English Roulette

Why do players love English roulette so much?

English roulette is extremely close to French roulette from many points of view. If the English roulette actually uses the same wheel as its cousins, the betting system is somewhat different. It should also be noted that the British roulette game mat offers a completely different layout.

Finally, only seven players can simultaneously try their luck at English roulette, whose places are therefore quite limited. But let’s keep a little suspense… By reading the rest of this article, you will indeed discover in detail the differences between this variant and its cousins, and access unique tips to optimize your winnings on the tables of land casinos and virtual!

English Roulette

Learn here each English roulette rule to start your game sessions well

Online English roulette (like electronic English roulette at land-based casinos) is closer to the French variant than the American one. Aesthetically, English roulette, and French roulette have many similarities. For example, these two sets use exactly the same wheel, the latter comprising a total of thirty-seven pockets numbered from zero to thirty-six. The English roulette wheel, like the French variant, rightly includes eighteen black pockets and eighteen red pockets for perfect equality and total respect for the probability of drawing.

Despite these glaring similarities, there are still distinctions to note between these variants: only seven players can simultaneously play the English game and the latter’s playing mat looks more like American roulette. It should also be noted that the zero-pocket is tinged with green and that the players have chips of a specific color for the English variant.

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Consequences of a single zero pocket and the absence of prison rule on English roulette

Like French roulette, the English variant has only one zero square. The absence of a double zero is a good omen for players, who will, therefore, have no risk of losing twice the amount of their initial bet.

However, the English variant rule differs when the ball lands on zero. The “prison” rule is indeed not topical on this variant. Here, the player has no choice: he simply recovers half of his stake if the result is zero, and his bet “Pass / Do not pass” or “Even / odd” can be neither winning nor losing. Without this formidable penalty, the player can still preserve his bankroll even more.

English roulette is therefore a more than interesting variant from an accounting point of view. Just like in French roulette, only the zero pocket can indeed slow the player’s rise.

Before moving on to our first English roulette tip, watch the game play

You now know the English roulette rules, but you still have a few things to explore to understand how to win this English variant more easily. So let’s move on to the description of a typical part.

The croupier announces the opening of bets by shouting “Make your bets”. The players gathered around the table, therefore, place their chips on the mat, specifying to the dealer the elements or the number on which they wish to bet. If you play online, you will only have to click on the space of the mat corresponding to the event on which you wish to invest your money.

“The games are made” or “No more bets” announces the end of the betting period, and the dealer launches the ball on the wheel saying “Rien ne a plus” or “No more bets”. As soon as a result is obtained, the dealer distributes the winnings to the winners and collects the money from the losers.

We present the structure of the mat specific to online English roulette

An English roulette tip that players should absolutely start with: learn step by step how an English roulette mat is constructed, so you can easily bet on the table without getting tangled in the brushes.

Here we give you an overview of a typical carpet available in online or hard casinos:

French Roulette / European roulette Table Layout - English Roulette Table Layout

The absence of English roulette technique linked to the prison rule & the simple pocket 0 are to your advantage

Without the English roulette technique known as the prison rule and without the double-zero pocket, English roulette offers profitable winnings. If classic bets are affordable – single odds, black, red, even, odd, go, miss – the more solid combinations are the ones that are most likely to win you big wins. Thus, players should favor bets that include twelve numbers (the first, the middle numbers, or the last).

Note that the house advantage is only 1.35% on average in English roulette! There is no denying, we make this variant our favorite, especially since it represents an ideal alternative between French and American roulette. Do not hesitate to check this out for yourself by testing an English roulette simulator. In this regard, we offer free games that will allow you to see for yourself how profitable this variant is!

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