end of the 18th century by the lotto Dauphin. But first, it will take over Germany, Austria, Spain and continue its development throughout Europe. In some regions, play will be associated with an educational role, a family, group, and co-worker distraction, and with many virtues. It then arrives in Mexico where the winners donated all of their earnings to the Church.

In 1929, it was the turn of the United States, precisely in Atlanta, Georgia, to receive it. This time, under the name of Beano. A name that refers to the beans used as tokens to fill the 24 grids of the time. Seduced by the game, Edwin S. Lowe, a New Yorker manufacturer and seller of toys, makes many modifications to it. With the help of math professor Carl Leffler, he brought the number of combinations to 6000, reducing the number of winners to one per game. This is bingo as we know it today.

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