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Roulette in the cinema

Roulette makes its cinema at! You will follow the first steps of roulette in Hollywood, until its huge success today! We have finally finished the list of our favorite roulette movies! In all and for all, you are going to be entitled to six different films relating directly or indirectly to roulette!

You have surely watched the films that we are going to present to you, without necessarily paying attention to the crazy presence of this casino game as the common thread of all adventures! In this article, you will be entitled to certain flagship replicas taken from these roulette films, and for more details, you must click on the appropriate article!

Roulette Movies


Captain Louis Renault speaks with Rick, a cynical cafe manager, who decides to add a roulette table to his establishment so that a newlywed couple can earn enough money to buy their visa for the United States.

The scene :

Rick: How can you close my establishment? For what reasons ?

Captain Renault: I am shocked, shocked to discover that there are casino games in your cafe!

The dealer (to Captain Renault): Your winnings, sir!

Captain Renault: Oh, thank you very much!

What winnings, and what game is it? Find out in our article!

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Run Lola Run

Do you remember the scene where Lola made her last bet on number 20 and uttered the most deafening victory cry in the history of the big screen? Come on, let’s revisit this masterpiece just for your love of roulette!

Lost in America

David arrives at the casino in his nightgown, just in time to see his wife, Linda, playing his last chips. An individual’s victory at another table gives him hope.

David: We have our hands! We’re in the lead!

Linda: We’re still at the bottom of the table, David.

David: What do you mean at the bottom of the table?

Linda: Yes, downstairs.

David (to the casino manager): How far down is it?

Casino manager: Downstairs.

To find out which game it is, and for the rest of the events, click here!


You will see the world through the dial of a roulette game, in this film that has propelled Clive Owen to the rank of a superstar! But in order to understand how and why this cult replica directly relates to the game of roulette, you will have to follow us in our description of the scene. Here is the reply:

Jack: “The world shatters all existence, some are stronger than others in Chao” -Ernest Hemingway.

Matt: Isn’t he the one who shoots himself?

California Split

Have you ever been to the casino on a budget? So this roulette movie will please you, check out the line, and tell us that you never thought about it!

Charlie: Bet the house on this one!

Bill: You just kept repeating this all week. I am lucky, but I am far from being the owner!

Toy Story 3

Like it is never too early to become a gambler, back to the third part of the Toy Story cartoon series! We are going back to the stage, where the characters transform an old Fisher-Price game into a roulette table, for a crazy evening of messes!

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