Roulette Terms

Roulette Terms and Glossary

You can learn to be a good online roulette player! Indeed, even if your chances of winning thanks to this legendary game rest on chance, there are ingenious techniques to allow you to increase your chances of winning. What are these tips? Learning of course!

Indeed, like at school, you will have to increase your knowledge on the subject to play effectively. Our roulette glossary teacher will teach you the lesson in this article by presenting you with the complete glossary of the famous game of chance.

For all roulette terms, you will find a definition clearly explained by him. So sit comfortably on the benches of our casino gaming school and let our expert do the rest. Read on our Roulette Terms list:

Roulette terms Roulette Glossary

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Roulette Glossary

Announcement: this term designates the action at the start of the game when the player presents the dealer with his bet, as well as the combination he wishes to play.

Sprinkler: in the field of roulette, this word designates a player who bets large sums of money, and this, randomly.

Association: this is a technique well known to roulette players which consists of grouping together to use martingales.

Color: this term designates the croupier who launches the ball to start the game.

Corpse: better not to be one since this word is used to speak of a player who has bad luck and who often loses.

Square: this term is used to speak of a player who bets on the 4 central squares of the mat.

Simple chance: these are bets made on even, odd, red, black, pass, and miss.

Against the bank: this action consists of betting the reverse of the numbers or colors released during the previous game.

The Emperor’s coup: bet everything on a simple chance.

Croupier: The dealer responsible for checking the smooth running of the game. He spins the wheel and pays the players’ winnings.

Wheel: this term designates the turntable of the roulette table which includes, depending on the variant, 37 game numbers.

Last: this word is used to designate the announcement made by the dealer to announce the closing of the table at the end of the next 3 rounds.

Double: this expression is used when a player falls on the same number twice in a row.

Make Charlemagne: do not play after a winning round.

Place your bets: expression used by the dealer to invite players to place their bets.

House number: the number zero

Paving: this term is used to designate a player who bets on a different combination.

Stroller: If a player makes a bet after the dealer has said “nothing is going wrong”, this is called a stroller.

Progression: This is a game technique which consists in increasing the amount of your bet as the rounds progress.

Rien ne vas plus: (“no more bets please”)when the croupier chants this sentence, the players no longer have the opportunity to place a bet.

Series: this word is used when the same combination comes out twice in a row.

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