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French Roulette

Return to Player: 97.3%

Volatility: Medium volatility

NetEnt French Roulette Review

Among the roulette variants most popular with players in land-based casinos, French roulette ranks high. At top online casinos, it is offered in different versions by several publishers.

In this article, we offer you a detailed review of NetEnt’s French Roulette; a production masterfully designed by the famous Scandinavian publisher.

Netent Casinos And Roulette Games

Avant-garde, NetEnt is a developer of casino games and a leader in its field among the many providers on the market. Indeed, NetEnt Roulette is one of the best games in the industry and has been steadily adding to its collection for 25 years. Thus, from 2018 to date, its team deploys its expertise to offer you the best online casino games.

It has more than 200 games to its credit, many of which have been very successful since their release on the NetEnt casino roulette sites. To do this, they have been specially designed to offer seasoned enthusiasts a unique experience and the opportunity to win.

 NetEnt French Roulette

Another game from Netent was released in 2014. The name sounds like one of the classic versions of roulette, namely French Roulette. Playing this version of roulette will therefore give you a great experience, especially since it is available in demo mode, which means you can hone your skills before trying to play for real money.

  • Inside bets (by betting on numbers on the table or grid): Straight up, Street bet, Split bet,
  • Multiple outside bets (four-digit, five-digit, and six-digit lines),
  • Additional betting options (sharing).

Presentation and rules of the NetEnt French Roulette

As you will have understood, French Roulette from NetEnt is an online roulette game with RNG adapted from French roulette. As such, it derives, in its form and in its rules, from European roulette. Here, therefore, there is only one zero slot. This gives the casino a moderate advantage.

As for the rules of this version of the game, they are overall very similar to those of any European roulette table. You must indeed bet on the winning number by choosing one of the types of bets available.

In this regard, it must be said that in addition to the common types of bets such as those on a single number, bets on Red / Black, and other classic bets, French Roulette from NetEnt also allows several types of special bets. , such as Red and Black Splits, Orphelins Plein, Final Plein, Final Cheval, and Final Cheval/Plein which offer additional winning opportunities.

One of the other main peculiarities of French Roulette concerns the rules applied when the ball ends its race on the zero slot. These are the La Partage and En Prison rules. The first allows players to recover half of their bet when this situation arises. As for the second, it offers players an additional chance to recover their entire stake in the next round.

You can get more details about the specific rules and special bets of NetEnt French Roulette by clicking on the Help button available at the bottom of the game interface.

Interface and NetEnt French Roulette game environment

We feel the hand of the designers of NetEnt in the design of the interface of this roulette table. Its beautiful 3D graphics allow a certain immersion in the world of the game. The configuration of the table and the cylinder is very pleasant and allows a good overall view of the table. A soundtrack and some sound effects also accompany the parties.

The editor offers the possibility of personalizing the experience by customizing many parameters, such as background music, sound effects, the dealer’s voice, the speed of turns, or even the intro cutscene.

In addition, various tools such as betting history and game statistics can be very useful in decision-making. They are accessible directly on the game interface and are automatically updated after each game.

NetEnt French Roulette Betting levels

On NetEnt’s French Roulette table, it is possible to bet between €0.1 and €5,000 per game. This game is therefore accessible to players of all budgets.

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