Tens or Better Guide

Tens or Better is a variant of Video Poker that has many similarities to Jacks or Better. The only difference is in size: you will need a pair of 10 at least to get a payout (and not a pair of jacks as in the traditional version). Since it is easier for the player to build a winning hand, the payouts are slightly lower compared to Jacks or Better. That said, you will have more chances of winning something on this variant.
Tens or Better

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How to play Tens or Better?

As its name suggests, Tens or Better is a variant of video poker in which the payouts start from a pair of 10. The goal of this game is to constitute a poker hand whose value is greater than or equal to a pair of jacks. It goes without saying that the payouts will depend on the power of the hand that you have successfully trained. To play Tens or Better, please follow the points listed below to the letter:

1. Log in to your player account or create a new account in one of the online casinos referenced by 4Princes.com;

2. Credit funds to your account using your preferred method of payment;

3. Set the amount you wish to bet at the start of your Tens or Better game;

4. You will see a ‘Deal Cards’ button on your screen. Click on it to start the round. 5 cards will be distributed to you in the process. It will be your initial hand;

5. Examine your 5-card hand properly to determine if it is a strong hand or a weak hand. Now is the time to make the decision that will impact the game. Determine which cards it would be wise to get rid of to make a better hand. To help you make the right decision, see our strategy table;

6. If you think you can make a better one, choose the cards you want to get rid of and click the ‘Deal Cards’ button again to exchange them for new cards.   

7. Once your new cards are dealt and your final hand is obtained, you will be able to find out if you are eligible for a payout or not. You will need to have a pair of 10s minimum to hope to win. If, for example, you only have a pair of 7s, you will lose the bet you made.

8. If you want to start a new round of Tens or Better, simply click on the ‘Deal Cards’ button again to get five new cards and start the cycle again. 

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The Tens or Better strategy

As with all other video poker variants, your hopes of winning the biggest payouts will depend on your ability to build as strong a poker hand as possible. The strategy to get there has many similarities to that of Jacks or Better. Only a few small differences separate them. We have compiled the different scenarios that you could face when distributing your 5 cards at the start of the game. The decision you need to make depends on the value of the cards in your initial hand. Here is an explanatory table:

First handOptimal strategy
Royal FlushKeep all your cards
Straight flushKeep all your cards
SquareKeep all your cards
FullKeep all your cards
4 cards that can lead to a royal flushDraw a card
ColorKeep all your cards
SetDraw two cards
AfterKeep all your cards
4 cards that could lead to a straight flushDraw a card
Two pairsDraw a card
High pairDraw three cards
3 cards that can lead to a royal flushDraw two cards
4 cards that could lead to a straight flushDraw a card
Low pairDraw three cards
4 cards that can lead to a sequenceDraw a card
3 cards that could lead to a straight flushDraw two cards
2 cards that can lead to a royal flushDraw three cards
2 powerful cardsDraw three cards
Powerful cardDraw four cards
5 independent cardsDraw five new cards

Payments of Tens or Better

The rewards are practically identical to those of Jacks or Better. Only the fulls, the colors and the royal flushes show slightly lower payouts than those of Jacks or Better. Note also that the payout table starts from the pair of 10s (this is the least powerful winning combination). Although the table below is generally standardized for most Tens or Better games available online, it is always a good idea to look at the table in the online casino you are playing in to see if it has any noticeable differences.

Hand obtainedPayout
Royal Flushx 500
Straight flushx 50
Squarex 25
Full   x 6
Color   x 5
After   x 4
Set   x 3
Double pair   x 2
Pair of kings or aces   x 1

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Double with Tens or Better

In some online casinos, you will have the opportunity to double your winnings. How it works ? If you win a hand and want to try to double your winnings, 5 new cards will appear on the screen. The first card (the dealer’s card) will be face up. The remaining four cards will be face down. You will have to choose one of them. If the value of the card you have selected is greater than that of the dealer, you will double your original winnings. In the event of a tie, you can abandon the game (and recover your winnings) or try to double again. If the dealer’s card value is higher than yours, you lose your winnings. Some online casinos will even allow you to bet only half of your winnings. So, whatever happens, you can put half of your earnings in safety in case things don’t work out to your advantage.

Play Tens or Better at the best online casinos!

If you are looking for a video poker variant that offers the greatest number of winning combinations, Tens or Better is definitely for you. Choose an online casino to register in and start the game!

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