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Discover the most profitable roulette method according to your playing style

While some play casino games for fun, others try to make money by playing roulette. For example, some players try to defy the throes of chance by implementing a roulette method and martingales to ensure winnings. In this article, we will focus on that. If you are used to playing this game of chance, you probably know that there are many methods of roulette that are supposed to be miraculous for your wallet. So can we trust them and use them safely on online casinos? We answer these questions in this article.

Roulette Method

The best methods for roulette

1. The rise of d’Alembert at roulette
2. The Garcia Roulette Method
3. The rising Dutch roulette
4. The Zographos Roulette Method
5. Wells Roulette System
6. The Fibonacci roulette method
7. The Labouchère roulette method

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If there is a winning roulette method, it is that of Fibonacci: We present it here

Those of you who have read the famous best-seller “Da Vinci Code” have obviously already heard of the Fibonacci sequel that owes its name to the Italian mathematician who set up this ingenious sequence in which each of the numbers is the sum of the two preceding numbers. It most often starts with the numbers 0 and 1 like this: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, etc.

In roulette, the Fibonacci method is one of the best known and oldest systems. To use it, the player will start from an empty number line. Thus, for his first bet, the player will bet € 1 on an area of ​​the table that offers 50/50 bets, such as red-black pockets, even and odd pockets or 1-18 and 19-36. With this roulette method, if the player makes a first winning bet, the rest will stop there.

On the other hand, if his bet turns out to be losing, the player must begin to take note of his suite and enter the amount bet for each round. In our example, it is a bet of € 1. Thus, the next amount that the player must bet will correspond to the Fibonacci sequence. If the player continues to chain the losing bets, he will have to replay progressively and so on.

Another effective roulette method is Labouchère martingale

The Labouchère method consists of writing a series of numbers on a piece of paper. You will then have to bet the sum of the first and last number you have chosen. If you win your bet, you can then strike these numbers. However, if you lose, you will have to add the total amount of the amount you wagered at the end of the sequence. Once all the numbers in your suite have been crossed out, the wagering ends.

If our explanations seem a bit confusing, take the time to read our article entirely devoted to this winning roulette method which will certainly help you to better master this technique.

Is using these roulette methods allowed in land-based and online casinos?

As you may have guessed, gambling establishments do not necessarily appreciate that players seek to take advantage of a roulette method to secure winnings “unfairly”, as they say.

It is therefore important to note that the majority of online casinos do not allow you to use this kind of techniques on their tables. Indeed, by registering on an online casino, you must agree to respect the conditions of use of the virtual establishment. These clearly indicate that you are not authorized to use any system to increase your chances of winning on the games. You are therefore warned.

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