Return to player rate of a slot machine

How to know the return to player rate of a slot machine 2024

How about calculating your profit before you even play a slot machine?

Some will tell you that it takes the fun out of the game, while most are fond of these little calculations on how to invest their money the most wisely. Be aware that when playing online, you will not be alone against the machine, because the online casino will also be there to hold the candle.

The online casino and the game provider also want to get their share of the loot for providing you with top tip entertainment. This is how they implemented the concept of the return to player rate of a slot machine, also applied to other games.

So, it would be frankly useful for you to understand how your earnings are influenced by this concept so that you can relearn how to play intelligently. This is it for the revelation of all the secrets: to know how to calculate the redistribution rate and especially how to know the redistribution rate of a slot machine, follow the guide!

Return to player rate of a slot machine

We explain how to calculate the return to player rate of a slot machine by presenting the concept from A to Z

Online slot machines meet very specific rules. Although the draws must depend on the most total chance, the games are however subject to certain concepts of which one of the principal is that return to player rate of a slot machine.

Whether you play for real money or in a demo mode, your chances of forming pay lines by combining symbols in a specific way on the reels depend on this notion. Online casino games providers, in fact, predetermine a percentage of the stakes invested by the entire panel of players which will be redistributed in the form of winnings.

To better understand this, nothing like an example. If 5 players have in turn invested € 20 each on a machine, the latter has received € 100. The last player launches and wins in the process € 95. The redistribution rate must, therefore, be around 95%. Apply this on a larger scale and you will have a good overview of the sums you can generate on a given game.

Do not imagine that this is secret information. Slot games publishers are indeed required to make these figures so precious public for players wishing to optimize their winnings … But you still have to know how to know the payout rate of a slot machine. We will deal with this aspect later in this article.

Here are 3 ways to find out the return to player rate of a slot machine

Now you know how the return to player rate of a slot machine is calculated. You still have one key piece of information to understand: how to know the payout rate of a slot machine. We’ll explain it to you right now.

Finding this data on the net is not always easy, but here are 3 places that will allow you to cover most modern video slots, but also classic slots:

Directly on the casino site:

A reliable online casino generally plays the card of transparency by displaying on its interface the redistribution rates of the games. In some cases, you will find the average by type of game in the Terms and Conditions of the platform. However, it is common practice for the percentage to be mentioned in the game itself. Launch the slot and go to the page linked to the rules and information relating to the latter. Generally, the rate of redistribution is clearly established there;

On the official website of the game provider:

If you cannot find the percentage on the casino interface, it may be that the latter is simply mentioned by the publisher on its site. So explore the latter for a presentation sheet of the machine in question, then see if the information is there;

On our slot machine reviews:

We go around the web looking for all the best machines available. When we find one that grabs our attention, we write a full review of its features. The redistribution rate is of course clearly mentioned!

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What return to player rate of a slot machine Should I Expect? Let's explore this notion

Now that you understand this concept better, you still need to understand on what scale it is applied. What is indeed a suitable return to player rate of a slot machine?

10%? 50%? 80%? Impossible for the beginner to know it at first. We have therefore decided to provide you with more information on this subject here!

To give you an idea, know that the ideal return to player rate of a slot machine for a player is between 96% and 99% for online slots. Here is what the games will bring you on land:

  • For scratch games in tobacco shops, this number is around 50%;
  • For lotto games, it is rather 70%;
  • For slots in bricks and mortar casinos, the rate remains much less attractive: it is barely 80 to 85% …

Payment reports from online casinos therefore literally challenge those offered by land-based casinos. So, if your online casino offers rates in this range, you will be assured of a favorable payout rate.

The return to player rate of a slot machine: a reliable element? We will show you here that yes!

As you may know, game publishers like casinos are very tightly controlled. No question for them to try to cheat their users, at the risk of having to put the key under the door. Thus, entities such as eCOGRA, or Online Gambling Regulatory Authorities such as those in Malta, Curaçao or Kahnawake (to name only the main ones) are responsible for verifying that the return to player rate of a slot machine is not distorted.

Note also that you can try to identify this data yourself by launching yourself on free slot machines. You will, therefore, see what your chances of winning are, without jeopardizing your bankroll. When you find games that make you want to start in real money, you can then switch to a casino and thus benefit from a generous bonus, including, why not, free spins on these same slots …

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