Roulette Tips

Looking for casino roulette tips? 18 new tactics tested

Are you looking for casino roulette tips to increase your chances of winning roulette? This is where it happens! We will not dwell on the subject, but rather give you a concentrate of good ideas simple but effective in 18 clear points.

If you know the basics of the game, you will have no problem using each one of those roulette tips wisely to win roulette communicated here … You will see that these techniques are obvious, but we know it’s hard to step back when chaining roulette games at online casinos. Make way for our roulette tips, which will be a real game-changer!

Roulette Tips

Roulette Tips for Winning at the Casino

Here is a list of roulette tips and rules to follow when going out to enjoy the game. Most of these tips are also valid for games other than roulette. Is winning at the casino possible? Yes, if we avoid losing everything. Obviously you will tell me but only good players can stop when it is time. Bad players tend to play until they lose everything.

Use all methods

Many systems allow us to play better and to tilt the odds a little bit on our side. But none is 100% foolproof. Use all methods in a reasonable manner.

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Single Zero

Only play on a single Zero. So play on European (or English) roulette or you have a 1/37 chance of winning against 1/38 on the American roulette.

Do not try to multiply your capital

The only big winner will always remain the Casino. In the long run, you will always fall on the most unfavorable series for you and you will necessarily lose. The statistics show it well. On the other hand, it is quite possible to earn enough to enhance everyday life if one is reasonable. Do not try to multiply your capital by 50, you would not succeed.

Have fun

The Casino is the game of chance with the best payout rate of 97.22% much more than the lotto, Keno, EuroMillions, and other PMU. So play and have fun !!

Change your play system

Do not stay locked in a play system. Change it from time to time.


Trust your intuition

Play only the money you accept to lose

Remember that you are playing for the fun and adrenaline of the game. Play only the money you accept to lose. Do not play to remake yourself. Whether you come out a winner or a loser, be happy with the fun you have had.

Don't fall into debt

Before starting a game define a starting capital. If you exhaust your capital, accept this loss and do not replay until the day when you can put into play capital that is not essential for you. Don’t fall into debt.

Set the winning amount

Before you start your game, set the winning amount you want to reach. Once this amount is reached, know how to stop and do not risk losing everything.

Start a game with 5 times the amount you want to win

As a general rule start a game with 5 times the amount you want to win. To win € 100 and have the best chance on your side, start with € 500. And stop when you have won.

Play in a rational way

Pay attention to your emotions. Joy, anger, fear, adrenaline can push you to modify your game and to play in an irrational way. Try to remain in control of yourself and be reasonable in your game. The real player comes to win a certain amount, to HAVE FUN, and control his emotions.

Find out what the maximum stakes are

Before you start playing find out what the maximum stakes are. This is important in the choice of your game strategy and your martingale.

Reach your goal as quickly as possible

Adopt a strategy allowing you to reach your goal as quickly as possible. The more you play, the more you are likely to come across a bad series.

Staying European to the Nails Gives You More Chances of Winning Roulette

If you go to European land-based casinos, you will see that the only two variants of roulette that will be offered to you are English roulette and French roulette, European Union obliges…

However, this is not the case with online casinos. Of course, you will be entitled to these two options, which are essential, but you can even travel to the country of Uncle Sam to meet the American variants of roulette. While this variation is entertaining, avoid it at all costs. Why? Well because the house edge on this variant is just plain indecent … You will be twice as likely to win on the European variants of roulette because they pay more and have only one zero.

Betting on Simple Luck is one of Real Casino Roulette Tips That Can Pay Big

Let’s start by quickly recalling what simple odds are. It is a question of betting on colors, an even or odd number. By promoting this type of bet, you will be able to reduce the house’s advantage over your potential winnings.

Indeed, the percentage of the house can decrease to reach 1.35%. You will see that the game will be much more attractive for you knowing that your winnings will be shared between the casino, and yourselves. The lower the house advantage, the greater your gains! So think about using this real casino roulette tips without moderation…

Forget the martingale, there is a much better way to win at roulette

Let’s be frank: Martingales are the easiest strategies to understand regardless of the casino game. Logically, you will be able to follow more easily than on other more sophisticated mathematically speaking strategies. Only, with regard to roulette, we must warn you, because online casinos make sure to offer low thresholds to prevent you from abusing martingales too much. Also, using the martingale to gain more is far from a guarantee, and could even lead to your loss …

Practice Free Games: One of the Roulette Tips Everyone Should Know

It is not easy to accept losing money when you are a beginner on the roulette tables, and you do not yet master the rules of the game correctly. Indeed, this often leads to the players a great frustration, since the errors are inevitable…

Our next casino roulette tip is to search the net for free games, to practice and train without losing a dime. This is the ideal way to remember the rules and identify the most effective strategies. You’re in luck, our site specializing in casino games offers a completely free-games area accessible without registration or download, and in a 100% unlimited way!

Manage Your Budget Is A Roulette Tip That Too Many Casino Players Neglect

The latest of our roulette tips will seem obvious, but there are few roulette fans to think about implementing it. It is simply a matter of setting a limit on your expenses. Before even starting your entertainment session, remember to define a sum not to be exceeded in terms of losses.

Be careful, this amount should not be too restrictive: the primary goal is indeed to have fun and you would come out frustrated with a session during which you could only have played two games for example…

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