5 Reel Slot Machines

5 reel Slot machine: Slots of a new kind even more hectic

If you are a slot player at online casinos, then you have surely already played on this type of one-arm bandits: the 5 reel slot machine! And for the youngest, it’s probably the only type of slot machine you have ever played on.

If game providers are scrambling to offer you more and more five-reel slot machine games, it’s because this type of entertainment is making a splash on the web.

We’re here to remind you of the importance of adding two additional rollers, which have made all the difference compared to traditional machines and your user account balance!

5 Reel Slot Machines

How does a free 5 reel slot machine work? The complete user manual

The big difference between the machine with 5 reels and those with three reels is based on the number of pay lines to which you will be entitled. Indeed, having only one or three pay-lines on five-reel slot machines would be ridiculous.

As a result, game developers have decided to give themselves free rein when it comes to the number of pay lines. You can already rejoice because you will be entitled to between 15, 25, 50, 100, or even 243 pay-lines on these slot machines.

Everyone will find their account, whether the big players with a reinforced concrete budget or novices who wish to have more chances of winning.

You will have the opportunity to bet on several lines, and to reap the fruits of your hard work. In addition, of course, the jackpots offered on a free 5 reel slot machine are much larger than those of slots offering only 3!

What are 5 reel slot machine games worth in terms of sound & visual entertainment?

So there, explosive cocktail! You will take your eyes off it. Game developers have literally had a blast on themes and scenarios when composing a 5 reel slot machine.

From animations to graphics to soundtracks, all you have to do is put on your headphones to be propelled into completely delusional universes.

You’ll be cut off from reality for a few games, and set off to conquer thousands of gains. From the little monsters in space to the great classics by Hollywood, Disney, and Pixar, you will be entitled to scenarios all more impressive than the others, that is beyond comprehension.

Do not hesitate to test them in our section dedicated to free slot machine games for fun. On top of that, many game providers have left the world of video slots to tackle the 3D slot machine business!

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Are the winnings that can be generated on a 5 reel slot machine more attractive?

Take it for granted, your payout potential on  5 reel slot machines is huge, due to the ability to bet on multiple pay lines.

Now, we have to tell you that there is a little novelty that is going to put stars in your eyes. These are progressive jackpots. These are common pools that casino game providers have placed on some of their slot machines.

This means that when players bet on these machines, they participate in the increase of the prize pool, and the lucky little one who aligns the good elements will leave with the common jackpot. Be aware that all this can amount to several thousand, even millions of euros!

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