Addiction to Scratch Cards

Gambling addiction represents an unfortunately large percentage of gamers. And scratch cards are no exception! Indeed, if the financial consequences of such dependence are generally less important than those due to slot machines or even table games because of the small amounts involved, they are nonetheless disastrous for family and social life. or professional of the player who suffers from it. In this article, we will try to learn more about the factors that lead some players to fall into addiction.

Addiction to scratch cards

When tobacconists don't respect the law

Scratch games are a gambling game that has the singularity of being easily available. Indeed, if land-based casinos take the time to verify the identity of players before accepting them on the premises of the establishment, tobacconists are much less careful when it comes to selling a scratch card. Indeed, I myself have already been able to get a scratching ticket in a tobacco shop when I was a minor. 

Tobacconists, therefore, do not respect the law which prohibits the sale of gambling games to those under the age of 18. Indeed, many unscrupulous sellers turn a blind eye to this criterion. With such an attitude, tobacconists expose young players to addiction, which is very serious.

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How to protect oneself from addiction to scratch cards?

Fortunately, not all scratch card fans are addicted to gambling! Indeed, most players know perfectly well how to control themselves and limit their risk of loss by avoiding reckless spending! Because this is the trap of scratch games! Indeed, their low prices often push players to buy several and more regularly in order to put all the probabilities on their side of winning. So, in the end, the bill can be extremely salty! So, if you want to avoid addiction to scratch cards, we strongly advise you to limit your expenses. 

Stick to a monthly or weekly budget and stick to it at all costs! In addition, always keep in mind that scratch cards are, above all, a game, and your chances of winning will depend entirely on chance. So, you should never view scratch cards as a way to ensure regular income.

If you already show some signs of gambling addiction, we strongly recommend that you never try the online scratch games experience! Indeed, if the virtual scratch cards are very practical for their accessibility, this same factor could be very dangerous for the dependent players! So, if you think you are prone to gambling addiction, it is best to continue scratching at your tobacconist.

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