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Traditional and above all conservative, Indonesia is a beautiful country. It is one of the few that apply Muslim law in its governance, a normal thing since 98% of its population are practitioners of this religion. So, just as Muslim law prohibits these worshipers from drinking alcohol, gambling at Indonesia online casinos is also prohibited statewide.

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Indonesia Online Casinos are illegal. Previously, there was a national lottery that was under state control. Reprimanded by the population itself, the Government has adopted a law that prohibits all gambling and the lottery has been abolished.

Whether it’s casinos, which are already mostly illegal, or online games like online slots, all are prohibited by Indonesian law. Foreigner or resident, the imposed settlement is no exception. In addition, upon arrival at the airport, tourists are searched. This inspection even targets mobile phones to discourage those who play online games via their mobile.

Best Indonesia Online Casinos

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