Keno History

The origin of Keno

All the casino sites on the Internet praise the merits of Keno, so much so that new followers are joining in every day. More dynamism, modernity, and above all, no need to go to the local café to play!

From home, comfortably installed on your sofa, you will be able to play without even having to move. However, we are entitled to ask ourselves what is the origin of Keno? How did it come about and how did it develop through the ages. A look back at a game that will last for many generations.

Keno has its origins in China and is one of the star games of online casinos today. What journeys has he known to arrive in our regions with the current rules? And how can we explain that after so long the concept has not run out of steam? We offer this article to better understand the mystery surrounding the game of keno.

Keno History - The origin of Keno

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A game from China

Traces of Keno would have been seen in China during recent archaeological excavations. Indeed, on vestiges dating from several centuries ago (at the time of the Hans dynasty and the very famous Middle Kingdom), the first parts of a game similar to Keno were discovered.

It was precisely the members of this dynasty who involved the local populations in order to tax them. People’s opium did you say? We are not far from it: the scorned peoples, poor, without financial resources and under the yoke of an authoritarian emperor indulged in the ancestor of Keno, not without pleasure, and their material goods were very severely monopolized by the power in place.

This roundabout means of taxation still allowed the construction of grandiose monuments such as the Great Wall of China, symbol of the greatness and eternity of ancient China. The money collected was also used to finance the militias of the time (soldiers, weapons, etc.) because wars between Asian countries were commonplace during this period of history.

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The amazing roots of keno

We know that this game of chance originates from the Far East. Indeed, Chinese immigrants would have imported keno on American soil, at the time of the gold rush when a lot of foreign labor was recruited to build the railway lines. A titanic job which imports a lot of games with the populations, not just keno, on the land of Uncle Sam.

Obviously, it landed in Nevada, and like any game worthy of the name, it found its place in the first casinos in Las Vegas, after many trips across the United States, especially the northern states. Little by little, has become the darling in the “States”, Europe imported it, in the suitcases of “in” tourists, along with many other things. And this is how keno invaded the various countries of Europe.

The beginnings of Keno (in its primitive form) are not brilliant, on the contrary, this game enjoys a rather bloody image considering its relationship with history. Fortunately, the situation changed in the centuries that followed …

The time of westernization

Over the centuries, the nature of Keno evolves, moving from a real instrument of taxation of peoples into a real activity of convivial and pleasant entertainment. The Chinese emigrating to America keep the rules and notions of the game in order to establish it in their new territory. 

The ancestral game begins to be handed down and it evolves with the rhythm of time. First popular in the state of Nevada, known to be a high place of gambling, the other states became infatuated with Keno and legalized its practice. Europe is also discovering the extent of the phenomenon. The national lottery even compares it to Loto (yet one of the historic games) by giving it a prominent place in the world of games of chance.

A promotional campaign was carried out in the 1990s to make gambling enthusiasts want to get into Keno, and it worked! A TV program is even launched and several million viewers watch it every week to find out the results and their potential earnings.

Changes over time

Over time, like all games that have traveled, keno has seen its rules change. Chinese signs quickly became so-called “Arabic” numbers. You should also know that before, the keno grids had 120 numbers. 

Today, we only choose its combinations among 80 numbers. All these changes were of course made gradually and there are many reasons. The main one, however, is to make the game more attractive to the general public. 

Indeed, most of the games of chance were formerly reserved for the elites and, over time, the rules have been modified little by little to democratize this game of surprises and fun.

The golden age of online keno

When online casinos first appeared, the question did not even arise. If keno was well anchored in popular culture, it was absolutely necessary to find a solution to adapt it online. But the bet was taken up with flying colors!

Today, there are dozens of keno games on some operator sites. In addition to satisfying the already conquered public, keno has succeeded in establishing itself thanks to the development of numerous online variants! With the new adapted versions of keno, the absurd schemes of certain superstitious players appeared in parallel. Coincidence? I do not believe it. Conspiracy theory? Certainly.

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