NetEnt European Roulette -Free Slot

NetEnt European Roulette

Return to Player: 97.3%

Volatility: Medium volatility

NetEnt European Roulette Review

Discover Netent European Roulette to have fun with this traditional casino game that is a huge hit with players. The atmosphere of the game surpasses the quality of other online roulettes with the presence of a neat setting, intro cutscene, and realistic graphics. The wheel positioned on the top of the screen will spin continuously until you have placed your bets on the bottom carpet. The stakes vary from 1 to 500€ per spin.

The goal is simple, you have to bet on the right number or the right group of numbers, there are several types of bets, the best known of which are simple odds (Red/Black, Miss/Pass, Even/Odd) and betting. on a full number that pays 35 to 1. The game is designed so that your game is as smooth as possible, so you will find on the right side the hot and cold numbers which tell you which are out most often and which are that we haven’t seen for the longest time.

This help is completed with the statistics tab which shows the percentage of red/black and even/odd. Another tab allows you to see your favorite bets and thus reproduce them in-game, you can save your favorite bets to find them at any time during the game.

To further improve the player’s experience, you will find customizable game options such as the sound volume of the dealer, background music, and sound effects in order to personalize all this, you will have 5 music to choose the one that suits you best during your game: jazz, funk or groove.

Netent ‘s European Roulette is one of the best online roulette games thanks to its modern animations that completely change the quality of your game. All you have to do is a train in free mode for this casino game to discover the different bets and their remuneration! You can find NetEnt European Roulette in real money at our partner online casino.

Play NetEnt European Roulette For Free Without Downloading Or Registering

At, you have access to the best free virtual roulette variants that you can play for free. These include free NetEnt European roulette and American and French versions where you can practice the rules and try out new betting strategies at the best casino sites. The most interesting thing is that these titles are offered in an instant format. No need to download any software before spending time on it. So, just load them directly on any browser to play.

With our free NetEnt European roulette games without downloading, it is also not necessary to register before fully living your passion. Basically, you have the chance to have fun for free without registration and without downloading from our platform. And when you’re ready to try your luck at great online sites and win real money prizes, just use our exclusive bonuses. Indeed, we provide you with matching offers to help you get started in live casinos.

History And Origins

Some argue that roulette was brought from China by Dominican monks. All the great historians agree, however, that the famous French mathematician Blaise Pascalis the inventor of the modern version. While the game was played with 38 numbers at the beginning of the 19th century, the brothers Louis and François Blanc will change things and removed the double zero box. This format was instantly a resounding success as this box seemed to give the French free roulette casino a bigger advantage…

Around 1860, free electronic roulette will increase in popularity in Monaco under the impulse of the sovereign prince Charles III. At the same time, French immigrants introduced the game to the United States. Determined to toughen things up, some Americans had the ingenuity to add the double zero box which gives rise to the so-called “American” version.

The end of the 20th century marked the advent of online casinos. It all started in 1995 when Microgaming launched the first live site offering free NetEnt European roulette games without registration. Over the years, other versions of the game will appear, including the live casino version.

Learn To Play Free NetEnt European Roulette Online

Before betting real money, it is important that you learn how to play and have a good free casino roulette method. The good news is that playing free NetEnt European roulette is very easy to pick up. You don’t have to master complex game strategies before you can profit from them live. You just have to guess where the ball will land to win.

However, the wide variety of bets and wide range of payouts can sometimes be confusing for novices. However, they can count on our expertise to get off to a good start on roulette without registration.

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