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Blackjack Strategy to Earn More Money

Welcome to this section of online blackjack strategy which, we are sure, will interest more than one!

While you are impatient to start your first game of blackjack on the internet, we would like to hold your attention for a few minutes. Indeed, we are revealing all the tips for learning blackjack strategy. Either way, you can increase your chances of winning by mastering those techniques. Take the opportunity to develop your assets at your own pace!

Indeed, the following articles are devoted to the strategies that you can use in blackjack in order to win on a regular basis.

Blackjack Strategy

Basic blackjack strategy

The basic blackjack strategy is as its name suggests, the strategy that you must absolutely learn first because it will be “at the base” of all the others, so you cannot ignore it. What is really great about this strategy is that from the first moves you make with it, you will immediately feel that you are taking control of the game, of course, it takes time to adapt but quickly you will know it.

What will you discover in our article on basic strategy?

  • A video to understand the basic strategy;
  • The basic blackjack strategy table;
  • The basic strategy table surrender.

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Card counting

Once you have completely mastered the basic strategy, you will naturally go towards a blackjack strategy to count cards but beware, do not think that this is as simple to learn, it requires even more practice and therefore you will have to be very brave to overcome it. On the other hand, if you manage to use it to perfection, then, in this case, you will potentially be able to make thousands of euros quite quickly.

What awaits you on the card counting page?

  • An explanatory video to learn in 5 minutes;
  • The detailed technique for success without fail;
  • Mobile casino apps to help you.

True count & hi-low

For those who are hungry for precision, the true count will be the ultimate blackjack strategy to know, not very difficult to set up, it can greatly refine your card counting and if it becomes more precise, it is obvious that you will have an even better chance of beating the dealer. Hi-low will be yet another counting technique that will make your life easier. It’s up to you to decide which one you prefer to set up.

What you will know by consulting the true count & hi-low page:

  • Original advice for counting your cards;
  • The real hi-low method explained;
  • How to set up the two methods.

Divide, double, surrender blackjack strategy

In blackjack strategy, you must perform actions during the game and these can be varied. Among them, you will find “split”, “double down” and “surrender”. We wanted to make an article on these three actions because for some, it would seem that it is not a good decision to take. Convinced? Wait for the rest of our article.

The page “divide, double, surrender” awaits you with a lot of information:

  • A description of the split action;
  • A description of the doubling down action;
  • A description of the surrender action;

The blackjack strategy insurance issue

In blackjack strategy, you know that you have the option of choosing insurance in the event that the bank has an ace in its initial hand, which could, therefore, lead it to have a natural blackjack. If you want to avoid being tricked, then you can take out insurance against this possible natural blackjack. Learn all about insurance in our specialized article.

To find out more about insurance, see the special page and you will find:

  • The operation of insurance;
  • A concrete example to master the insurance principle;
  • Our verdict on the use of insurance.

Watch out for bad blackjack strategy

If you walk around the net, looking for a new blackjack strategy, you may come across some rather wacky texts that sometimes promise you mountains and wonders by applying fairly approximate strategies. For you, we have gone through the strategies considered to be bad.

Following our advice and avoiding bad strategies, here are some stories that could happen to you:

  • The wildest wins ever;
  • Kerry Packer’s feat;
  • The crazy story of Don Johnson.

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Free mode training

If you want to succeed in blackjack strategy, you have to train and what better than the free mode of an online casino to put into practice the theory that we teach you? So if you lack information on this game mode for blackjack, read our article and let yourself be convinced by the pleasure of a free game.

  • Here is what awaits you on our free training page:
  • A toy library consisting of free computer games;
  • A free games library for smartphones;

The advantages of free games.

Tips to implement

Finally, to finish our section on blackjack strategy, we decided to communicate to you each blackjack tip that can be used easily and that can put you in the ideal situation to win. Of course, these tips do not replace the strategies that you have had the chance to study before. What you will learn by consulting the page of tips to set up:
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