The Double Up Roulette Strategy

Double Up Roulette Strategy and Martingale Roulette

Many players think that one of the many ways to win at roulette is to double the next one if you lose. This strategy can be used, but it only works if the player bets the same way each time. So, for example, if the player starts on red, he will have to stick to it throughout the game.

This is the Double Up strategy, well known to roulette players. It is also known by the term roulette martingale strategy, and we will explain its principle and limits in this article, which will make you unbeatable on the Double Up roulette strategy on online roulette games!

Double your bet. For many roulette enthusiasts, this is the best way to double their winnings. Logical, you say. However, statistics show us that doubling your bet doesn’t always work. In fact, to hope to double your winnings, you must constantly double your bet, which means spending a lot of money … and losing it. Doubling your bet on roulette games has a name: “Double Up”. In this article, we present the advantages and disadvantages of Double Up.

The Double Up Roulette Strategy

Double Up Roulette Strategy and the Martingale Roulette Strategy

The martingale is the strategy that comes up the most when it comes to using a basic mathematical strategy in different casino games. In this case, it is roulette and the use of the Double Up roulette strategy, which allows you to redo in case of bet or losing game.

If you want, Double Up is the English term attributed to martingale. Indeed, it is a way of improvising as a roulette strategist. However, there are limits to the use of this strategy, and many players are unaware of the risks involved in using the Double Up roulette strategy on a roulette game available at online casinos.

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The principle of Double Up roulette strategy

We will remind you of the principle of the Double Up roulette strategy so you understand the risks, which we will develop a little later in our article. The player can start by betting the minimum amount required by the casino, and double it during the next round, provided that the previous bet was successful.

The player must, therefore, continue to double his bet each time he wins the game. On the other hand, if the player loses, he will have to return to his initial bet, and bet the minimum amount required by the online casino having the game of roulette in question.

The two Players Mistakes of the Double Up Roulette Strategy

After trying to use this strategy on online roulette games, we managed to distinguish two common mistakes for players using it. If you are interested in this online roulette strategy, we suggest that you opt for European roulette. Indeed, on the other variants of the game, it will be almost impossible for you to make the same bets at 100%. Why? Well, simply because the presence of zero turns everything upside down!

The second precaution to take is against the maximum betting limits imposed by online casinos. Indeed, by doubling your bets following winning or losing games, you will inevitably arrive at the maximum bet amount imposed by the online casino, and there you will no longer be able to cover your losses!

Using “Double Up Roulette Strategy” in Online Roulette Games

In online roulette games, the martingale is the strategy that comes up most often. We talk about it on specialized forums and on roulette game sites such as ours. It turns out that the Double Up roulette strategy is a form of martingale. Or at least it works as such.

Also, like the martingale, the Double Up allows you to rebuild your health in online roulette: this method allows you to find a surplus balance despite many losses, or it helps you to win the jackpot, provided you bet big repeatedly. But the Double Up is not without risk…

The Double Up Roulette strategy explained: When should it be used?

To fully understand the principle of Double Up, you must also understand the risks. To start, the player can simply bet the minimum amount required. If he wins his bet, he must double the next bet. As long as his bet is winning, he will repeat this action without stopping. On the other hand, as soon as he starts losing, he will have to stop the Double Up to bet the minimum amount required.

Double Up Roulette Strategy, a risky game method?

Not necessarily. The main thing is to develop good reflexes. As soon as a bet loses, you must systematically stop doubling it. Thus, it is useless to double your bet if the player’s balance does not allow it. In addition, as we said above, the Double Up Roulette Strategy works more on European roulette than on the other variants. Indeed, the presence of the zero pockets (or even the double zero) distorts the probabilities and may cost you dearly.

This is why we recommend that you do not use the Double Up in American roulette games, for example. In addition, before doubling your bet, be sure to take precautions: make sure you have the necessary funds. If the Double Up forces you to bet the maximum authorized amount and you lose, you will inevitably find yourself in embarrassment …

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