How to Cheat at Roulette Live?

[SERIOUS] How to CHEAT at a live multiplayer roulette?

This article does not need to be very long because the mechanism is SIMPLE. But like all the great inventions, still, someone had to think about it… This method starts to be a little aging, many casinos have found a solution to counter you. However, you will find a list of possible improvements to get (AGAIN) through the cracks.

How to Cheat at Roulette Live

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Simplified explanation to understand the basic mechanics of Cheat at Roulette:

First, there must be a minimum of two players.

Each accomplice must have the same balance (same deposit, and same bonus). Ideally, take a welcome bonus with little or no wagering requirements.

Once, the balances of the two players are fed, meet on a multiplayer roulette table.

Once installed, coordinate to bet the reverse of each other on the table.

For EXAMPLE, player 1 bets ALL on RED, player 2 bets ALL on BLACK. Both players bet their respective balances in full.

The idea is to transfer one of the scales to the other scale by emptying it completely for the benefit of the second player. Once the transfer is made, the bonus with one player becomes cash with the other player.

To understand easily, let’s take the example of the RED / BLACK setting

As a reminder, this bet pays 1: 2 (doubles the winning bet) on roulette. Here is the Wikipedia page to review the roulette rules and here you will find how to play roulette on

Here is the layout of the players:

Player 1 has the following balance:

Balance € 200 = € 100 Cash + € 100 Bonus

Player 2 has the following balance:

Balance € 200 = € 100 Cash + € 100 Bonus

Player 1 bets everything on BLACK, player 2 bets everything on RED. Whatever the result (except zero) one will LOSE and the other will WIN.

In our example, let’s say red comes out! So, therefore:

Player 2 wins. His new balance is as follows = 200 € x 2 = 400 €

Player 1 loses. His new scale is as follows: 0 €

To calculate the profit, we take the € 400 of player 2 from which we withdraw the deposits of both players, i.e. € 200 cumulative deposit (€ 100 + € 100). Then the bonus amount is also deduced because the bonus cannot be withdrawn.

By taking the calculator, it makes:

€ 400

– € 100 (player 1 deposit)

– € 100 (player 2 deposit)

– €  100 (player 2 bonus)

= 100 € profit

The bonus of player 1 no longer interests us since his balance is 0 €. In a way, we can say that his BONUS turned into CASH by landing on the scales of player 2.

Assessment of the operation of cheat at roulette:

The two players can share € 100 profit:  50 € profit per person. This technique can work anywhere with live roulette as long as you maintain asymmetry between you and your accomplice. One always bets the opposite of the other. And vice versa.

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BASIC PROBLEMS / SOLUTIONS of How to Cheat at Roulette

If it’s easy to understand, it’s much harder to set up. Let’s see the non-exhaustive list of problems that could stop you. This list is accompanied by a proposed solution.

The zero problem (solution):

Yes, zero is a dangerous problem because players put all of their bets at once. Zero can explode your gaming system.  It is therefore wise to bet a fraction of your total bets on zero.

If you are hedging $ 100 on the table, it’s a good idea to bet $ 2 or $ 3 on zero. So, if you get a zero, you get pretty much your bet back. Add another € 1 or € 2 more on the zero to cover the payout that was promised by your betting system. Zero coverage is your insurance.

Zero pays 35 times the stake. To calculate the stake to be placed on zero, all you have to do is divide the sum of your balances by 36.

The problem of sticky bonuses and wagers (solution):

Once the operation is completed, the fact remains that you still need to be able to withdraw your winnings.

If you play with a sticky bonus and/or a wagering bonus, you are going to be stuck for a long time while you meet the withdrawal requirements. Along the way, your beautiful scale might even melt like snow in the sun on a hot day.

The best solution is to conduct the operation with a player who is playing without a bonus. (Why not a third player?)

Then to arrange (somehow) so that the player with the bonus is the player who empties his balance for the benefit of the player without the bonus. Thus, when crossing the border, the bonus will be transformed into withdrawable cash.

BE CAREFUL, the emptying can also occur in the wrong direction: the balance without bonus empties mainly towards the balance with bonus. The cash will turn into a non-withdrawable bonus. It is the worst poison.

While waiting for the wind to blow in the right direction, don’t play too big.

Also, you don’t need to completely empty the bonus balance. Emptying it three-quarters or even half may be enough to guarantee a profit. This is especially true if it is a big bonus (150%, 200%, and more).

The biggest difficulty is that this kind of operation can sometimes drag on for too long. And, as you can guess, the longer you play, the more chance zero has to come out. Even if you cover zero with $ 1 or $ 2 for each spin, it can quickly end up costing you and eating away at your profit.

This second technique, which is as imperfect as it is risky, is the only one that allows bonuses to be transformed into cash. Every euro of bonus money that passes through the correct side of the barrier becomes WITHDRAWABLE cash.

Don’t be greedy and remember to stop when it’s enough. Is 20 € enough for you? Good question!

The accomplice’s problem (solution):

You have to have confidence in your accomplice because it is possible that all the money will fall on his side (or yours) depending on the outcome of the operation. Do not do that with the first puppet you meet on the networks.

Your accomplice will have to transfer the money to you once the operation is complete (withdrawal validated) to finance a new raid on the casino. If you mount several commandos per week, the cash flow can quickly become substantial; your guy shouldn’t be running with the cash.

The best solution may be to play alone but on two computers (or smartphones) simultaneously.

BE CAREFUL however to be able to place all the bets within the allotted time (often less than 30 seconds).

BE CAREFUL also to have 2 different connection IP addresses. We do NOT recommend this solution. It is very likely that the KYC (Know Your Customer) will block you at the time of account verification.

The maximum stake problem (solution):

As if the wager problem weren’t enough, most casinos impose a maximum bet allowed when you play with the bonus on the scale.

This maximum bet is often very low: € 5 or € 10.

The only solution will surely be to repeat it a significant number of times before you can fully siphon off your partner’s scale. It is not a question of wagering the whole balance (cancellation of winnings and deposits by the casino) at once, but by small touches, hoping that the transfer will be done quickly.

It used to work, but today it’s over.  Casinos have gotten smart.

Yes, that’s probably true.

By the time you read this article, it is surely almost certain that the casinos have already found the solution to counter you. Worse, some not very legal casinos will take the opportunity to freeze all of your deposits for non-compliance with T&C (game regulations).

Today’s security algorithms are (MUCH) smarter than you. Yet in a not-so-distant time when the word algorithm was only a neologism still unknown, the tables of roulettes were real sieves for the SMART players.

Today (almost systematically) the tables block access to players with a bonus on the balance.

Secondly, robots analyze in a very deep and transversal way all the bets of the table. Even on a busy live table (evenings and weekends), it is highly possible that the robot will detect your symmetrical play.

So, on that side, the chance of getting caught is high.

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