Blackjack Winners

The craziest big blackjack winners ever

The online blackjack is a casino game of the most popular on the planet. However, how to explain that a simple deck of cards could have made so many followers around the world?

It is however very simple, although presented as a game of chance, it can be mastered thanks to multiple mathematical strategies. This is the reason why millions of players try to win big every day at the blackjack tables of land and virtual casinos.

Indeed, even if many people play, above all, out of passion, they never lose sight of their main objective: to be on the list of blackjack winners and make as much money of the game. The earnings amounts can sometimes reach absolutely considerable sums, as we will discover in this article.

Blackjack Winners

Blackjack Winners: Kerry Packer's feat

Kerry Packer, an Australian media mogul, holds the world record for the biggest blackjack winner ever. Indeed, the man already multi-billionaire thanks to his prestigious media empire, making him the richest man in Australia, will win more than 20 million dollars, in a single game, at the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas in 1995 . to achieve such a feat, the legend he would have played in eight games simultaneously on different tables. Delighted to have won this amazing jackpot, Packer offered a tip of a million dollars to dealers.

However, Kerry Packer has not always been so lucky, since some sources report that he lost $ 20 million at the Bellagio in Las Vegas and $ 19 million at the Ritz Club. However, with a bankroll as high as his own, Packer had far more resources than most players to beat the croupiers of the most prestigious American casinos.

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Blackjack Winners: The incredible story of Don Johnson

In 2011, an American blackjack player rocked Atlantic City gambling establishments. Originally from Pennsylvania, the man became known as Don Johnson, as the famous actor in the series, Two cops in Miami, and introduced himself as the president and CEO of a horse racing betting software company. In just 6 months, Don Johnson pocketed over $ 15 million in blackjack. Very clever, the man changed casinos several times to win this record sum. 

He first won $ 4 million at Caesars in Atlantic City, then $ 5 million more at the famous Borgata, and that, in just two nights. However, the city’s casinos were not at the end of their surprise, since a few weeks later, the player pocketed the tidy sum of $ 5.8 to the Tropicana, in just 12 hours of play. The establishment thus recorded a record of losses, and the manager, Mark Giannantonio, was dismissed shortly after.

Asked by television and the American press about his incredible gains, Johnson always claimed to have never used a card counting method to pocket these huge sums. Indeed, the player explains that his main asset was to have a very substantial bankroll. According to him, most players lose over the long term because they do not have the funds to continue betting. The millionaire points out, however, that good mathematical knowledge is necessary to win so much money in blackjack.

However, Don Johnson has not always had as good a chance at blackjack. Indeed, the player began his experience at the gaming tables 15 years ago. It was around this time that Johnson developed a very aggressive game strategy of betting ever-larger sums of money on each hand. The player went from $ 25 bets to $ 100,000 bets. The casinos even offered him discounts on his losses, in order to encourage him to continue betting such sums. They must bite their fingers today!


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