Keno Secrets

Keno Secrets: Here are some unpublished figures about the game

In our guide, we will tell you more about the different bets you can make in keno that will allow you to win more like statistical keno. Each secret keno will prove to be ultra-valuable!

keno secrets

1st Keno Secret - Using Multiplier Options Can Be Profitable: Here's How It Works

A well-kept keno secret is the one about multiplier bets. In some cases, when you win a game, you can double, triple, or even multiply your winnings by 10.

With the national lottery games, you just need to check the “multiplier” box on the grids. You will then be asked to double your bet. Once the numbers are out, a boosted rate is also chosen at random from the 2 draws made each day. Randomly, you will therefore obtain a coefficient X2, X3, X5, or X10.

But this secret keno is also applicable to an online gambling site. To avoid having to search for this type of entertainment, know that Power Keno and Super Keno are variations of this genre. If you are lucky enough to find the first or last drawn among the numbers selected, your money is doubled!

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2nd keno secret - Here are the payouts for each quantity of numbers played: bet on

So, how do you actually earn money during a keno game? You should already know that the amount won varies depending on the number of numbers you have played. 

On the other hand, while playing more numbers may increase your odds, the odds are such that your winnings will be lower. In addition, the winnings themselves are subject to variation depending on the establishment on which you play.

This example will surely help you see it more clearly: if you only play one number, you will have exactly one chance in 80 of winning anything, on the other hand, if you play 10 numbers, your chances of winning will be 1 in 8. It is therefore logical that your winnings are lower in the draws if your predictions are more likely to be good.

Among the best-kept secrets of the keno game, limiting yourself to small combinations on the grid – whether in an evening or noon national lottery Keno draw or online keno – will increase your chances of being part of the game list of winners.

To challenge the statistics, just play between 2 numbers and 5 numbers if you play with the national lottery. To have a significant gain, the online player can however tick up to 10 boxes (out of 20) to hope to obtain a maximum of good numbers.

3rd keno secret - Choose a casino with a limited commission, to increase your winnings

Now that you know more about the logic of gains, your next task will be to carefully observe the policies of the establishments on which you are going to bet. 

In keno, you will be able to withdraw your winnings directly: they will be credited as soon as the draw is made, but a percentage corresponding to the costs of the house will be deducted. So you need to make sure that the online casino you are going to play at has the best return to players.

Our keno secret is therefore simple and accessible to ordinary people: to ensure juicy profits during your race for millions, consult the conditions of the games before you launch out on a product. The charges levied on keno or poker games for example will indeed be clearly mentioned in the T&C. You can also simply consult our casino reviews: this point is always specified there.

Once the last doubts have been raised and the most profitable casino found, all you have to do is make your forecast by registering, taking advantage of a bonus, choosing the game of your choice, and checking the grid numbers.

4th keno secret: Play multiple numbers

Of course, you are 200% convinced that this time it’s the right one, your lucky number will drop. Our friend’s advice will be to find several lucky numbers! Why? Quite simply because the house edge goes up to 25% instead of the usual 10% if you choose multiple numbers. Who says higher house advantage, says fewer advantages for you! Increase your chances of winning by ticking as many numbers as possible! It doesn’t matter if it’s your darling grandma’s date of birth or your bank card code, tick!

5th keno secret: Prefer video keno

If you play slots and video poker, we recommend that you try out video keno. Indeed, its playful atmosphere mixes the spirit of slot machines and the principle of keno. The big advantage that you will love is the progressive jackpots on these video keno machines.

By this, we mean that you will have more fun, and if you win, the amount will be much higher than what you would have won if you had ticked the boxes on a cardboard plate! What are you waiting for to test what will likely pay for your next vacation?

6th keno secret: Learn how to manage your budget

We can not emphasize this enough. Gambling should remain a game. If you spend all your income on gambling, whether it’s keno or other casino games, you’re bound to lose more than win, and when the situation is really serious, you lose more than money, trust us. 

So to get the most out of your gaming experiences, control your spending. Plan in advance how much you can afford to spend on gambling. So, no risk, only fun! And if there are any gains, it’s just a bonus!

Read our article about Keno Budget Management »

Apply our keno secrets to a universe of free entertainment, in order to better understand the scope

You now know every secret to win at keno … So all you have to do is make sure you remember them or even see their veracity. To do this, we provide you with free games.

You can spend as much time as you want on our lottery games, and practice without spending. You will see for yourself that limiting the number of numbers will be more profitable, that using multipliers will be profitable and that limiting the percentage of house charges will make a big difference …

Then all you have to do is register at one of the casinos that we recommend, in order to have fun in the best conditions.

One more little keno secret: Remember the pay tables

It may sound impressive to you like that, but we promise you it’s more digestible than it looks! The keno paytable will allow you to quickly calculate what you should expect as payouts with the stakes and the type of game you have chosen.

This will save you hours of calculation with the paytable next to it and knowing this table by heart will save you some nervous breakdowns. And if you save time, you can play something else or fill a new keno grid.

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