The Belgian Martingale

The Belgian Martingale: The Strategy For Roulette With Two Consecutive Winning Strokes [updated 2024]

The Belgian martingale is the combination of two other variants operating on the simple luck mode. It is a good alternative for players scared of heavy losses. Here are the details about this method:


Using the Belgian Martingale: How to understand and play roulette according to this strategy?

The principle of the Belgian martingale is the progressive increase of one unit with each losing blow. The progressive increase in bets is therefore done in ascending order (1, 2, 3, 4, etc.).

The particularly original attraction of this roulette game is the possibility of switching from one strategy to another. Also, once the first winnings are hit, the principle of the game becomes that of the Paroli strategy. Let’s say you bet 8 euros in the previous round, so you will benefit from a gain of 16 euros. In other words, the interest of the Belgian martingale is to have two consecutive winning strokes. The second winning move must give rise to a Paroli.

Advantages and disadvantages: What are the risks of the Belgian martingale for roulette?

The advantage of this Belgian martingale is that in the event of a very poor series, the increase in stakes remains extremely small. The player does not lose a lot of money and he just has to align two winning strokes to amortize with his previous losses.

However, the Belgian martingale can sometimes reach its limits very quickly and force the player to place money on ceiling bets. The winnings of the alternative type are not very advantageous in this game. To fall on a Red, a Black, a Red then again a Black will only raise the stakes and will make the player lose all his savings.

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Table summarizing the bets: Learn to use the Belgian martingale for roulette

The Belgian martingale summarized in a few clear points in the table below:






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The Belgian martingale in brief:

  • A martingale that goes from a progressive increase in stakes in the Paroli system.
  • One rule to win: two consecutive winning moves.
  • A game where bad luck has no harmful consequences on your money except in case of alternative winnings.

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