How to play keno

How to play keno 2024? zoom on the rules in 5 clear points

Keno is a lottery game that is played in a large number of countries around the world. Also, it is possible that the keno rules and the conduct of this game may vary from one continent to another. Regardless, keno is universally recognized to be inexpensive entertainment. Many players wonder “how does keno work”. Before getting started, it is therefore important to learn in detail how to play keno by exploring each keno rule. Thanks to this guide, you will achieve your goals in an ultra-fast way and you will become a professional keno player!

How to play keno

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Before talking about how to play keno, let's start this article by discussing the different ways of playing

Are you wondering very concretely how to play keno? Know already that you will have a choice between two options. In a business selling grids, the player must go to the Cashier to buy tickets. Tickets may be available for multiple keno sessions, which are referred to as “races” in the jargon.

Once the numbers have been checked, all you have to do is register the grid, and wait for the next draw. In classic gaming establishments, the winning keno draw system is the same as that used for programs that broadcast bingo or lotto in our beautiful country.

If you are betting online, it will only take a few clicks to give you access to the keno game of your choice. You start by registering with the online casino, choosing a keno game, completing your virtual ticket, and launching an immediate draw. You have now got a clear answer regarding the first step of how to play keno. So let’s continue our exploration of the keno rule by moving to the next step.

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How tickets work: understanding and remembering how to play keno is child's play

Let’s move on from this step to a point on the rules of the keno game in terms of grids, boxes, and numbers.

Once in possession of his tickets or grids, the player must tick between four and ten numbers on a ticket. However, how to play keno online? Well, you can go up to 20 numbers per grid!

You should know that in keno, the numbers offered range from 1 to 80. The more numbers you tick, the more chances you have of winning. However, the gains will decrease drastically: we must therefore find a happy medium.

In order to know how to play keno, you have 2 other options to discover, offered by land-based casinos. You can check a box activating your grid on several of the upcoming draws. Interesting so as not to have to replay again.

Finally, you will find a “multiplier” option. To activate, you need to double your stake. An X2, X3, X5, or X10 coefficient will then be chosen at random at the end of the draw and will boost your winnings. A similar option of number jackpots offered to multiply your bankroll is also available on some variants offered online. There you go, you know how to play keno grid!

How to play keno also include automatic number selection and turbo draw options.

The keno rule applied online is often richer than that of hard play. Wondering how to play keno faster? Online casinos have thought of everything.

So they give you an automatic selection option. An online casino’s random number generator randomly selects numbers, so you don’t have to rack your brains to decide.

Usually, the online number draw takes about a minute, in order to mimic the TV version. The more impatient can however shorten this process, by checking the box “Turbo draft”. The winning numbers are thus simply displayed on the screen, and your winnings credited immediately.

Do you want to know how to play keno in terms of bets and disbursements? A clear point

You now know how to play keno and win, but you may be wondering how your winnings will be structured.

The amount of stakes and the price of game tickets depend on the variants and games selected at the casinos. You must therefore start by consulting the table of keno payouts.

Unlike the hard version for which the minimum bet is € 1, a few cents are generally sufficient to be able to indulge in keno on the Internet. Namely that it is more interesting to play keno online than keno offered in hard. Indeed, on the Internet, keno games offer an attractive payout rate which can even increase depending on whether the player trying his luck bet a lot of money or not.

You now know how to play keno and win: here is a final point on the casino percentages

Online casinos take a commission on winnings generated by the player. Called “house advantage”, this commission can sometimes be as high as 30% depending on the operators. So make sure you can get the best possible payout rate if you want to play keno online.

At this point, you probably want to know how to play keno at a facility with the lowest possible fees. We come to your aid by offering you a set of reviews of the most profitable virtual casino operators. Consult them now to be sure to make the right choice! 

How are the earnings calculated?

As we said above, your winnings are set in advance by the casino. They can therefore be variable depending on the latter. In addition, there is a gain multiplier coefficient ranging from 1 to 10 . You can benefit from it by paying more.

However, the choice of coefficients is also made by drawing lots. The rule is simple, we just multiply the sum he must collect with the coefficient drawn, so, if we have drawn the 1, there will be no surplus gain.

You also have the right to choose the amount of your bet, ranging from 1 to 10 euros. But it is obvious that when you choose to earn more, your chances are very reduced. You, therefore, have the choice between investing more to get rich at a lower chance, or simply playing to win the minimum, for the reimbursement of your grid. It should be noted that the higher your bet, the more your profit will be, in the event that your numbers are drawn.

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How To Play Keno

Some tips and advice on how to play keno and win

Keno is the only game of chance where you can really understand the truth of the following sentence: “Everyone wins”. Indeed, you have a great deal of money to earn, although it is not a lot.

But like any game of chance, there are no surreal techniques that will allow you to choose the right 20 numbers. However, we will still give you some tips and advice that will increase your chances of increasing your winnings.

Participate in the game

To be able to win, you have to start by playing. You have the possibility to play Keno in physical casinos or in online casinos. However, it is also more advantageous to play these with the various advantages that they can offer. Indeed, there are promotional bonuses that allow you to significantly increase your earnings.

If you choose the physical casinos, you only need to buy a Keno sheet to be able to play.

Play running numbers

It is safer to choose numbers that appear often in prints, than numbers that appear infrequently. Indeed, it’s a matter of luck, but you never know!

Moreover, statistical studies even show certain probabilities of the appearance of all the figures.

These are the first two important things to consider. But you will find below the tips based on real observations.

Tip n° 1: find the numbers

Predicting 10 out of 20 numbers seems rather easy and within everyone’s reach, but you still need the right combinations. The ideal technique is to first ensure the correct 4-7 numbers rather than scattering yourself.

Tip n° 2: Alignment Technique

For the numbers, you choose, make each unit the same. Repetition is arguably one of the best methods of gambling. The idea is therefore to make reappear a number having all the same units because the final or second digits tend to be the same after several draws.

To better illustrate the case, here is an example whose final is 4:

4- 14- 24- 34- 44- 54- 64

Tips n° 3: choosing a final

However, you have to know how to match a winning final. Usually, in each draw, the numbers at the same finals can vary from 2 to 3. And exceptionally there can be 4 different finals. To guide you in choosing the finals, therefore, you can use the finals that have not yet been drawn. Then combine with your choice of numbers.

Tips n° 4: optimizing combinations

Following 2 daily draws at the end of the week, almost all the finals are out. To see a little more clearly in the choice of your combination, therefore, it would be strongly advised to put 3 numbers with at least 2 non-identical finals. But you can always choose between a 2 number combination or a 3 number combination which can go up to 14 draws.

Tip n° 5: Using a System

What is a system?

A system is a method where you have to find the correct combination on a grid by a combination of 2 numbers. For example, you can choose a system of 2 tables with 2 numbers, i.e. you will not validate 1 grid with 4 numbers but focus on validating 2 tables with 2 numbers.

What are the reasons for adjusting your combination to a system?

  • First, because your gain is greater
  • Then your chance to win is also multiplied
  • For a system to be successful, you just need to find a correct 2-number combination as we demonstrated above. Moreover, the probability that the system will do better than the combination is more than 56% for a system of 2 grids with 2 numbers mentioned above on 5 draws.

And for the same number of draws, if you still make a combination of 2 numbers, but this time at 5 grid, your odds of winning are 87%. Imagine the potential of your chances if the number of draws is a greater number. Besides, you can use a combination of 2 by changing the number of draws where your chance of winning will increase in parallel. The choice is yours: 5 prints, 10 prints, 14 prints. To increase your chances, nothing beats regularity and consistency in the game without forgetting a taste for risk.

Tip n° 6: reference to zones

The zones will allow you to situate yourself on the combinations to be implemented. Thus, these zones resulting from the forecasts will help you to confirm your pairing of the numbers. It is a monitoring system to help you in the long term and thus improve your technique, find the loopholes.

Tip n° 7: use a reducer system

This is a set of calculations that helps you converge the chosen numbers to an optimal combination according to a database. These will allow you to considerably reduce the choice of your numbers.

Aside from the tips, here are advice to improve the rendering of these tips:

Advice n° 1: Game Mode

As you have seen, choosing the game mode is just as strategic as mixing the right numbers. Compared to the simple multiplier, the x3 multiplier seems to favor your luck in this game.

In addition, your earnings will be exponential, it goes without saying that the small index x3 is not there just by chance.

By choosing your game mode, you can already do a little calculation of your gain if you do not hit the jackpot for example.

Advice N° 2: Win over the long term and observation

After having mixed your numbers well after your little study and according to the draws released, now it is essential to adjust them with a system.

This is what could help you gain in the long run. Certainly, your numbers bring good luck like birthdays, the first job, car number can do the trick instantly.

However, they are not safe and do not follow a long term rationale where you can get lost over time.

Advice n° 3: Go for progressive play

In addition to betting studies, you need to play at the right time to maximize your winnings. For example, knowing the maximum sum recently won and the current prize.

So you just have to follow the evolution of the game or rather the direction of the money, no need to waste time and money in a round where the gain is negligible.

Indeed, it is difficult to win at Keno, even less if you do not follow the trend and the games.

Advice N° 4: Choose the place to play

Keno which is an increasingly popular game , you can play online only in casino houses. Always to make the most of the gain and have more chance of winning, choose the one where the advantage of the host is the least possible.

Moreover, playing on the Net allows you to get more out of it. Indeed, for your earnings, the house usually withdraws 5% as a commission in addition to the benefits which range from around 15% to 30%.

Advice n° 5: Workout

Speaking of online Keno, there is a game mode where you can play in simulation mode i.e. you can play as much as you want without spending a dime. This in order to have the right reflexes and logic to then open a real game session.

Indeed, the chance is not enough in a game, you need the right movements or you can identify a little more the means of combinations and system.

Advice N° 6: Logic Tracking

This trick is to follow a rule, known by the name of “the rule of averages”. 

It is a question of following without fail the results already output and to make the calculations. 

For example, numbers that have not yet appeared have a high chance of appearing at such a time.

How To Play Keno

Advice n° 7: observe statistics

Aside from the rule of averages, you can opt for the reverse route, that is to say, cumulate several results, particularly the figures which are more likely to come out.

Indeed, it is necessary to make work your brain and your memory, because the numbers which come out more frequently are always good to bet.

From this, you can assemble your numbers. Also, it is not uncommon to see consecutive numbers coming out, for example, a 21 followed by 22.

In some cases, the best known was that of 2012 where the consecutive numbers were also complementary. For example, the numbers are 13-15-17-19-21, the next ones will be 14-16-18-20. A theory that doesn’t cost a thing to try to have all the chances.

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