How to choose the best location at a blackjack table? Our answer

There are many online casino blackjack strategies that allow certain players to maximize their chances of winning. Unfortunately, these strategies are often extremely complicated to master and require countless hours of training. 

However, according to some players, the strategy is not only based on the art of counting cards. Indeed, your location on a blackjack table would also influence your chances of beating the dealer. 

So, before you get started in the extremely complex and tedious learning of card counting, offers you to find the ideal place at a blackjack table.

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What places should absolutely be avoided around a blackjack table? Revelations

A blackjack table has 7 boxes and can be played with a maximum of 7 players. This leaves you the choice between 7 seats around the blackjack table. Under these conditions, how to choose the best location at the blackjack table?

First, be aware that some blackjack players avoid the leftmost place on the table, that is, the place just before the dealer.

Indeed, some players consider that in this place, the player is responsible for the card drawn by the dealer and therefore that he would influence the chances of winning for the whole table.

What would be the best places in a casino blackjack table to favor?

Other players recommend the place exactly in the middle of the blackjack table. In this place, they can use the “front-loading” method, which is to say the tactic which consists in glimpsing the hidden card of the dealer when he places it under his open card.

On this same model, we find the “first basing” and the “third basing”, the method remains the same but from a different angle of view. The “first basing” indicates the first position at the table, that is to say to the right of the dealer and the “third basing” indicates, as for it, the last position, that to the left of the dealer that some players advise against. 

Rather paradoxical, right?

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Know how to choose the best location at the blackjack table? What if it didn't change anything?

It is far-fetched and totally fantastical to think that the place at a blackjack table can influence the chances of winning. Let’s go back, first of all, to our first hypothesis: the place to the left of the dealer would be the place to avoid. Obviously, this is completely false.

Indeed, the player is in no way responsible for the card which will be drawn by the dealer and will therefore not be responsible for the victory or defeat of the blackjack table. The cards are drawn in a shoe after shuffling the game, the order in which the cards are drawn is therefore entirely based on chance.

With regard to our second hypothesis, we would like to qualify it. Indeed, the place in front of, or on each side of the dealer can help you to see the hidden card of the dealer and thus increase your chances of winning, if the dealer makes a mistake when handling his card. And believe us, this is extremely rare.

In conclusion, what should we think of this strategy place to select at the blackjack table?

You will have understood that the myth of the best location at a blackjack table is based on false and relatively unfounded theories. So, wait for no longer until the supposed better place of a table becomes available to be able to start a game of online blackjack, go for it!

Other strategies, on the other hand, could help you earn more, and these are verifiable since they are based on mathematical facts. For example, you can learn the different decisions to prioritize based on your combinations of cards and those of the dealer. To learn more about the techniques that really work, visit our space dedicated to strategies! 

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