Keno Strategy

Online Keno strategy 2024: the essential elements to maximize your winnings

Keno seems like a very simple game. Indeed, it is composed of 80 balls of which a maximum of 20 are selected. Can we find a keno tip? If you are looking for a Keno strategy, this is where you will find it.

Since its introduction, online keno has carved out a huge reputation within the gaming world. Millions of players around the world have been attracted by the size of its jackpots. While it can be tried out from most land-based casinos, nothing will ever replace the convenience of a game of keno online. If you play keno online, you won’t have to leave the comfort of your armchair and, what’s more, you will have the opportunity to enjoy amazing bonuses! After familiarizing yourself with the rules of how to play keno, the time has come to take note of our strategic advice in this Keno Strategy article.

Keno Strategy

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Yes, it is quite true, like all lottery games, the game of Keno remains, above all, an excellent game of chance , but also, of course, a game where the luck factor is important. Based on this observation, many players think they should not apply any strategy when playing it. It is a mistake on their part. There are indeed various factors to take into consideration to maximize your chances of winning when playing Keno. The clever calculations of the different probabilities almost always make it possible to deduce tendencies that it is very interesting to keep in mind when playing.

Sort out the keno strategy tips: some sites promise you miracles, but not ours

Talking about keno strategy seems ridiculous since all you have to do is pick certain numbers. You do not have the ability to influence the game and really make the designated numbers part of the draw. So you might think that no tactics are possible.

Some players like to try all kinds of combinations in the hope of hitting the jackpot. You can play games that are released often or conversely which are only released rarely. You can also play back-to-back pairs of numbers or just stubbornly play the same card over and over again in the hope that it will one day be drawn. But is it a winning keno strategy? In this article, we disentangle the true from the false to boost your chances of generating profits with one of the valid online keno strategy tips!

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Is limiting the numbers to be played a good keno strategy? Here is an example with 10 numbers

In order to get more winning numbers, players often tend to select the maximum number of checkboxes. But is this an effective technique? Let’s take an example to understand this: you choose 10 numbers.

  • 5 good numbers: 18 €
  • 6 good numbers: 86 €
  • 7 good numbers: 620 €
  • 8 good numbers: 7383 €
  • 9 good numbers: 22,380 €
  • 10 good numbers: 100,000 €

As you can imagine, before you can win the jackpot, you have to wait a little while… But on the other hand, the jackpot is also gigantic: is the match between the two therefore balanced? Let’s look at another example in order to understand it.

Let's test this keno strategy game by observing the opposite example with a more limited numbers

Let us now take the case of a player adopting another keno strategy and choosing to place his bet on 5 betting numbers.

In many casinos, you will only win if you hit at least three of the chosen numbers. To draw five good numbers on a total of twenty numbers, that does not seem very easy … Here are the chances of gains accessible in some online casinos:

  • 3 good numbers: 11 €
  • 4 good numbers: 82 €
  • 5 good numbers 1550 €

In the previous case – where you were playing a lot of different numbers – finding 5 numbers could earn you $ 18. Here, on the other hand, it will be € 1,550 in your pocket … As you can see, it is better to limit the number of boxes checked, because the gains are thus boosted impressively.

In general, we recommend that players limit themselves to 8-10 numbers, in order to avoid hitting only small amounts.

Another keno strategy to win the game: choose variants offering profitable alternatives

Different types of games exist online. Among the best known, you will find options with a multiplier. This means that you invest an additional amount before the draw. Once this is done, a boosted rate is also randomly selected by the machine. The gain multiplies the coefficient, and you can thus earn more money very easily …

Finally, you may be tempted by the huge jackpots offered at some online casinos, especially if you are doing twenty out of twenty. You have certainly already dreamed of leaving victorious with such a challenge, but unfortunately, it stops there: the chances of winning the jackpot in this type of establishment are 0.35000 out of 1. All we can do is, therefore, wish you good luck.

In keno, you access winnings proportional to the stake. So remember to check that the selected version corresponds to an investment level suited to your portfolio. The best way to understand which entertainment to choose is to start playing free casino games. We offer them on our site, to help you make the right choice!

Another winning keno strategy: consult the table of each game & the fees charged by the casinos

As for the rest, keno strategy tips have nothing to do with those specific to poker or blackjack. However, there is a way to maximize your investment returns and have even more fun.

First, make sure you check out the payout table. Also, note that all sites and casinos offer a different paytable. Some are therefore more advantageous than others. Comparing these different lists is already a way to know where you can get the best benefits.

The disbursement rate is also to be taken into account. These are the fees the house takes on each win you generate. They are obviously different from one interface to another. So avoid throwing money down the drain by skilfully selecting your gaming platform.

Always choose a casino offering an advantageous payout table, since, in keno, the ultimate goal is to hit the jackpot. A strategy to win at keno that is infallible? Select your establishment using our reviews of the most profitable sites.

Best US Online Casinos 2024

Before thinking about your own keno strategy, you have to know how many numbers to choose on a keno game

“There must be measure in all things,” said the poet Horace. He was absolutely right about it. It is this maxim that we invite you to consider when playing Keno.

Indeed, you must seek to be between two diametrically opposed ends which are as follows:

* Playing a lot of different numbers amounts, after all, to increasing the probabilities that they will be drawn. But, you will need more correspondence between the numbers in the draw and the numbers that have been chosen for the winnings to be substantial. It can sometimes be long.

* It’s exactly the opposite if you don’t tick a lot of numbers. They will go out less often, but each will earn more. Here, there is no question of making a fortune by proceeding in this way.

In the first situation, it is a big bet, but the losses can follow the same trend. In the second situation, you won’t get a lot of winnings. It’s up to you to meditate on this dilemma and choose the trend that suits you best.

We believe it is the “golden mean” rule that should apply here. However, each player remains the sole master of his own decisions.

When it comes to which numbers are better to play than others in a game of Keno, no method really prevails among Keno players, even the most experienced. Everyone has their fetishes and cursed numbers. Only personal experience comes into play here.

Keno Strategy: Winning Odds in Keno

The key to winning big and to bring home the seven-figure top prize offered in many Keno games is to play for 20 numbers and nail all of them. So, the question is: how likely is this to happen?

What are the chances you will hit all the 20 numbers?

Theoretically, you have more chances to win at Roulette by throwing your chips on the table while blindfolded than to hit 20 numbers and win the jackpot in Keno.

But you don’t need to play all the 20 numbers, do you?

If the 20-spot ticket isn’t going to be included in our games for obvious reasons, let’s see what happens when you play Keno with a 6-spot ticket.

Your winning chances increase:

00.166021 in 6
10.363491 in 2.75
20.308321 in 3.25
3$10.129821 in 7.7
4$50.028541 in 35
5$750.003101 in 322.5
6$2.0000.000131 in 7,962

If you sum up the probabilities you have to catch 0, 1, or 2 numbers (the three occasions where you don’t win anything) – things get a little on the sad side.

That’s because you discover you have 83.78% chances to lose your game. And that’s not to mention the 13% on the table, because that’s when you win nothing more than your initial bet.

That’s why a good bonus is SO important.

Adding bonus money to your bankroll you finance your losing games in the hope that when Lady Luck decides to smile at you, it’s with a win of 4, 5, or 6 numbers.

In case you are curious to see the odds of hitting all the numbers, including those in between 6 and 20, the table below is for you:

01 in 843.380 (0.11857057%)
11 in 86.446 (1.15678605%)
21 in 20.115 (4.97142576%)
31 in 8.009 (12.48637168%)
41 in 4.877 (20.50318987%)
51 in 4.287 (23.32807380%)
61 in 5.258 (19.01745147%)
71 in 8.826 (11.32954556%)
81 in 20.055 (4.98618021%)
91 in 61.420 (1.62814048%)
101 in 253.801 (0.39401000%)
111 in 1,423.822 (0.07023351%)
121 in 10,968.701 (0.00911685%)
131 in 118,084.920 (0.00084685%)
141 in 1,821,881.628 (0.00005489%)
151 in 41,751,453.986 (0.00000240%)
161 in 1,496,372,110.872 (0.00000007%)
171 in 90,624,035,964.712
181 in 10,512,388,171,906.553
191 in 2,946,096,785,176,811.500
201 in 3,535,316,142,212,173,800.000

Tips and tricks for winning at keno: The Keno strategy

Most regular players know keno inside out. In a land-based casino, the progress of the various games can be viewed from wall screens. This game of chance is governed by a random number generator. As the draw is the result of absolute chance, there is absolutely nothing you can do to impact the outcome of a round. On the other hand, you can use strategic tips to help you. Indeed, if you follow our advice to the letter, choose your numbers wisely, and manage your gambling capital (bankroll) soundly, you will have the opportunity to have the upper hand. Continue reading this article to learn more! 

Keno Strategy 1. Take a tour of online casinos to find the best bonuses!

Taking the initiative to play in an online casino instead of a land-based casino is a wise choice on your part. The majority of the casinos that abound on the Net offer sensational bonuses that you would be wrong to ignore. Due to the particularly dizzying number of online casinos that line the Web, they engage in merciless competition.

Each of them competes in ingenuity to offer bonuses all more alluring than the others from the perspective of attracting the greatest number of players to their platform. So do not set your sights on the first online casino to come and be sure to assess the lucrative nature of the bonus it offers before starting the registration process.

After registering and depositing a sum of money into your player account using a payment solution, you will receive your welcome bonus right away.

Keno Strategy 2. Try our free version before playing for real money!

Do you lack practice? First, make the effort to carefully read our articles devoted to the rules as well as the vocabulary words associated with online keno. Once this formality is completed, it’s best to put your newly acquired knowledge into practice by trying our free keno game in HTML5 format before risking a single penny in a virtual casino. 

Keno Strategy 3. Don't quibble over your choice of numbers!

No need to rack your brains over the choice of numbers because the result is inevitably dependent on absolute chance. Whether you pick your lucky numbers or choose them purely at random, it makes no difference! If you’re having trouble picking your numbers on the grid, you’ll be happy to hear that the editors have incorporated a ‘Quick Pick’ feature into the many variations of online keno. The ‘Quick Pick’ will select the numbers for you. 

Keno Strategy 4. Go for multi-parties!

Most online casinos will give you the option of multi-playing. This type of configuration will save you time, especially if you insist on constantly choosing your lucky numbers. By opting for multi-games, you will not have to check them systematically after each round. 

Keno Strategy 5. Take the odds into consideration when placing your bets!

In keno, you will have to choose a certain number of numbers on the grid. As a general rule, you will need to tick between 1 and 20 numbers. We recommend that you consult the table below to find out your chances of winning according to the number of numbers checked. CasinoTop10 France experts strongly advise against choosing the maximum number of numbers. Indeed, the chances of obtaining them all are evaluated at 1 in more than 3 trillion! In fact, there is no need to make risky bets when the odds are dizzying. 

Keno Strategy 6. Control your pace of play!

The major difference that separates online keno from its counterpart played in land-based casinos is the pace of play. In land-based casinos, keno games are generally interspersed with short breaks. In an online casino, it is not. The parties are linked one after the other. Be careful not to get caught in the heat of the moment and spend more money than you should!

Keno Strategy 7. Stick to your budget!

Whether you are playing in a land-based casino or an online casino, it is imperative that you stick to your gambling capital (bankroll). If you choose to place reasonable bets, your bankroll will keep the fun going. If you would like some tips on how to effectively manage your budget, please read our article on managing your keno budget carefully.

Follow our strategic advice to the letter to win the jackpot!

As soon as the players have selected their numbers and placed their bets, the abacus starts up and the draw continues. Where, in a land-based casino, players are cautiously waiting for the outcome of the draw on the wall screens, online players will be set within a second of validating their digital keno ticket. Choose the best online casino to play in, select enough numbers to hope to land a pretty penny (without going overboard) if you win, and determine your stake amount! It couldn’t be simpler. Go for it! Choose from our list of Top Best Online Casinos and enjoy a game of keno to the fullest!

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