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NetEnt Classic Blackjack

Return to Player: 99.59%

Volatility: Medium volatility

NetEnt Classic Blackjack Review

Released in 2015, the NetEnt classic blackjack game developed by this iconic online casino software provider, invites you to join the experience of a classic casino game in its most accessible form. Slide your chips across the game mat while listening to this melody played on the jazz piano and discover without further delay this incredible game in all its simplicity. Netent classic blackjack has the advantage of offering 3 hands at the same time.

NetEnt Classic Blackjack is a traditional game that will appeal to players for many generations to come; now it is up to you to get started. The publisher Netent has gathered in this online blackjack game the essentials to allow you to play in the best conditions.

So if we had to sum up in one sentence what you have to do is decide, Hit or Stand? Now if we look a little more into the details, here is how the game unfolds. The first thing to do will be to choose your bet, place your bet by selecting the chips, and then click on one of the slots.

Click on Deal to receive your cards, the objective is to get as close as possible to 21 without ever exceeding it. When you receive your first 2 cards, it will be possible to draw an additional one (Hit) or to stop there (Stand), it will also sometimes be possible to double or split your game. Blackjack pays 3:2, if you win, you will receive 1:1, same for the case of a tie.

We recommend that you take a look at the complete blackjack rules, so you can train in demo mode and get ready to play like a pro in a real casino!

This game has the advantage of offering players an RTP of 99.59% if you develop the right strategy, so take the time to refine your technique in order to hope to win the maximum gain!

Find the sensations of NetEnt Classic Blackjack!

With this online Blackjack game, NetEnt offers a simple, modern, and very fun version of one of the greatest classics of traditional online casino games. Compete against up to 3 players simultaneously in this amazing online casino game.

This Blackjack offers an impressive return rate (99.59%), so you can see the potential winnings at each turn, pretty cool, isn’t it?

NetEnt Classic Blackjack a traditional casino game revisited

Benefiting from a modern interface, suitable for all types of screens (smartphone, tablet, PC, etc.), you can enjoy fluid gameplay so that you can focus only on the most important thing: the game!

Back to basics: NetEnt Classic Blackjack!

Netent offers you only two types of games here: classic or with a branded background. No more Blackjacks with a complex, overloaded design that disturbs you and prevents you from concentrating on the game. This is very effective and we must admit that the games we played were all very pleasant.

Find all our tips for winning at online Blackjack in our dedicated section.

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