The Biggest Winnings at Scratch Cards Games

Winnings at Scratch Cards Games: While lucky lottery winners often make regional or national headlines with their huge pocket winnings, scratch card winners get less publicity. However, the latter sometimes stir the press with their magnificent poker move by winning very good sums thanks to very small bets. We have chosen to share with you the beautiful story of 4 lucky players who were able to win big thanks to the European scratch games.

Winnings at Scratch Cards Games

5 euros in stakes for 500,000 € pocketed!

A regular at a newsagent in the Montaudran district in Toulouse made the regional press happy for a few days. The latter managed to win the sum of € 500,000 by scratching the famous Cash® scratch ticket sold at € 5 each. Thanks to his colossal gain, the latter has just signed the record for the largest sum distributed thanks to the scratch games of the European Scratch Card game in the tobacco press.

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Gains that will crescendo

In July 2014, an inhabitant of Poitiers (France) sees his destiny change by pocketing the sum of one million euros. The player who used to buy the Cash® and Millionnaire® scratch cards every time he visited the tobacconist really had the happiest day of his life! As usual, he goes to the newsagent to buy his traditional tickets.

Having won nothing, he then returned to buy a third ticket. He discovered 3 stars on the box, which means that the stake was over € 5,000! By scanning the ticket code with his smartphone, he is then redirected to the European website. He then discovers a wheel of fortune which begins to spin on the screen and which stops at the record sum: 1,000,000 euros!

€ 500,000 for a new house!

The Cash® ticket definitely makes many people happy. On February 12, 2015, he succeeded in an inhabitant of Mordelles, a town in the west of France, since he managed to pocket a very nice check for € 500,000! The man who bought the winning ticket at Le Triskell bar wished to remain anonymous. He did say he was going to use the money to buy a house with a swimming pool. Hopefully, the lucky winner has since been able to fulfill his dream.

Boooaaaaaal! € 2,000 in my pocket!

This time it is the Goal scratch game’s turn to be talked about! It is thanks to the latter that a player from Piré-Sur-Seiche won the sum of 2,000 euros in 2012. Even if the sum may seem somewhat modest, it is very honorable when we know that a Goal® ticket costs only one euro. In short, a very good investment!

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