Rival Slot Machines 2024

It is indeed Rival Gaming that we integrate today on our guide with immense joy because it is an honor to be able to put the games of this publisher online. For more than 10 years already, Rival has been on the world market for online casino games and it is for our greatest pleasure that it has specialized in slot machines for several years now. 

On our site, you will have machines that are well representative of the Rival style, simple slot machines but well made with a design that sometimes reminds that of the old slot machines.

Although a newcomer to the online gaming world, this software developer officially entered the game in 2006. Their impressive range of casino games testifies to the creativity of their graphic designers and the dexterity of their editors.

Have Rival Gaming casinos sparked your interest? If so, read on for this article on an objective review of this casino operating system. There you will find more information about the company, the different games it has developed as well as the characteristics of each of them.

Rival Slot Machines

The most famous game publisher

It is clear that before, it was Rival who led the dance in the world of online slots. You must absolutely understand that this editor was appreciated by all players without exception. Now, it is true that Rival has a lot of competitors and not least with the new companies like Betsoft and NetEnt for example.

Anyway, we are still loyal to Rival, even if we occasionally go to look elsewhere.

Rival Gaming casinos

If you come across a Rival Gaming casino, you already know that you are going to enjoy an unforgettable gaming experience. Casinos that use this type of operating software are definitely worth a visit.

Rival Gaming has officially licensed more than 50 online casinos operating around the world. If you’ve taken the trouble to browse the various casinos whose games bear the stamp of Rival Gaming, you will certainly have noticed that they display a very colorful background with sophisticated graphics.

You will also find there a guide with specific icons that lists the different categories of games available. If you do not know the balance of your player account, be aware that it will generally be displayed at the top of the viewing window. Rival Gaming has been operational since 2006.

The company has developed nearly 205 games available on all platforms in downloadable and non-downloadable versions. Consult the reviews of the various casinos cataloged in our official list and subscribe to the one that will have caught your eye the most!

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Rival's entry into 3D

In recent times, it is true that Rival was a little behind in terms of slot machines, even though the company was a leader in the market for traditional table games. What Rival lacked to be on top was 3D in the machines. But today, this is resolved since in the Research and Development department, there was a boost and it was with strong emotion that Rival succeeded in launching machines in 3D.

The one that we like the most at the moment is, of course, Scary Rich 3, the last episode of the Scary Rich series that made a splash when it was released and that most casinos using Rival software have it.

What we are convinced is that Rival will return to the front of the slot machine scene with huge productions, we are sure of it but it would still have to be done quickly, so as not to be left behind too many by its competitors and therefore lose part of its clientele.

Rival Gaming operating software

By the time Rival Gaming entered the online gaming industry, the initiators of the project fully understood that the world of online casinos was constantly on the lookout for innovation. From its launch, the software company has made a point of providing high-quality service to its customers. The Rival Gaming platform is both responsive and user-friendly.

Diversity of Rival Gaming Games

The least we can say is that the range of games offered by Rival Gaming shines with its variety. Since the creation of the company, Rival Gaming has launched nearly 205 games and does not intend to stop its production in such a good way. In addition to the chat functionality that has been incorporated into many games, most of the games produced by Rival Gaming will load instantly from your browser. Another positive point to put to the credit of this software developer!

Rival Slot machines

If you have already taken a look at the range of games produced by Rival Gaming, you will certainly have noticed that it is slot machines (notably interactive) that occupy the fore. If you are an unconditional fan of slot machines and you are registered in a Rival Gaming casino, you will inevitably be seduced by the deluge of colors that will be available to you.

The company produces 3 types of slot machines: 3 or 5 reel slot machines, progressive jackpot slot machines and multi-video slot machines. Among the games that caught our attention were the 3-reel ‘Five Times Wins’ slot machine, the 5-reel slot machine ‘Thunder Bird’, and ‘Star Jewels’ or the ‘Major Moolah’ progressive jackpot slot machine ‘and’ Money Magic ‘.

Rival Table Games

By browsing through all of the casino games published by Rival Gaming, you will discover that the company has also produced table games in their conventional form, including blackjack, American roulette, European roulette, craps, and baccarat. You will also find many variations of video poker, including Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, or even Joker Poker.

Intercompatibility of games

Previously, games were only available in ActionScript 3, Adobe Flash, JavaScript, or PHP formats. Rival Gaming is now editing them in HTML5 format. It’s a move driven by the democratization of mobile casino devices and touchpads over the years.

The range of games from Rival Gaming is available in a downloadable version as well as in a no-download version. Regardless of which version you prefer, rest assured that both versions will display graphics that are both colorful and sophisticated. In addition, each version has several characteristic options: the number of bets, the intensity of sound volume, etc.

By registering in one of the Rival Gaming casinos contained in our official list, you will be able to download installation software or play the various games directly from your browser. While some of you may be reluctant to download software, rest assured that the game is well worth the effort. If you download the installer, you will get frequent updates to optimize your gaming experience.

Sound animation

In the world of online gaming, the graphics and sound animation of a casino game will have a decisive impact on the level of development of the player who tries it out. If you play on a Rival slot machine, funny animations will punctuate your game at certain key moments.

If you prefer table games, you will surely appreciate the felted movement of the dealt cards and the tokens placed at the 4 corners of the carpet. During the game, instructions will appear sporadically on the screen to help you if necessary. The sound effects of Rival Gaming adapt perfectly to the general environment of the game. The 2D or 3D graphic effects are also worth their weight in gold.

Rival software security and fairness

Software security is one of the major concerns of Rival Gaming. The company fully understands that online gamers rightly value the security of online gaming platforms as well as the fairness of draws. De facto, software publishers use random number generators to ensure fairness in games.

In addition, Rival Gaming has developed fraud prevention software that immediately alerts on the slightest suspicion. Both players and online casinos are protected from fraudulent tactics. There is a fingerprinting system called ‘IdentiPrint’ responsible for monitoring all connections. In addition, Rival gaming relies on 128-bit SSL encryption technology to ensure the traceability of transactional movements.

Rival slot machines and games Languages

Rival Gaming casino games are available in 11 languages. However, keep in mind that the availability of different languages varies from casino to casino. In fact, before signing up for an online casino, make sure you know that your native language is there to enjoy an optimal gaming experience.

Rival progressive jackpots

Rival is one of the most renowned online casino game publishers of the moment. Many casinos have trusted him by integrating his software but especially his games. You may not know it, but Rival specializes in slot machines with strong skills in traditional table games. Clearly, it is a complete editor.

Today, you should know that publishers go to war for players to come to the casinos they equip. And inevitably, Rival Gaming takes part in this war which remains friendly all the same, by developing all kinds of things which please the players. One of those things is progressive jackpots that are well known to the general public. In this section, we present to you most of the best progressive jackpots from game developer Rival.

Very interesting jackpots

The best known in the history of Rival games is undoubtedly the one everyone has been trying to win, the Major Moolah slot machine prize pool. It has already reached huge sums but today, as we speak, the jackpot is just over $ 16,000. You should know that in Rival casinos today, there are more than a million dollars to be won with progressive jackpots, which makes these games the most attractive of the moment. Clearly, when you play on Rival slots, you have a very good chance of winning large sums. So do not hesitate and take on the jackpots from Rival.

For the moment, there are only certain slot machines which are subject to progressive jackpots but soon, other games just as nice as table games, for example, will also be switched to progressive mode. Case to follow.

Always play as many coins as possible

Be careful, when you decide to play in progressive mode, you will have to have the following budget. On Rival games, but this is also the case on other games, you should know that it is an obligation to play an amount that is much larger than the minimum of the classic machine.

Often, we go to € 5 per line, these are the rules of progressive jackpots. If you think that this is possible for you, then do not hesitate, but if you are ever on a limited budget, then it is our role to tell you that perhaps the progressive jackpot is not for you. Now that you know what to expect, go for it.

Never get discouraged

And so we will end with a message of hope to those who are going to head for the progressive jackpots at Rival, do not lose hope, a progressive jackpot is not that easy to win otherwise we would all be rich, you doubt it but in any case, you are more likely to win a progressive jackpot than to win a prize pool of the Loto of the FDJ.

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Where to find Rival slot machines?

Although Rival Gaming has only been operational for a decade, the company has managed to build a solid reputation in the online gaming world thanks to the reliability of its operating software. If you choose to sign up for one of the many Rival Gaming casinos that line the web, you can already expect to have a good time. Do not wait any longer and register in one of the online casinos on our official list.

The problem with Rival is that there has been in the minds of players an association made between infrequent and somewhat dishonest online casinos and the company Rival. Unfortunately, the editor has nothing to do with it. However, today you find again very good online casinos that use Rival Gaming services such as Play2win which is an establishment that we recommend.

So don’t confuse bad casinos with the publisher, that has nothing to do with it. Rival has always been a quality publisher and there is no reason it should change tomorrow.

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Good luck to you!

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