Martin Yung Strategy

Martin Yung Strategy for Double-Edged Roulette

A variant of the Paroli system, Martin Yung strategy has the same name as its creator. This martingale can prove to be very profitable but it should be borne in mind that the risk is great. Here is all the information you need to know before using it:

Martin Yung Strategy

Using Marting Yung strategy: How to understand and play according to this Martingale?

Martin Yung strategy works according to the model of a continuous decrease in the number of strokes to be played, in correlation with the possible losses recorded by the player.

Martin Yung strategy is established on the basis of five winning strokes. In this way, if the player manages to win five winning strokes, the stakes will gradually double (1, 2, 4, 6, 16 … etc). The terminal gain amounts to exactly 31 since the bets can go up to 32 with a reduction of 1, which obviously represents the initial bet.

In short, each time the player loses once, his bet increases – following the classic progression found in Paroli – with the only difference that the final objective decreases by 1.

Advantages and disadvantages: What are the risks of Martin Yung strategy for roulette?

The undeniable advantage of this roulette martingale is that it allows you to win very important gains in a single winning move. You will then have to fall on the 5. If this happens several times during a game, the player obviously comes out beneficial. However, Martin Yung strategy is not always promising in terms of gains. Indeed, it is enough to fall on a bad series to lose all your money. The player reaches the betting limits so quickly that he sometimes has no time to react.

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Table summarizing the bets: Learn to use Martin Yung strategy for roulette

What to remember? Here is the essential information summarized in a betting table:

Martin Yung Strategy Table
Online Roulette strategy

Martin Yung strategy in Brief

  • A martingale mainly inspired by Paroli.
  • Any loss causes the distance from the final objective.
  • A double-edged strategy: very quick loss or gain of money.

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