How to play slot machines 2024

Slot machines are the most accessible game for beginners in the world of online casinos. Indeed, they require neither strategic knowledge nor logical resources. Being entirely dependent on chance, the draws made by the slot machines greatly facilitate the task of the players, who know that they will win only in the presence of their lucky stars.

It is, however, essential to understand how to play slot machines to be able to enjoy an optimal experience… Here is a tutorial that presents you one by one each rule of a slot machine, but also helps you to select your slot in depending on payment lines or return to player rate, for example, to allow you to have fun in real money in the best conditions!

How to play slot machines

1. First step: Learn the rules of slot machines at your fingertips

How to play slot machines at the casino is the first question we need to answer. So let’s see a little what are the rules of slot machines to master perfectly.

The first rule of the slot machine game is simple: you must insert money into the machine by selecting the number of chips to bet. Once you press the start button, the reels start to spin and then stop.

If the symbols present form certain pre-defined lines in the specifics to the game in question, you generate more or less significant gains. Later in this article, you will see that other features may also appear to allow you to save even more money from your sessions.

There you have it, you know everything about casino slot machine rules, so now you have to perfect your knowledge on other essential aspects to know how to play slots perfectly

2. Second step: Go from the rule of a slot machine to the different types of games

You now know how to play the slot machine since you know the basics. When playing slot machines, however, there are dozens of different versions to choose from. It is, therefore, necessary to clearly understand how the system is configured and what are the technical specifications of these different slots. These are in fact divided between the following categories:

The classic slot machines are those generally offering 3 reels and very basic graphics, often around the theme of fruit;

The video slots have a slightly more sophisticated design and a number of reels ranging from 3 to 6;

Games with prize pools allow you to get an extra sum if you get the best combination of symbols;

Entertainment with progressive jackpots is likely to hold a prize pool that increases as all players who have attempted a game bet.

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3. Third step: Understand how the slot machine rule works in terms of winnings

Slot machines obviously do not offer the same prices. Some are more profitable than others. It is the publishers who decide beforehand the value of the prize pool which is associated with the slot machine.

To find out which combinations of symbols allow you to hit the jackpot of a slot machine, the player must consult his table summarizing the payments of the slot.

The virtual slot machines found on the Internet operate using random number generators. This innovative technology makes possible the indisputable fairness of the draws on the different games.

The latter is in fact left in the hands of the most total chance. Note, however, that when a player hits a jackpot, the process usually starts from zero. This means that the RNG (the initials for “random number generator”) is reset.

The data of the prints are thus erased and the algorithm resumes. Most online slots offer a payout percentage of 97 percent, which makes them extremely competitive.

4. Step Four: Observe the casino slot machine rules for wagering levels

The issue of wagering is paramount when it comes to playing slot machines. You should know that each slot machine offers different wagering capacities. In land-based and online casinos, the player first checks the paytable.

Then, he chooses the amount of the amount he wants to bet. Thereafter, he will pull the machine lever or click the “Spin” button, which will launch the rollers.

Depending on the symbols displayed and the level of the bet he has selected, the player will have won or not more or less significant wins.

Do not neglect this step: if you are a big player but the machine does not offer you to invest sums greater than a few euros, you will necessarily be frustrated.

Conversely, users with more moderate means will not be able to have fun as long as planned with minimum stakes not suited to their low budget …

5. Step Five: Look at how to play slot machines at the casino with the features

Some additional casino slot machine rules may appear in the games. Depending on the entertainment you choose, you will see that there are other features available to you. The main ones are:

The Wilds: these are symbols that replace any other image on the reels, to increase your chances of forming winning lines;

Scatters: these are special symbols which, if they appear to number 3, activate game options that boost your winnings;

Free spins: you can sometimes benefit from free spins depending on the combinations obtained on the reels. The gains generated during this phase of play are very real;

Bonus games: randomly, bonus games can be launched. They give you access to different designs and disrupted rules. Sometimes the slot becomes a game of dice, cards, and even combat!

6. Step Six: You Know How To Play Slot Machines So Now Look At The Graphics

You’re almost ready to get started on some great games… All you have to do is choose among the thousands of slots on the market the entertainment that will seduce you the most in terms of image quality.

Classic designs, video animations, 3D drawings … You will find yourself faced with a wide choice!

The best way to figure out what kind of graphics you like the most is to test the game for yourself, if possible without investing any money. That’s good, we offer on our site a space dedicated to free slot machines containing hundreds of games and including all the types of slots listed in this article. To practice without moderation!

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