Deuces Wild

Learn everything about Deuces Wild step by step and become an ace of this video poker variant

The video poker takes more and more scale thanks to the popularity of poker. If the two games have only one thing in common, that of winning the game with a winning combination, they are however radically different. 

Often, video poker serves as a “recreation” for online and table poker players. No need for psychology, a strategy is enough. There are several major variants of video poker. One of them is the Deuces Wild. We decided to devote a full article to it so that you become a real pro on these machines!

If you are an avid slot machine player, you are expected to know that there are ‘wild’ symbols that substitute for other symbols on a pay-line to form a winning combination. If you play Deuces Wild, you will notice that these are the two that appear as ‘wild’ cards in this variant of video poker that is both funny and exciting.

Furthermore, if you understand Video Poker from the perspective of a classic poker player, know that the best way to describe the role of the 2 at Deuces Wild is to assimilate them to jokers. In place of the conventional joker (as in Joker Poker), you can use both of the deck to replace them with any card to make the best possible hand.

Deuces Wild -video poker

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How to play Deuces Wild?

Let's start with a point on how the game works: the general rules of Deuces Wild poker

What makes Deuces Wild so special? The answer is (almost) in the name Deuces Wild variant video poker… Indeed, Deuces indicates the card “2”. If you know slot machines, 2 is a kind of “wild” symbol for video poker.

For players who are not familiar with how slot machines work, we will describe 2 in Deuces Wild video poker a bit like a joker. It replaces all other cards. For example, if you have drawn three kings and you are missing one to make a square, a 2 will replace this missing king and you will win the combination. Royal isn’t it?

The rest of the game takes place as on the basic machine: you place your initial bet and swap your cards to obtain combinations as high as possible, like the flush or better yet, the royal flush …

In reality, the game is fairly simple to master. If you have already participated in a game of Jacks or Better (the conventional version of video poker ), there is a good chance that you will understand the principle of Deuces Wild in less time than it takes to say it.

However, there are a few things to take into account before you run wild on this game, including the paytable! This is how a classic part of Deuces Wild looks: 

1. Make sure you have the necessary funds in the player account of your online casino;

2. Define the amount you wish to bet when you start your game of Deuces Wild;

3. Click on the ‘Deal Cards’ button that appears on your screen and carefully view your hand;

4. Select the cards you want to get rid of and click on ‘Deal Cards’ again to replace them to form a new hand. 

You don’t have to worry about ‘registering’ a winning hand since the software will automatically determine the power of your hand without any effort. For example, it will transform a 2 into a 10, a jack, a queen, a king or an ace to automatically constitute a royal flush. The same goes for any other winning combination. 

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The different pay tables at Deuces Wild

The advantage that the player has by having 4 ‘wild’ cards in the game is obviously enormous. For this purpose, you will not fail to note that the payout table is somewhat different from the traditional Jacks or Better. Besides, single pairs (and even double pairs) will not bring you anything at all. The pay scale starts from the set (just that!) With a simple payout. The natural royal flush is the most powerful hand in the game. In the second position, we find the hand made up of the four 2s.

Hand obtainedPayout
Natural Royal Flush Royalx 800
Four 2x 200
5 identical cardsx 25
Royal Flush with 2x 15
Straight flushx 9
Squarex 5
Fullx 3
Colorx 2
Afterx 2
Setx 1

Abnormally low earnings?

Do not hesitate to contact the online casino in which you have chosen to play to find out the paytable associated with the game of Deuces Wild. Indeed, it is likely to vary significantly from one casino to another. At first glance, the payouts to Deuces Wild seem somewhat lower than to Jacks or Better or any other video poker game.

This is so because it is common to see a 2 ‘wild’ appear in his game and to convert it to form a winning combination. But if you look closely at the paytable, you will see that the payouts of the two variants are almost identical. 

What strategy to adopt at Deuces Wild?

How you act will depend entirely on the number of 2 ‘wild’ you will get in your game. Remember that you must absolutely have a set (or any other combination of higher rank) to get a payout. So play so that it is the most profitable for you. Since the 2 are the most important cards of this variant of video poker, keep your 2 imperatively if you come to get one! Your actions will depend on the number of 2 you get in your initial hand:

None 2

If you did not get a 2, everything will depend on the 5 cards received. If there is absolutely nothing you can do, it is best to draw 5 new cards. Otherwise, keep everything you can use to make a winning combination (a pair, a set, a square …) and replace the cards that are of no use to you. 

A 2

If you have a 2 but no winning combination in your hand (or cards that could form a winning hand), keep the 2 and draw 4 more cards. 

Two 2

If you have enough to constitute a royal straight flush, a simple straight flush, a square, or even 5 identical cards, it is better to keep your cards. Otherwise, keep your two 2s and draw 3 new cards.

Three 2

If you have enough to make a royal flush or 5 identical cards, keep them. If you have a pair, the three 2s will act like ‘wild’ cards to form 5 identical cards. In all other cases, keep your three 2s and draw 2 more cards. 

Four 2

You are very lucky. Keep them! 🙂

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The Deuces Wild on multi-hand machines

Like many other video poker variants, you can also play in multi-hand mode. You can then be dealt up to 50 hands at a time!

Why use a Deuces Wild poker machine instead of the other variants? Advantages

The big highlight of this variant is the fact that you can play it without really thinking since the replacements of the cards “2” will be done automatically, without you having to calculate anything.

Please note, because the game greatly benefits you with these “Deuces Wild jokers” cards, the payout ratios are considerably lower compared to other video poker games! It is therefore very important to make paytable comparisons between games from different providers to find a video poker game that will benefit you.

What are the tricks to win very quickly at Deuces Wild video poker? Our opinion

To promote your earnings in video poker, there are strategies that you can apply. For example, there is no point in hunting for the highest possible combination. If the cards which are distributed to you at first give hope for a weak combination, keep them, in fact, “one wish is better than two you will have it”. On the other hand, if you have two pairs from the first draw, discard the weakest pair, or take the decision to swap three cards for better winnings.

On the other hand, if you have an early royal flush, do not hesitate to keep them for perhaps winning the jackpot in the second draw. If you have, at the outset, a winning hand and a 2, there is no point in tempting the devil, keep it all.

And, finally, if you are lucky enough to have three 2 cards in the very first draw, especially keep them. Maybe they will turn into a square of two, it’s a very advantageous combination at the Deuces Wild poker machine, unlike its cousin poker. Do not forget that video poker is one of the casino games with the lowest house edge, do not hesitate to use this edge to accumulate a maximum of winnings! Good luck!

Start by getting your hands on free Deuces Wild to ensure more gains

Switching from basic video poker to Deuces Wild poker requires a bit of practice, as the rules vary slightly, as well as the strategies to adopt. As is the case with most casino games, it is therefore recommended to start by playing games in “fun” mode, or free.

You’re in luck, we have included in our toy library – accessible without deposit or registration – free Deuces Wild. Select the game of your choice, launch it in one click, and then start hectic sessions …

How to find a Deuces Wild Casino offering this variant? Going through our magazines of course

Unfortunately, not all online casinos on the market offer this hectic variant among their game library. To ensure that you identify a Deuces Wild casino in no time, we invite you to consult each review we write on online casino operators.

Thanks to these files, you will understand whether the casino operator offers this type of game or not, but also if a Deuces Wild bonus can be used on the platform. A reading which will, therefore, be more than useful…

This exciting variant of video poker is available in online casinos listed on our official list. Click on your favorite casino, open an account there, and start a game of Deuces Wild in stride. 

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