Reveal how to Choose a Slot Machine Smartly in 2024

How to choose a slot machine at the casino: All about slots volatility

Many players are left wondering how to choose a slot machine at an online casino. One concept that is very important to take into account when it comes to selecting from classic slot machines and more modern slot machine games is slot machine volatility. 

Why do we say that a slot machine is more or less volatile? What does this actually mean? How do I find the type of casino slot machine for me? This is what we will see together, in order to help you win as much money as possible, whether through a progressive jackpot or on the best and most traditional slot machines!

How to Choose a Slot Machine

First thing to explore: How exactly does slot machine volatility work?

The payouts of a slot machine are not all the same, otherwise, you understand that they would all be the same and that they would no longer be of any interest.

Thanks to the return to player rate which we discussed in a previous article, you could discover that the casino game providers programmed the percentage of bets that were redistributed to users in the form of winnings. But what you may not yet be aware of at this stage is that this data is complemented by another precious parameter: the volatility rate.

Here, it is no longer the number of winnings that come into play, but how they will be distributed? In one big package but rarely? Via small winnings regularly awarded to players trying their luck?

You understand now, to know how to choose a slot machine at the casino that can bring you what you are looking for, you will need to determine the level of volatility that suits you. The question will be at this stage to choose a slot machine according to your budget …

Second step: Know the 3 levels allowing you to choose a slot machine according to your budget

You now understand what the concept of volatility is, but you still have to define the different degrees offered on the machines. In casino games, volatility is determined with three levels: high, medium, and low.

High volatility machines

A machine with high volatility will not give you its jackpot like that, but when it wants to be generous, it is worth the detour…

Your chances of generating profits by forming winning lines with the symbols will be less, but the sums at the key will be colossal.

Machines with medium volatility

A slot machine with average volatility will be very balanced and will deliver reasonable winnings in a time that will not discourage you. If it is important for you to be regularly rewarded in an interesting way on a so-called video or 3D slot, this is an option to consider.

Low volatility machines

A low volatility slot machine will distribute small winnings at very regular intervals. If you are playing for the thrill of forming winning lines as often as possible, and you just don’t care about winning the jackpot, it is an option not to be dismissed.

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The question is not how to know if a slot machine will pay but how

It all depends on your ambition and how long you plan to spend on your one-arm bandit. It is very important to choose it well before playing, because of the fact that just because online slots are so beautiful doesn’t say they release winning combinations easily.

If you are looking for adrenaline, then go without hesitation for a high volatility i-Slot, betting, of course, the maximum bet (within the limit of your budget), guaranteed thrills. Disadvantage? You can quickly get tired of waiting for a win happen.

If, on the contrary, you want to prolong the pleasure and play for a long time rather than playing big, then choose a slot machine with low volatility. Thus, you will renew your bankroll regularly. This also applies to slot machine players who wish to fulfill the wagering requirements for a bonus.

Finally, if you want a good balance between adrenaline and regularity, then select a machine with average volatility instead! We also advise you to assess the volatility of free legal slot machine casino games since you will not spend a single penny.

Last point: Where to find this information to know which slot machine to choose at the casino?

Finding data to understand which slot machine to choose at the casino is not always an easy task … It is indeed understandable that establishments seek to hide from you information that would explain how to know if a slot machine will pay.

It is therefore extremely complicated to have information from casinos, some literally choose to play cards on the table by displaying the volatility characteristics of the slot machine, but this remains a marginal step.

Suppliers also prefer to remain discreet about this information and do not display it directly on their games. To have clues to the volatility rate of a one-arm bandit, you have two solutions. Either go to the publisher’s site to see if the information is given, or by consulting the journals of the i-Slot you want. Compare several professional sources for correct information. Now that you know this secret that only the experts know… your spins!

BONUS - No need to choose a slot machine according to the bonuses: Slots at different rates

At this stage of your reading, you will have understood, choosing a slot machine according to the bonuses does not really make sense. The important thing is to focus on the return to player rate and the volatility set on the game. Unfortunately, as we have just seen, it is not always easy to find this data on the net. So to make it easier for you, we have selected a handful of the best machines based on their volatility rate:
  • High volatility machines: Book of Dead ™ from Play’n GO, Blood Suckers 2 ™ from Netent…
  •  Medium volatility machines: Gonzo’s Quest ™ from Netent, Jaguar Temple ™ from Thunderkick
  • Low volatility machines: Starburst from Netent, Foxin ’Wins ™ from NextGen
Our last piece of advice: before starting out in real money on these entertainments, test them via our universe of free slot machines, then go for a casino and generate winnings on the ones that satisfied you the most!

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