How to Publish a Guest Post on Casino Tops Online

Thank you for contacting me.

Yes, you can publish a genuine guest post, gambling-related, on any of my sites. Your guest post will stay there forever.

You can add 2-3 Do-Follow links to your sites (I don’t believe in no-follow links), but not affiliate links.

This is a list of my gambling sites:


You have 3 alternatives:

  1. I charge $25 for the trouble for every article you want to post, payable by Paypal.
  2. You can link back to one of my sites from an article on your site and send to me the link of the page where you added the link. In this case, I will publish your guest post, free.
    If you do not have a website to insert back-links to my site, and your job is to write guest articles for the purpose of linking to the sites you promote for clients, it can be done very simply:
    You can post guest articles on any of my sites for free, but, after every free article you post with me, you will need to add a back-link to my site from guest posts that you will post later on someone else site. I will wait patiently for the publication of your articles for your client on the following site, where you will add another link to my site.
    The only 2 conditions are that you do not link to my homepage but to internal pages and the anchor of the link will never be exactly the keyword of my page you are back-linking to.
  3. If we exchange articles, I can send an article to post on your site with 2-3 do-follow links to my sites.

If you need guidelines for your article, you can find them here:

Now, send your article to [at] and let me know which alternative you choose.

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