Blackjack Insurance

Should you opt for blackjack insurance against the dealer? 5 misconceptions about Blackjack Insurance

You are surely starting to get to know the online blackjack casino game well. You should know that it is one of the most profitable casino games. In order to become a true champion of the famous game, we advise you to master the different strategies to win the jackpot. Among the actions to be implemented, there is the possibility of taking blackjack insurance or not. But what exactly is blackjack insurance? We detail one of the essential points by providing you with answers in this article.

Blackjack Insurance

In the full game, you can take out insurance. But what is blackjack insurance?

The term “blackjack insurance” designates a paid option that allows the player to be immunized in the event of a victory on the part of the dealer, and more particularly in the case of an Ace-Jack hand, which constitutes the strongest hand. This option is nonetheless chargeable in the sense that the player will have to invest half of his initial bet to contract the blackjack insurance bet.

This feature of the table game is present on the games of “free online blackjack”, but also on most of the Best Online Casinos. Moreover, if you are not yet sure of having the capacity to play a “blackjack insurance”, we advise you to play free blackjack online, thanks to the fun mode or the demo mode of a website online gambling.

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How blackjack insurance works, analyze & understand the rules

  • The player should absolutely not take out blackjack insurance at any time. Indeed, he must use this option only when there is danger, for example when the dealer draws a Jack or an Ace.
  • To tell the dealer that he chooses to take out insurance, the player must pay the bank half of his stake. Insurance, therefore, has a relatively high cost.
  • From the moment the dealer makes a Blackjack, the player loses his initial bet, but the value of his insurance is however immediately refunded. In the end, the player gains nothing but loses nothing either.
  • When the dealer does not score 21 and the player wins the game, the latter then loses the amount he had invested in insurance but nevertheless pockets his initial bet.
  • When the croupier does not again do Blackjack and the player loses the stroke, the latter loses at that time the insurance and his bet. This is the worst situation since he loses all that he has deposited on the blackjack table.

Some additional explanations on blackjack insurance to adapt your strategy

Insurance is protection against an opposing Blackjack. But be aware that the dealer, even if he is in possession of an Ace or a Jack, has only one chance in ten to draw the additional card.

It is important to consider the value of blackjack cards. In truth, sixteen cards have a value of 10 (the 10 itself, the Jack, the Queen, the King, all represented by four different colors). The remaining 36 cards have a value other than 10. The odds of drawing a 10 are therefore 30.77%. The player will only be remunerated by opting for an “Advantage” (the ratio applied is 2 to 1). The casino has a fairly large advantage!

To simplify things concerning the blackjack insurance bet here is a concrete example

According to the statistics, the player has a 30.77% chance of winning on his Insurance bet, which leaves us with a 69.23% chance of this bet losing. Out of a hundred attempts, the player risks losing more than he wins in the long term. Let’s say that the amount to invest in blackjack insurance is € 5.



Net Earnings

Calculation of earnings30.77 x (€ 5 x2)+ € 307.70
Calculation of losses69.23 x (€ 5)– € 346.15
Calculation of net profit(- € 356.15) – (€ 307.70)– € 38.45


To conclude, taking out blackjack insurance is often too risky and is not to your advantage.

When you decide to take out Insurance, your choice must be carefully considered. Your intuition may guide you towards this choice, but whatever happens, make sure you have the means necessary to make this double-edged gamble. Despite appearances, blackjack insurance is a very risky bet. Our examples show that betting on Insurance means taking the risk of losing money in the long term.

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Reminder: blackjack insurance or not, it is much more interesting to play blackjack online

We remind you all the time, but it is really more profitable to play in an online casino for example, or on one of the best online gambling sites than to play blackjack in a land-based casino. Regarding blackjack, you will be able to develop your basic blackjack strategy through free games, strictly reserved for players on the web. With free blackjack, you will be able to test this insurance function, but also place bets that you might not have attempted in a land-based casino, thanks to different game tables open to all, whatever the players level.

In addition, a gambling site allows you to benefit from many advantageous casino bonuses. From the welcome offer to the win multiplier, including free spin or the no deposit bonus, each player will have the opportunity to increase their chances of winning the jackpot!

Finally, you should know that the platforms are making real efforts to improve your comfort, as well as your playability. For example, you can discover live blackjack games (live games), in which you will be face-to-face with a real dealer, visible in streaming video. In addition, game publishers and the giants of the iGaming industry bend over backward to offer you 3D games, flash games, as well as games with breathtaking graphics and design! You will be able to take advantage in particular of online blackjack games from Microgaming, Yggdrasil, Playtech, NextGen, NetEnt, BetSoft, or 1X2 Gaming.

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